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    M2A2 Bradley UA

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    7 minutes ago, Gladiator(911) said:

    You have to put these dds.-files into your personal folders for the textures.

    Folder 'Woodland' / 'Autumn' > folder "ua"


    In scenario editor, you can change the nationality.

    I'm aware of the method for correct installing of skins. However there is a "camo" folder as well, and I assumed these are supposed to be placed there. I just misunderstood the description.


    However my new question does stand; what DOES the "camo" folder do?

    Spoiling Attack [4.379]

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    On 3/30/2023 at 9:21 PM, Apocalypse 31 said:

    Something is wrong with this scenario - I achieved the mission of clearing OBJ MARK (was given the notification even though there was still enemy in the OBJ). The mission never ended but when I stopped it I was given a DEFEAT. I noticed in the mission that your END SCENARIO script is incomplete and won't work. I also noticed that one of the scenario end criteria is when RED AFVs are below 65%, but that's never specified anywhere in the briefing - again, I was able to clear the OBJ but I had no idea that I needed to destroy more stuff.


    I would recommend that you post the scoring criteria in the briefing.


    Also - please avoid urban combat in Steel Beasts. Infantry is terrible in SB and the defenders will hold buildings even when they're burning. In fact, this scenario is very heavy with infantry - which I would avoid in SB. Infantry play is just too janky in this game. It's not fun and takes away from what the game actually does well - turret stuff. 


    I would also remove the East German mortar teams - unless you want this to be a PVP Game - the AI will not use them. 

    Thanks, I will address the issues in the scenario at a later point.

    Spoiling Attack [4.379]

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    I should probably change the victory condition calculations a bit, so if the mission is dragging a lot in 0.5.0, then feel free to quit it after capturing and clearing MARKT.

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