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  1. bzbrig18 glad to see im not the only OFP player here.... was some amazing times.... and yes SB is not about the grafical stuff but more of how you enjoy the sim part of it..
  2. whats this ppl joining in at åben hede this year?:P i might be there.. hope to see my vehicle finally again if its there..
  3. well as far as i remember from the lads that used them while i was deployed they can do oki speed untill you engage the hydraulic system for the pressurement.. if that makes sense
  4. here we go... finally.. got it ready..
  5. yeah they are working crazy to update everything.. i mean over the last 3 or 4 years theyve done amazing stuff... and im relly looking forward to see the suspension working proberly in SB...
  6. well to be fair steelbeast does work along with VBS3 which is the military version of Arma3... so you have the infantry based part of the scenario in vbs3 and then looking through Steelbeast... for the tanks
  7. arma 3 is the closest you get with that... but you wont get steelbeast or dcs systems there yet though the models for all the models is there.. just not sim part..
  8. well thats because para that armoured warfare is more an arcade game like world of tanks. the engine they use is able to handle the details.. since the maps arent that big either... makes a big difference... but hope it will be worked on for SB aswell.. happy with it.
  9. well you cant compare armoured warfare with steelbeast since it runs on first of all a completely different engine compared to steelbeast, and the maps are smaller compared to anything in steelbeast. also i bet all the stuff you see is slowly getting worked on.. i mean if you look at the terrain already now ith 4.0 its been massively altered.. and i for one have used steelbeast for real training purposes for the cv9035 in denmark.. and for us its still a great tool.. if not the best tool for training without having to do the real thing...
  10. btw might be abit off the topic but since its part of the 4.0, is it possible for any intel on the Leopard Biber if the model/textures are being worked on or is it just gonna stay as it is... but never mind that! Great job on 4.0.. looking forward to roam around on the terrains again. dk
  11. seen well good luck over there... let me know what plate the cv9035 is there this year.. still trying to locate my own vehicle.
  12. DK-DDAM

    CV9035 DK

    cheers time to get my 75.155 out then:P
  13. are you with ghr vp or jdrvp? w@nker?
  14. DK-DDAM

    CV9035 DK

    got the texture working so if people want the proper danish desert camo for the cv9035 that it normally is under the barracuda cover, if painted of course:) numberplate is still wrong though.. couldnt find it otherwise it would have been changed aswell! the rar file is below.. DK cv9035DK.rar
  15. ohh so you need to set the blufor texture for dk aswell or so they gone away from the old system.. ahh seen worked thank you gibson. time to role around in that beast again..
  16. i got this awesome looking desert texture for the cv9035dk but it wont show up in the game when i run it.. dropped in in the mod/texture/desert/dk can anybody help me?
  17. Mainly looking forward to the leopard 2a5a2 DK, but also see the sister of the vehicle i drove in afghanistan the dutch cv9035, and of course latest the m113g4..
  18. as a addon maker i can only say one thing... its gonna be released when its being released:) hehe...
  19. good thing about it is that it works with the dutch cv9035 from VBS2 aswell so i can use it in both vbs2 and steel beast.... gonna be epic:) cant wait for the new leopard 2 with baracuda though, they are damn sexy, but nothing beat my cv9035 from afghanistan though:)
  20. here is mine for the cv9035 dk planning on getting a leopard 2 handle aswell..
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