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  1. comeon the cv9035 is not that hard to learn... it is very simple to use...
  2. yeah lets all get vbs.... will only cost youu 4500 euro a year for a civie license
  3. let the russian press wardfor and destwoy ze enemy
  4. all the t72s from poland are outdated.. the russian t72b3 will rip them a new one, inlcuding they still got plenty of t80s and t90s to play with, so its a good move to upgrade to the m1a2sepv3. Plus all t72s or also a design that is over 40 years old, which include the leopards aswell. so atm there arent that many different tanks out there, where the design isn't old.
  5. god you guys must have a logistical nightmare.. with all the differet spare parts you are gonna use
  6. should proberly have been in the off-topic section though
  7. if I were you daskal. id remove the white license plate number on the turret, just remember to exclude the shadow which is present under it, which is something you can see on the as1 aswell. That tank also has the numbers plate shadow present on the texture..
  8. maybe... but not anything you will receive yet gotta be patient.
  9. no matter of semi transparent satmap will help you with your heightdata that you manually has to alter your self. which is why, when darkangel was talking about that lidar is very noisy and broken, does take a long time to work on. But usually i have either google maps or global mapper running on a second screen while i work. As you can see on this picture lidar doesnt always translate things proberly.. like with bridges so these you gotta manually go and alter, which on a 50x50 km map will have alot of bridges or crossover.
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