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  1. Had a mission we were doing, cleared some mines with MICLIC and engineers, laid a bridge across ditch. Then did a Save-in-Progress. Restarted a week later. Issue #1- Mines did not remain cleared through the save-in-progress. Saw mines in the field, tried to drive through them and were promptly destroyed (The bridge did remain though) Issue #2 - Went into mission editor with the saved mission to clear out the offending minefield. After re-starting with the edited mission, all units with damage showed the repair time as "XX" and never got repaired. If you need mission files or AAR, let me know
  2. Yep, I've read several parts of the wikis - very helpful for the information contained there. Didn't see this info there, though. Thanks for the responses, guys. 1 - 'known enemy' sounds like it will work well, thanks. Will probably work well for a lot of things. 2 - I have the map divided into regions. I have "Obj Town" inside "SW Region." I have units distributed inside/outside the Town, with varying routes depending on whether the units in/out of the town are under direct fire. This probably would be more robust with multiple regions next to the town. 3- Thanks for confirming. And one
  3. I'm working on a co-op mission, and have run across a few questions for scripting the enemy routes 1) is there a way to do a single condition based on "if ANY friendly units see enemy in Region Alpha" ? a) I see selections for Unit "this" and the unit designators for each unit on the map, but nothing for 'any' - With the number of units and randomization I have, I don't want to do conditions based on each map unit designator. 2) I have multiple regions that overlap - ie "Obj Town" inside "SW Region" If I have multiple Embark If routes conditions based off those regions from a single waypoi
  4. Asid, thanks for the posting the aar/screenshots. I had a good time as CO for the mission, and it was a fun group. I was a little busy to do screenshots myself. Next time I have a free saturday, I'll join you again.
  5. Release notes say "Windows 7 64 bit only" and initial post here says both Windows 7 64 and Windows 8... which is it? I will end up trying it on both anyway, since I have two machines, but curious what my expectations should be.
  6. Yes, this was 3.017. The other players saw the units entangled on the road, and I think saw the ice-skating infantry.
  7. Not sure off the top of my head. I'll ask him to chime in here. He has successfully hosted 5 or 6 players in the past.
  8. Thanks all for your hard work on this new version. Played a 3 person co-op mission tonight. I was not the host. I received several "Ping Time Too Large" messages with pings in the 3000-5000ms range at the time of the error. I do not remember receiving those in the official released versions, but I think it happened with the earlier beta versions. Definitely saw instances of way-too-speedy crawling infantry. Also, but perhaps existed in the release version already, the AAR does not appear to correctly track "Kills by units under your command" if the units were given to you by someone else. I s
  9. Played again this evening. Definitely got a different enemy starting position. There were two platoons (one BMP, one tank) advancing down the road from Ashville after we took Lumber Creek. Our single recon vehicle met them and was destroyed. They appeared to be all sorts of entangled in each other, and only a singleton tank made it down to Lumber Creek.
  10. Here is the link to the AAR: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwg3skel2vlm12i/Burning%20bridges%200.85_042114ICARUS1851.aar Correct. Encountered nothing between Lumber Creek and Ashville. Looks like a few units started down the road, then stopped. Had quite the close range fight in Lumber Creek though. We also got pretty lucky with our recon section taking out a platoon-plus of BMPs that were at the road bridge.
  11. We (group of 3) played this on Monday night. Definitely a fun mission premise. We had to drive the recon vehicles all the way up to Ashville, and didn't encounter any units until we saw the off-map units sitting there. We engaged them, they started moving, then a short time later we got the "Mission Over" and 300 out of 300 points. That part was weird. I have the AAR if you want. Otherwise - good work!
  12. Most of the small/medium Co-op missions are good for single player as well.
  13. When I'm playing as TC, the AI gunner will call out "Tanks! Front!" or whatever and slew to put the sight on the target, and I have to hit spacebar to get the gunner to fire. Any way to do that while in the map screen? Last I checked the spacebar didn't work while in the map...? Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly?
  14. Version 1.0


    You are in a company of LAVs, deployed in Flank Support of a Bradley attack on an enemy town. The enemy has reinforcements (BMPs, BRDMs, troops) staging in a nearby town and your job is to setup an ambush to destroy the reinforcements, then move in to take the town. Meant for 1-3 players. Easy/Moderate difficulty, with randomization. Mission by thekingofstyle (March 2014) Comments and suggestions via PM are welcome!
  15. Here are some starter missions I recommended to a friend of mine via e-mail a while ago... Instant Action Ambush - Starts with you in a tank section with several tanks coming around the corner. Very good for the commander/gunner controls and targeting and firing type stuff. Also helps with small-unit movement. You also get arty. Defense in Depth - Just you commanding your platoon, a long string of waypoints has already been set for you. you just choose when to embark on them. Very good for remembering what key does what, and how the controls work. You'll have to create your own routes near
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