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  1. DK-DDAM

    BURBS Spotted

    @Ssnakewouldnt it be the Chalpard? i mean its gonna be one beast... as long as they upgrade the bloody engine aswell... cause 1200 hps is not enough
  2. Well the CV9035dk is currently on the mode "AUTO-FOCUS" which does the focus for you.. even if it does say manual focus in the "MFP" that sits next to the gunner and commander..
  3. yes as if i remember correct/read up again.. it still uses the Air mode laying system when in point mode... which after u lase will do constant pulsation of the laser.
  4. i mean for me the shader you are using makes it too shiny..
  5. i am going... gotta see what number 9035 they have this year
  6. a new cv9035 model with rubber tracks
  7. thee only thing missing is the tank coy template... but that is either 3 or 4 tanks
  8. DK-DDAM

    GTK Boxer

    Whats up with the wheels... all detail seems to have gone from them
  9. DK-DDAM

    Scimitar WIP

    much more betterer
  10. DK-DDAM

    Scimitar WIP

    ill report it dont worry...
  11. DK-DDAM

    Scimitar WIP

    yeah looks good just not sure about the road wheels though... looks like there would be a lot of flicking on it when driving making a flashing effect but thats just me
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