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  1. still wondering why they have the crow on the vehicle
  2. Also make sure that you are using the newest version of the transfer map tool v55.
  3. No no.. Those things are of the making of dejawolf. I only did the Eagle IV and some wheel updates for some cars. In regards what comes I have no idea what is in the pipeline. But hopefuly
  4. DK-DDAM

    New Eagle IV

    yeah i quite like it... im sry i didnt make the german one to begin with... i will as i said make it later. for both desert wood and snow. sorry again though...
  5. DK-DDAM

    New Eagle IV

    well i could have been kind and upload the template... but bet youd find that even more confusing
  6. DK-DDAM

    New Eagle IV

    could put the license plate on the front aswell @Splash so you have the german one on both ends
  7. DK-DDAM

    New Eagle IV

    looks oki
  8. DK-DDAM

    New Eagle IV

    well i can tell you when i paint i dont paint it by hand.. i use a 3d painting program called 3dcoat, to paint my mask on... but i will be doing a german one once im done with other projects. sorry splash but noice job
  9. As @12alfa mentioned it is correct that in my videos you could see concrete bunkers.. They are a custom model made for my Oksbøl map, just as some other stuff that is on that map aswell. And Oksbøl will eventually include more custom objects when i get the time to it.. All towns will receive their own town sign, cause of realism from my sake..
  10. Should clarify this in regards to this map... The Oksbol B version that you see in the map editor/map selection screen is the one you should be using.. since that is the one that is the newest..
  11. Hello everyone hope that people will so far enjoy the release of this map.. As you can see the map is marked with a massive grey area. That area is places that have not been cleaned up, which does include the big town of Varde and Esbjerg. But if you do see an error on roads, especially in the exercise area, or fences that are too close to the roads. I hope you would be so kind to post them up here, so I can fix them. This is something that will not be forgotten. Best regards DK
  12. no.. once the drone is used its gone.
  13. when you see it released... have some patience...
  14. Here is a little fun picture from the integration phase... Such a cute little car right there... wish we could keep one like this. Was a perfect recce car..
  15. well even if they are in pro its proberly not allowed to have it in the PE version..
  16. Yes it was the eagle IV. in that since it got a new upgrade of the model. We enabled the doors to be removed for the Recon purpose.. Since that is what the Recon in the danish army did so it was one of the things I was trying to make sure we enabled.
  17. Here is the newest episode of showcasing, hope you'll enjoy it.
  18. but again the fcs system is the same in the dutch and the dk.. almost.. ours are abit better since we can actually take grids when lasing past 4km up to 10km.. unless its something I've missed out on
  19. Comeon @Ssnake the CV9035DK FCS system is not complex at all... its rather straight forward..
  20. dont worry if it might be there..
  21. So the leopard 2a6ma2 does not fit with the old leopard 2a6 texture cause its a completely new model...
  22. but kt its not a proper car... its still just a apc doesnt even have a proper cannon.. now cv9035 on the other hand is a beauty
  23. still bastards that they didnt bring it in for display..
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