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  1. Does Finland use the twigss (sp?) system to simulate battle damage? Awesome pictures.
  2. Haha, Andym, I know how you feel. After doing my first gunnery on the M1A2 SEP this past September, suddenly everything else seems...inadequate :biggrin:. My current collection (with dates of manufacture) so far is: German Gewehr 1888 (1891) Spanish Model 1893 Mauser (1898) US Model 1903 Springfield (1907) Argentine Mauser Model 1909 (1909-10?) US Model 1917 'Enfield' (1918) Swiss K.31 (1956) Turkish Mauser Model 1903/38 (1940) Soviet Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 (1942) Soviet Mosin-Nagant 91/30 PU Sniper (1942) Finnish Mosin-Nagant M39 (1943 from a 1895 receiver) German Mauser K98k (1944) that was butchered and sold to my grandfather, which I'm getting ready to restore. Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS (1975?) I might try to get some pics up if I canf ind the time. My wish list is: M1 Garand US Krag UK No. 1 Mk III SMLE And probably anything else I find in some old dusty gunshop.
  3. Hey lads, Sitting here tonight cleaning some of my rifles, so I figured I'd ask if anyone else here in the forums collect and/or shoot Military Surplus rifles? I started collecting this past March when I bought my first Mosin-Nagant, and eleven rifles later I just got myself a US 1903 two days ago. Most of my rifles are bolt actions spanning from 1890's Imperial Germany to the start of the Cold War. PS: Thank goodness, Virginia Tech finally won the Orange Bowl!
  4. Just came back from my first practice Table VIII, and the first time I've fired a main gun. Amazing. I'd say more, but I have PT in 7 hours and I just got back. It's damn near a spiritual experience:)
  5. Oh, I'm sure I will build LOTS of character over the next couple months. I passed my Weapons Handling Test and Start gunnery tomorrow. Should be very interesting; they told us today that the Discovery Channel has a crew here and they will be following our gunnery tables. Possible new show on the Abrams in the works?
  6. Hey everyone, its been a LONG time since I've been on here. Since I last posted, I graduated from VT, got commissioned, and went to FT Sill, OK, for the Basic Officer Leader Course II. And now I'm at the best part...ARMOR OFFICER BASIC COURSE AT FT KNOX! I'm currently in my tank phase of weapons training, and past the Conduct Of Fire Trainer this morning. Since I'm headed to Ft Hood, I've been on a M1A2 SEP. Though I can't give details, I can definitely tell you that its a completely different experience from the M1A1. They like to call us LTs on the SEPs "Jedi Tankers" becuase of the fun toys we get with it. Hope all is well and will give updates on the fun here at Knox (and maybe some pictures as well). Hopefully I can get a few hours of free time between studying TMs and FMs and get to play some SB again.
  7. Wow, sounds almost like a mini version of the radars they use to detect incoming artillery fire.
  8. I saw that series too. Especially enjoyed it when they repaired the M-10 tank destroyer and found out that the commander of that specific vehicle lived just a few hours down the road and surprised him when it was completely finish.
  9. Its funny really, when I went out for summer training at Ft Lewis this year, we had to take a first aid course. I actually remember thinking "I knew that from America's Army". It's funny if you actually paid attention to the classes in it, they are doctrinally correct.
  10. Mil Sims saving the world! http://us.i1.yimg.com/videogames.yahoo.com/feature/gamer-uses-virtual-training-to-save-lives/1181064
  11. Man, thats one thing I appreciate about ground combat: You're usually always with other comrades. Even with radio communications, I can't see how I wouldn't feel very alone in a single seat fighter at moment like that.
  12. Going on with Tank Hunter, if you want a book that kinda goes into the AirLand Battle and 1980's reform, "Into the Storm" by Tom Clancy and Gen. Fred Franks Jr. is a good one. Though the main story line is Gen. Franks experience as the VII Corps commander, he does spend time on the development of the combined arms and the changes that were made from the time he was a Cav commander in Vietnam to his Corps command in Desert Storm.
  13. Interesting, if you look on the Morozov site under Training Simulators, look at the lower right picture: http://www.morozov.com.ua/images/simtracel.jpg I think I shall stay with eSim as my primary tank simulator provider.
  14. Haha, I'm starting wonder. Actually SB was first and so far only program I've run and had problems with.
  15. Do that anywhere else in America and you'd get sued.
  16. That is so wrong...:shocked: Now that I think about it, its even worse that the person taping doesn't help the poor kid out...hopefully they'll pay for the counseling bills later on :-P
  17. Indeed it does seem like the driver. I have to say though that running the sim for almost 2 years and having this as my first problem with it is pretty impressive consider how "big name" software companies can't seem to produce working products these days.
  18. By this time I feel like I'm talking to myself (then again, that might be a sign of SB withdraw:shocked:), but I tried running the sim in windowed (why i didn't do this earlier, i have no idea) and it works perfectly. For some reason it won't work in full screen.
  19. Alright, that didn't work, anyone have any suggestions?
  20. Just tried disabling SLI, same problems occurred, I'm looking at the drivers for my cards now. As for driver version, I just downloaded the latest drivers from Nvidia, released on 20 DEC 07. I downloaded the ones specifically for 64-bit Vista, no change.
  21. Yeah, just tried that. No change.
  22. Hey all, Just built a new computer, installed SB Pro PE, installed the patches for both the sim and CM. After that, I started it up. When I go into a mission, it comes up for a sec, some of the graphics start flickering and the screen goes black, then to white, then back to black so forth. Sounds are still playing. I alt-tabed it and saw a message saying that the display driver stopped working and restarted. When I brought SB back up, same thing happened. Here's my comp's specs in case: Vista, 64-Bit (I already uploaded the 64-bit runtime for CM) AMD 64 Athlon X2 6400+ Dual GeForce 7800GT cards in SLI I suspect it might be DirectX 10. Let me know what you think. Thanks! PS: I did not install the Beta yet.
  23. Interesting he calls it the Trojan, seems like a nod to the Spartan from Halo.
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