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  1. In some video, there was an anecdote about a Bradley doing a 180 and the gunner, looking through the sights, not being aware of the chassis having been turned because it was so stable. Chieftain's video perhaps? Of course, this is a matter of vertical behavior, but food for thought.
  2. Coulda sworn this was happening for me too. Likely other stabilizers are bugged too.
  3. It will release when it's done sometime during the next two weeks.
  4. FWIW I've been working on re-imagining Ben's Counterattack at Bommelsen and it's mostly done, so there might be a "Leopard 1A4" scenario coming out sometime.
  5. The Gavin is a meme. Aerogavin etc.
  6. At least it's not just outright fallacies and information warfare like the hybrid attack on US aeroframe procurement executed by the "Reformers", just a nutso with a delusion.
  7. Arch


    What I'm trying to say is that if the system is installed by the same people with the same parameters, then it likely still has the same issue. Although I suppose it could simply be Google Chrome, somehow.
  8. Arch


    Something tells me that the system is messed up from the get-go. I would avoid spending money on making other people do a job you should really be doing yourself.
  9. Is their initial order anything other than nothing? They might just be holding position at WP0.
  10. Go take a look in the AAR. I've never seen this behavior nor do crews have ground models IIRC.
  11. Clearly this proves the 500m max range is a bit optimistic, given that the typical engagement range is about 50m. War Thunder and World of Tanks simulate armored combat much better than SB in that regard.
  12. These kind of posts about the failings of western equipment and capitalism can only be made by someone who lives in a capitalist country protected by western equipment.
  13. There are several planes that can pull 9G for several seconds, it just won't show up on any of the public maps. Either way, common knowledge.
  14. BRDMs have a pretty advantageous gear ratio, and it's reflected currently in SB as well, with the mouse functioning as the aiming device.
  15. I heard it was coming out in the next two weeks.
  16. The results of the test will rely almost entirely on the ammo type selected.
  17. There aren't a lot of genuine study sims worth playing. BMS is pretty much the only one, all of the other ones lack content severely or are just dysfunctional for simulation like DCS. If having simplified systems means the sim gets to have all the effort put into the FM, weapon modeling and scenarios, then it's probably gonna be a better (civilian) sim than a DCS module that has everything clickable, but a dysfunctional FM and no realistic content to use it in. Of course I'd like everything to be quite simulated, but it is what it is. EECH and such have value, but they're a real pain to run on modern systems and haven't been kept modern like Falcon has. This one just might be a successor.
  18. Oh wow, I wasn't aware a new helo sim is in dev. I'll keep an eye out for this one, gotta build up my flightsim gearset again.
  19. What counts as an identifier change? Does a CPU swap count? I would assume a MOBO swap definitely does. FWIW I swapped from a GTX1650 to an RX6700 and did not need to do anything weird with SB, alongside 16GB RAM to 32GB.
  20. Personally I support the idea of Mousecrank if not just for accessability reasons. People can do whatever in their own singleplayer/curated multiplayer experiences; I think SB is best played as an RTS at company/battalion level and most the playerbase plays it as a tank sim in platoon level; not sure why we can't have preferences for controls too. Military clients are a different matter, but I'm not really familiar with that side of things.
  21. Arch

    Fast or Slow?

    Well, those were raids, not attacks. You don't need to defeat all of the enemy, secure all of the ground and then make sure you can stay there in a raid. The point of them was to test to see what kind of resistance would be encountered. SB AI is quite brave and will happily fight to the last man unless you order them otherwise, so your mileage will vary entirely dependent on that. In my experience, most scenarios become very silly if you don't add in some kind of retreat or surrender mechanics.
  22. I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Harry-curry Rock.
  23. Arch

    Tactical FPS

    This seems like it will be a good STALKER-adjacent game.
  24. T-72B3 TC position appears to have a dramatic FPS drop inherent to it when viewed from inside, and even when unbuttoned likely having to do with PIP screen rendering. I compared it to M1A2SEP also with PIP thermal screens and the T-72B1 as a control. Map used is ScaniaSE (2nd one), I could not reproduce an FPS drop on the default map, likely due to there not being anything of note to render in the PIP screens.
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