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  1. well no one made it.. There for I cant see why its odd.. But if I get the time, I might try to look into it..
  2. understood thanks mate.
  3. I am unable to purchase any licenses from the main site. It comes up with this error after I type in the Emails used.. !"Error: Invalid Required domain! "
  4. its not hard to change the color in the psd... but yeah oki work...
  5. well there should be a t55 texture for the finnish army in sb..
  6. well the developers of the gm cdlc is only 3. with a couple of testers. but yeah i might be game.... love the pnmk in there... and the different m113s..
  7. Rip... may he charge he battlegrounds of the north in his mighty tank of glory. sympethies for his family
  8. Right i have an idea... Try to get an FTP and upload your maps to an FTP so u have them for your self... If you dont want them to be released to the public... Then u got control over who has the maps and what not
  9. Even though they are still early stages on my bunkers, ive managed to do some stuff to danify my map... Which is something i've wanted for a while.... so for example the traffic lights were too non european so i made my own.. the same with the bunkers.. they are quite a feature on the map since the whole of the west coast if riddled with them. Still need alot of work on the texturing and weathering of the bunkers, but the principle is there.. even t
  10. normal textures does so u see bolts for example without them being modelled... or weldings on a vehicle without them specifically being modelled on the 3d mesh.. specular file shows decides how light reacts on the texture.. for example if its glass and u want alot of glare or tree with a bit of matte colour
  11. well the whole thing with being able to create your own models, and textures now to place on your map, is something i'm happy with. Cause it allows more spectacular maps and designs. Even if it is a process, its definetly something worth toying around with.
  12. so basic buildings and textures needs to be placed in the base package.. even after uve published and want to add more u still put them in there.. so for example this is mine C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Oksbol_50x50_V3A\actors... that is where u place your *****.x files to show your buildings or signs in game.. Then u have the texture folder inside your actor folder, which includes the woodland and TIS folder.. Inside your woodland folder u place the Specular and Normals folder, for your .DDS textures hope this helps..
  13. have u moved the LOS bubble ? and is it a camoflaged?
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