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  1. Version 1.0


    Title says it all I think. Here some word in swedish: filen visar de skillnader som jag kunnat hitta för ett svenskt tangentbord, gör eller meddela mej tillägg och ändringar. Alltid kan vi hjälpa någon som kommer ny in i spelet.....
  2. Primary computer: Hp Pavilion - 1.8 Ghz Intel P4 - 512 Mb DDR - nVidia GeForce3 running Win XP home. Secondary computer: Hp Pavilion - AMD Athlon XP - 256 Mb DDR - nVidia GeForce2 MX-400 running Win 2000 pro. Got the same result on both machines. Don´t have a computer running Win 95/98/Me, so I can´t test that.
  3. SB Mapper is a great piece of equipment. It helps you to do terrain maps with small or allmost no effort. Mapper is probably not the right tool for those of you who like to sit hours, days or even weeks working with the maptool provided in SB. And it´s certainly not a tool for those wanting to do a map of a real world area. But for the rest of us... well, try it and if you got it to work, see for your self. It should be said that I can´t get Mapper to work properly my self, eg. it´s only a few heightmaps that I got Mapper to like and all of them are in format 1024x1024.
  4. Yes I have done it all after the instructions and I´m using the latest version. I got some maps to work and they are all 1024x1024. I dont know if it could be my Win XP that causing the problem?
  5. Just tried SB Mapper but all I get is a: Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range. I have tried with different heightmaps and different settings in Mapper all with the same result. Anyone having a solution on what´s wrong?
  6. Version 1.0


    Tool for editing Europe.act file.
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