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  1. DK-DDAM

    Coming soon

    well thats how the texture template is its abit old now was one of the first models i did for esim. so it might be a bit messy... but the weathering has different styles of dirt for the top of the bridge section that includes mud. and standard dry dirt.. which is good for different seasons. i understand if you dont want to use it.. but its there
  2. DK-DDAM

    Coming soon

    seen and the file is on the way up on the site
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Biberbridge and decal template. adds all the layers for the textures.. hope it helps.. DK
  4. DK-DDAM

    Coming soon

    So what im doing before im uploading the texture template is to make sure that the germans have a texture for each season. If you have any ideas on other countries let me know.. If so then I can prob ad it in eventually..
  5. DK-DDAM

    Coming soon

    if you want splash i could proberly upload the template of the bridge texture if you want..
  6. Thank you @TSe419E@Colebrook@fidelthefallguy for holding out with me on this final mission... It was an incredible journey through the terrain even if we only did defending this time. Who knows if it'll change next time.. But you guys made it a treat to see how this map could be used.. DK
  7. thx for another great mission on the blue side... lets rock it up on the last mission.. and hope we can hold the russian horde away from the northern terrain of oksbøl..
  8. it apparently crashed but kept moving on the map.. ill have to look it up at some point again, to try and replicate
  9. indeed thank you lot on the blue team for keeping up with my planning. and holding them off the 3 major points. next friday will be good again
  10. just remember if you use your own mods, while testing and reporting bugs. Then don't report bugs here.. unless your using a clean install
  11. but it also requires that you have the "time" deja
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