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File Reviews posted by Arch

    Highway Ambush (4.379)

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    I'm rating it 4/5 because while the gameplay was good enough and I enjoyed the deployable elements specifically, the scenario doesn't seem to end. I had periods of minutes of downtime and "win" doesn't seem to trigger. I tried to debug it a little but no luck. I guess it's possible some of my unit was considered to be "under fire" periodically. Maybe it'd be good to also add a condition where if the enemy's strength falls under an obvious destroyed point like 33% then the mission would end if friendlies are not under fire for, say, 5 seconds?


    Apart from that I think it'd be good to make the scenario a bit more difficult; a large part of the force is easy to destroy initially via ambush because they advance recklessly. Unless that's the intention to accurately depict Rus-I mean Donovian tactics. 😅

  1. Like Russian Recon, this one demonstrates some fundamental concepts well. Leading with recon is a must and supporting the tanks with infantry is a must. Not overly difficult, but rushing in will lead to being wiped out. Cleaning operation at the end is very easy, which I suspect is realistic after a dramatic breakthrough past defenses. Terrain is great. I have grown an appreciation for the Luchs and the ridiculous rates of fire of German autocannons.

    Russian Recon (4.265)

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    Great introduction to Battalion level command and Soviet doctrine. The very generous artillery and large tank to PC ratio suggests tactics described in FM100-2, and that's what I did to solve the scenario. My first attempts were a long, methodical approach with recon and artillery to snipe units, but this just resulted in my forces being flanked and having artillery called on them. I even tried to do some tank recon but the insufficient optics of T-72 made it unproductive.


    Putting the tanks into an attack frontage in Line formation and advancing them forward in the open, with the scouts immediately behind on the flanks and the PCs trailing a few hundred meters further behind, the scenario was relatively straightforward. Be sure to use a lot of smoke-screens and dismount the infantry only at the last few hundred meters! Artillery must be firing constantly at the enemy defensive positions. Keep advancing and don't stay still for more than a minute or two lest their artillery gets dialed in.

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