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  1. I know this flies in the face of all advice to run your monitor and your sim at the same resolution. But here's what worked for me after I bought a new screen and found the AA had lots of jagged lines in two sims (Falcon 4.0 being the other) with my Radeon 1950 Pro and AA and AF set at max: I run the screen in its native, max resolution of 1680x1050x32. I run the sims one notch lower: 1440x900x32. Result: Very smooth lines and very good frame rates. I'm no geek and I can't explain it but it worked for me. If you try it and it isn't an improvement, you can always switch it back. HT
  2. I never would argue that point. Both the best and worst bosses I've had were in the Army. But I have a little trouble believing a company commander in an elite unit (and Marine Recon certainly qualifies) in a combat zone would be quite as awful as this guy is portrayed. Those types of commands are highly coveted, the competition for them is very stiff and, if the battalion commander is concerned about his own career (he says his greatest fear is disappointing the First Marine Division CG), he would get rid of his duds very quickly. Most (not all) company commanders I knew had their stuff very
  3. In the U.S. Army, it's called The Soldier's Medal (the other US services have similar awards) and it the highest non-combat award, given exclusively for valor in a non-combat situation, usually involving saving the lives of others. That pretty much sounds like what this fellow did and he certainly deserves it. http://www.gruntsmilitary.com/sm.shtml He would not qualify for a Medal of Honor but I guarantee the Soldier's Medal is viewed with just as much respect and (in my case at least) awe. I recommended several of my MPs who were seriously injured doing extraordinarily dangerous things -- w
  4. "How Copy?" means "how did you hear me and were you able to write it down?" It usually is the end of a message that begins "Prepare to copy," which alerts the receiver important stuff follows and he or she should take notes. The proper response is "Good copy" or "Lima Charlie" (loud and clear) or, if you didn't get it, "Say again." As Tacbat notes, it probably isn't needed but it is required that every transmission (unless it ends in "Out" in which case no response is wanted or needed) receive a response, even if it is just "Roger. Out." Instead of "How Copy?" it also is correct to use the te
  5. Having now read the book and watched the first couple of episodes on HBO, I agree the series so far follows the book quite faithfully...but that doesn't mean it is without faults. The good stuff: The dialog is very realistic. The jargon used by the troops is dead on (if anything, it's not colorful enough; soldiers have a unique way of expressing themselves that is not totally captured here), the military acronyms (which never are explained, poor civilians) are accurate, the RTP (radio-telephone procedure) is highly accurate (on-line SB players could take some serious lessons on how to talk on
  6. TB: Why would you even compare the two? This isn't an MBT...it's an infantry support vehicle. And what good are Leo 2s if you never take them outside the wire? HT
  7. The best times I've had in SB were campaigning with ARRC. Very sorry to learn of its demise. HT
  8. If you read the links in my first post, Trophy is strictly an Israeli system. It is being mounted on Merkavas and will be mounted on the Strykers Israel is buying. Israel offered the Trophy to the United States Army and we turned it down in favor of a similar product being developed -- but not nearly ready to field -- by Raytheon. Boomerang has nothing to do with either. It's an acoustic system to pinpoint the source of sniper fire (the Israelis have a similar device that also is man-portable). Trophy is designed to destroy incoming ordnance. From what I have read about slat armor, it will def
  9. Mog, let's not hijack this thread Actually, I did a search for boomerange thinking maybe that really was the name of the system, a combination of boomerang and range. It wasn't. HT USA (Ret)
  10. Yes. Makes it tough to do a Google search when it isn't spelled correctly. And spell checking really is easy. HT
  11. First, it's Boomerang, not boomerange (ain't the US public school system grand?). Second...sorry Deja...Boomerang is acoustic, not radar: http://www.defense-update.com/products/b/Boomerang.htm Third, the Trophy system is an Israeli-made product. Raytheon is an American defense contractor with lots of retired US military on its payroll and lots of plants creating jobs in lots of Congressional districts. Do the math http://www.defense-update.com/products/t/trophy.htm HT
  12. It's an excellent book even if it was first published 15 years ago and there are many more current examples. Everything in this book is Gulf War I or earlier... It takes aim at two targets: The procurement of weapons that don't work terribly well and AirLand Battle, which was less successful in Desert Storm than CNN told you. Whether it was any better in OIF would make an interesting sequel. Anyone who has spent any time at all around what is called the T&E (testing and evaluation) community is acutely aware of how cozy the military officers assigned to manage the development of new weapon
  13. You need to load Windows into it and a program called Boot Camp. If your OS is Leopard, it comes with Bootcamp installed. If not, get it here: http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/bootcamp.html Then your Mac will run PC programs like SB Pro.
  14. HotTom

    Battle Taxi?

    You do NOT want to hear my opinion of the 1stVUSCAV...at least not in a public forum..... Glad you are enjoying it though.... HT
  15. HotTom

    Battle Taxi?

    http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/7-7j/index.html http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/3-21-71/index.html These two FMs have the same title and both deal with the Bradley platoon and squad. One is much newer than the other but I'm not sure whether it superceded the earlier one because there is a difference in the topics they cover. In any case: RTFM(s) HT
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