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  1. I started in flight before I got into cars. I think some day I should bust out the NASA documents and start studying how to make aerospace physics. I don't think the MicroProse re-acquirement will do anything particularly to BMS, but it's interesting to see if they will actually try to make a modern sim contender. Somehow I have a feeling it'd be simcade though.
  2. https://github.com/archibaldmilton/Girellu There's some in the link, and some on RD, some around the internet and on Discords and whatnot. Some resources in the link too. No store link as I only do private commission. Unlikely to release a commercial product any time soon, maybe in the future. Those things don't just come out of nowhere. Rig's built, still need to get an ebrake and figure out how to hell to mount it. Then the endless setting tweaking. Talking about flight, that'll be the next money sink to get back into. Luckily my standards are a bit lower so I can make do with a lot less. Been really itching to try BMS again, and DCS is finally starting to move in a more sensible direction in terms of dev priorities.
  3. I've heard horror stories of 250usd rigs but 400+ is hopefully okay. Mods effectively. I'd just argue the quality is not comparable, public cars for AC are not intended to be used for actual setup engineering or driver training but my better ones are. Keyword is intended, though.
  4. Simrigs AU is fairly local to me, yes. I got a nice discount and severely discounted shipping, and a free part. I estimate the rig would actually cost perhaps 3000 USD. Beware when going the DIY route for rigs; the aluminum is usually fine but cheap fittings can/will explode in a few months. The bolts tear through the corner brackets eventually with no warning. I am expecting the Exodus ones to explode eventually, but who knows. If they don't, amazing. The rig is about 440 USD anyway, it should be somewhat of an acceptable quality, but always be prepared for it. Also be prepared to buy an extra nut or two due to bad machining tolerances etc, I think the Exodus does come with plenty of spares. When I say professionally I mean simulation engineering. I make the individual models for cars and I'm always self-studying to be able to make the general tire, kinematic, drivetrain etc. implementation some day for a custom product. Well, this is a bit tongue in cheek because it's not my day job nor much of a real job either, more like a small bonus infrequently, but I consider myself an expert and I'm going to grow the business more as time goes on, hopefully start getting some really serious client work. Not much of a driver apart from driving for fun or testing. I've been doing the sim dev thing for almost a decade or so.
  5. Not sure if a serious question, but ATGMs go through ERA + front armor, so I'd assume they go through ERA and top armor. At least if they're tandem. Dunno if the gap will do anything to conventional warheads.
  6. Simrigs 80/40 profile Exodus base model and Exodus Touring L with the seat mounts and slider for the rig and seat. Jerryrigged monitor arm + 24inch monitor setup for the visuals for the time being. Maybe some kind of 30-some inch Ultrawide later. Simagic Alpha Mini with the Alpha mounting brackets and the Simagic GTS wheel for the steering, and I'll be acquiring a real secondhand Momo Mod.78 wheel for drifting. I was debating if I need a front-mount but I think the side-mount brackets will handle the 10-13Nm the Mini can do. I'd love to go Simucube and support the homeland, but Simagic is just a smarter and more economical choice given my parameters. Until simulators start having more realistic FFB and powersteering (if any, in most sims...) simulation, you don't need much more than about 10Nm to do the majority of roadgoing cars. You can get much bigger peaks through powersteering with some rapid maneuvers but sims aren't quite there yet in FFB simulation. Even then, a Simucube 2 Ultimate is barely enough to simulate that scenario. VNM Exodus-edition loadcell pedals because I really don't care for the damper kit or minor increased adjustability of the V1s in exchange for about a hundred USD that could go elsewhere. Later I might go for a hydraulic set, perhaps BJ. I just wanted to see how the cheaper high-end loadcell pedals are nowadays, and they're more economical anyway. Initial choice was HE Sprints but VNM is a deal I found hard to refuse considering shipping costs to Australia. The pedals are the main reason for the aluminum extract rig; tube rigs cannot handle the forces involved. VNM shifter, still undecided on handbrake. I'm not exactly hurting for money but I might not need anything too fancy, perhaps Moza will do. The aim for the rig is to not have to keep spending money twice or thrice over and get something decent for a start, but to also avoid the "hundred dollars more" issue that leads rigs to inflate dramatically. This one is only about 2500 USD after all the discounts and all that. Rigs can easily go up to 15,000 USD even without any kind of motion platform, and that is considered economical.
  7. Ordered a pretty substantial simracing setup and I'll be putting it together next week. Nowadays you can get a pretty good setup for just a few thousand dollars, something that you can do professional work with.
  8. So I upgraded from an Asus GTX1650 LP OC GDDR5 to a Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX6700. Performance increase has been monumental in just about every title, except SB, where I'm fairly sure average FPS dropped from mid-high 30s to mid-20s. Performance is visibly worse in my benchmark scenario, it just looks and feels off. System configuration has not changed otherwise. I don't have any upscaling or anything weird on. SB settings, res etc. are the same. Any ideas?
  9. Low with some viewdistance things on the mid-point. FWIW I upgraded to RX6700 and did not get a massive boost at 1080p to now.
  10. That is their response to any kind of threat, though.
  11. The 12100F is pretty excellent for the price. It outperforms my 5500 in single-core stuff by far. It should be adequate for a nice enough experience on the cheap.
  12. Good idea to watch some tutorials and stuff before so as to now waste play-time on study-time too much. I went the 1 month then 1 year route personally.
  13. FWIW you can get a one-month trial for 10 USD which is not exactly a massive commitment. Should get at least 4 weekends out of that to try it out if you're on the fence.
  14. Modern doctrine is moving towards some kind of large muzzle device for every professional soldier, be it a suppressor or large compensator. Bayonet lugs can also I suppose get snagged on gear etc. Of course the real reason is that it's just not part of the requirement. For the Ukraine post above, don't worry. The west consistently over-estimates Russia and under-estimates Ukraine, and the information space is currently dominated by pro-Russian outlooks, although it has started to shift recently now when the big offensive will start soon. Dunno what that has to do with bayonets though.
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