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  1. also at full speed yes thats been the only time ive lost tracks on..
  2. how bumpy was the terrain. cause that could cause you to loose the track... I've managed to do it alot, and its not a bug. You just gotta be aware of how you drive in the terrain
  3. DK-DDAM

    Hungarian Leopards

    needs more weathering... looks too new
  4. DK-DDAM

    My new Toy!

    good job getting it working... might come down soon to lookk at it again
  5. are u sure u werent riding in the basket of the leo 1 not centurion cause they really dont have a basket for inf for it. but it doesnt matter if it has it or not.. cause we dont have a version with that stuff on it.. so shot'kals will be the best we have
  6. well no one made it.. There for I cant see why its odd.. But if I get the time, I might try to look into it..
  7. understood thanks mate.
  8. I am unable to purchase any licenses from the main site. It comes up with this error after I type in the Emails used.. !"Error: Invalid Required domain! "
  9. its not hard to change the color in the psd... but yeah oki work...
  10. well there should be a t55 texture for the finnish army in sb..
  11. well the developers of the gm cdlc is only 3. with a couple of testers. but yeah i might be game.... love the pnmk in there... and the different m113s..
  12. Rip... may he charge he battlegrounds of the north in his mighty tank of glory. sympethies for his family
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