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  1. welcome around.. hope you will enjoy your tie here...
  2. it stalks people, what a perverted bastard
  3. exactly and because of that war, we have found out that denmark in scandinavia...
  4. that bmp3 looks rather scrappy..
  5. just no need to throw pictures of the ukranian war in here... specially of something so useless of a tank upside down..
  6. jamen davs... selvom det er en svensker der startede denne tråd.. harro
  7. time to play football aswell.... lets goo
  8. this is when you know that your vehicle is about to be stuck, god where is the arv
  9. id say try to reduce your speed from max speed to normal speed... its how the ground is portrait. bumpiness can also have an effect on throwing a track
  10. so when in the map editor and you press f1 to see the map in real life.. it only renders 10 square km a time..
  11. then it stops rendering the map.. and becomes invisible ground. also when your editing are you flying around in f1 mode in the map editor ?
  12. wrong game not sb related...
  13. see that is actually interesting idea..
  14. time for some delayed action... enjoy... hope its oki.. danish leopard section doing delayed action against the polish invaders thats, coming from the south of blåvand across kallesmærsk heath...
  15. well was apparently intended... along with the marders, but it got canned.. this is what i was told though so i can only say what i heard...
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