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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/11588719/Putins-new-tank-designed-to-outclass-the-West-breaks-down.html http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/03294/_Russian-T-14-Arma_3294815b.jpg
  2. Need a reason for new scenario? Swiss war game envisages invasion by bankrupt French Hordes of bankrupt French invade Switzerland to get their hands on their “stolen” money — such is the imaginary scenario cooked up by the Swiss military in simulations revealed over the weekend. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/switzerland/10344029/Swiss-war-game-envisages-invasion-by-bankrupt-French.html sorry about the long link. You could also just google it.
  3. I got that same error when I installed, but have not seen it since. codemeter runtime, unsupported op system, major=6,version=2.2,sp=0.0,tupe=1 I did run the latest 64 bit codemeter update before. Ran a couple single player missions and ok.
  4. Request: Sim start time before sunrise is ok, but too difficult to view the map in observation mode before start. Most of us have not seen the map before and because of no map updates, is very disorientating. In treacherous terrain, would it be possible to for engineers to have lane markers before start? Not everywhere, but just for a confirmation of being in the right place without GPS. Could a few landmarks be thrown in for orienteering?
  5. How about an option to have a shaded map. You hard-asses and class room admins can squint at the spaghetti maps and try to figure out what is up and what is down all you want. Me? I liked the old colored maps on Steel Beasts 1. We only have a few minutes to look at the map. The B/W without contour intervals is painful. I'm playing this sim on a 15" screen and a keyboard. I think that some reasonable compromises can be made to make up for the lack of real world awareness.
  6. "Something Special From Deutschland."
  7. "Even Mutants Gotta Tank."
  8. Nice point of view clips. If you could get a few other players to do same, edit them together it would be a great introduction to perspective buyers/players. Now add some music and a few more titles and captions and you'll have lots of views.
  9. I haven't read all 22 pages of the wish list and never read the forums but here gos: I need the ability to distribute tank obstacles during the planning phase instead of the enemy team knowing exactly where the tank traps (steel beams and dragon's teeth) or abatis are while planning. Along the same line, long, temporary bridges assembled without enemy knowledge before start would be great for some surprises over the wider rivers... I love the bridge layers, but usually the water is too wide. None of this stuff would be "on map" until discovered by opposing force. I think permanent bridges can be destroyed now during the game, right? Wombat
  10. That was fast! Thanks for clearing up the lineage of that map. I'm going to try it out now, and hopefully w/ some of the guys this week. Chris C -Wombat- USA CST
  11. The original SB had a Gary Owen designed map named "Test of Metal" with many variations. I seem to remember it was updated for SB PROpe but wasn't playable for incompatible terrain reasons(?). Anyone have it? It is not a stock PROpe map. I don't have the original Steel Beasts on my computer anymore. We used to play that map a lot. Haven't seen it in years. It's a good map for 4 players.
  12. I noticed the Abrams close up banner immediately--nice. Any reason they're all M1's? Usually when I see an M1 that close I have a Leo reticle aimed at it. I'm not saying I hit em, but I do aim. Just went back to the winners, is that third one Leos in the snow? Note the two antennas in the foreground.
  13. Guess I don't read the forums frequently enough to know what the "Angry man's thread" is. Sorry, if the thread seemed angry. If you know me, then you would probably think of it more as a "Do you see the Humor in this?" thread. I guess reading reading National Lampoon as a youth gave me a dry sense of humor. Ha Ha. Bah-Humbug Wombat
  14. Tarball kills my CO A and XO tanks in TGIF. Whaaaaaa!
  15. Floydii and Chukov were the last two members to visit my SB profile. Koga is a Senior Member and I'm still a Junior. Sean, V, and Rouge Snake Etc. have all kinds of awards, medals, ding-bats widgets and call signs on their SB thread titles and I've got NOTHING. After my computer had WindowsXP reinstalled my Team Speak profile is "U"-- unregistered. Thank you, Wombat
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