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  1. dont worry if it might be there..
  2. So the leopard 2a6ma2 does not fit with the old leopard 2a6 texture cause its a completely new model...
  3. but kt its not a proper car... its still just a apc doesnt even have a proper cannon.. now cv9035 on the other hand is a beauty
  4. still bastards that they didnt bring it in for display..
  5. Bloody bastards hid the CV9035... im soo pissed at that..
  6. thank you.. I did spend a heck of a time doing that... and then adjust the roads..
  7. So here we go... Part 2.. hope not too boring
  8. i just cant wait to get a little spent time in the cv9035 again.. miss that car
  9. well guess your more than welcome to make your own version of the drivers compartment texture..
  10. @Badger it is textured...
  11. well the bunkers you see is part of the map.. and are a custom model... for now at least... who knows what happens later
  12. enjoy PS. before I forget This map will be released for 4.3 as a Alpha/beta depending on how you see it, and this does include custom built stuff for this specific map.. and please do not work on it once released.. Cause I'd like to do that my self. which
  13. ill be there... hopefully the only real car is there... cv9035 75.155
  14. still sad to see that the blokes running out of the cv9035dk is missing their gun sight.. and that the cv9035 is missing its ramp
  15. welcome around.. hope you will enjoy your tie here...
  16. it stalks people, what a perverted bastard
  17. exactly and because of that war, we have found out that denmark in scandinavia...
  18. that bmp3 looks rather scrappy..
  19. just no need to throw pictures of the ukranian war in here... specially of something so useless of a tank upside down..
  20. jamen davs... selvom det er en svensker der startede denne tråd.. harro
  21. time to play football aswell.... lets goo
  22. this is when you know that your vehicle is about to be stuck, god where is the arv
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