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  1. sure these are conifer though.. im having a hard time remembering where i placed them on this 50x50 km map found it.
  2. it is a very neat tool.. i like it. So on this part i decided to have some Random Offsets and Spacings randomization.. which in my mind gives a good vibe for me at least.
  3. I have plenty but i cant upload it since it is all on my map. That they are connected, and that is far from ready to be released yet.. But i can go through how to do it.. so you go to Edit, and select edit Land Object Lines In there you get your configuration of it up which shows all the vegetation, you have in your Terrain vegetation template. In there you can select all of the trees, bushes and rocks, that is assigned to your map. so obviously the spacing % tells you how much room there is between each object in your line. Random Offset %. tells you how the objects are a
  4. this is the land object line.. you will find it in the map editor..
  5. Same on the cv9035, cause if the turret is just slightly turned passed 12 o'clock the hatch is blocked by the turret, which makes it hard as hell to get out from. So at this situation you can either crawl under the turret, depending if the infantry in the back has removed the box blocking that way or not. or through the commanders space which is tight as hell But duable
  6. should proberly be inside the support section.
  7. and here is some boring stuff danish battlegroup moving through the terrain, fighting through obsticles too. a section of leopard 2s moving to position to cover basic ifv movement. vehicles splitting up to go to their planned observation positions good thing that communications are top, to keep info on where everyone is located when driving through the dunes.. the section is in overwatch position, waiting for the mechinf to roll through. mechinf starts rolling through, as tanks gets sightings on an enemy tank plt. and star
  8. some of the wonders of the new map editor
  9. thank god all data like that in denmark is free..
  10. also world of tanks and war thunder has nothing to do with tanks... all it is, is arcade..
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