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  1. There are significant issues with the way penetration is modeled in all tank sims, however this is not open for discussion.
  2. Understood. No issue, I have a workaround.
  3. So there is a way to do it, you just haven't given me a way to buy it. I want to create a gulf war campaign but I want realistic maps.
  4. Hi, I know I'm on ignore here but as I said before I am trying to make a software tool to port height maps from other programs to make a map in Steel Beasts. I understand the LNT file is a height file that contains binary data representing elevations. However is there any further documentation on the file format? If not I can just have the tool build the map directly in the app.
  5. https://github.com/ingrahammark7/test/blob/master/Paste.docx
  6. GHPC ban pending, here next https://steamcommunity.com/app/1705180/discussions/0/5291222404443672074/?tscn=1695051939
  7. Anyway, to respond to OP: Beautiful map, I don't care if it's accurate.
  8. I support keeping the "bad" sights somewhere in the game, all you have to do is include the british centurion as a separate tank from the blazer.
  9. That was definetly not the cause, the centauro was firing 90 degrees away from any target that could be there. At this time stamp the centauro is facing directly at the other centauro and firing missed shots (which I guess the AAR doesn't record?). As you can see it is firing at some tree and the enemy is never there.
  10. I'm sorry you can't see the issue but there are a lot of shots through the dead vehicle. If I can replicate the error I will provide a video.
  11. I ran the "Centauro introduction" scenario and one Centauro dies, the other shoots through the dead vehicle at a tree where no enemies are. I don't consider this a major issue, I am just documenting the bug in case it is helpful to developers. I'm not sure if shooting through dead vehicles is a feature or a bug. However, the fact that the centauro was shooting at nothing at all and not in the direction of the enemy looks like a bug. 00 Centauro Introduction_16688_091423DESKTOP-C22R1836.aar
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