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  1. Our 47's call sign was Whiskey one-five. But that was a few years before the 1st gulf war. Before that, flying snakes, I was Gunfighter eight. Oh those where the days. Have a good 4th.
  2. "Also, sometimes T-72Bs shoot commander's 12.7mm "off-bore" from its barrel..." I think what he is saying is when the commander's 12.7mm fires the bullets (tracers) hit 180 degrees in the other direction. Atleast this is what happens for me.
  3. Should work with no problems. If you running a 64bit system make sure you update your CM stick.
  4. I spotted...Can't wait for the release.
  5. Tracks disappear when the vehicle is disabled or destroyed.
  6. HarryMudd

    Flying M-88

    I've already sent in a bug report, thought I'd just share the pic. -Dave
  7. Ok, I got the grenade launcher & the heavy machine gun teams to fire, or should I say the weapons fire. Still no luck with the anti-tank weapon.
  8. Do they ever fire the weapon or only fire the Javelin? Same with the grenade launcher, does it fire or is it just eye candy? -Dave
  9. Thanks alot...took me a minute but I got it figured out.
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