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  1. We love photos

    Spanish NATO eFP company.
  2. US MRE, German EPA, French and British Combat rations

    Thank you all for your input. I had a bit more luck in the meantime and was able to buy a couple of US, UK, French and German rations for a decent price. What I find lacking about most review videos is the kind of mess kit the different armies use. For example you can't complain about missing cutlery in a German pack when you know that each soldier is issued a standard re-usable set.
  3. Out of discussion with colleagues about my Bundeswehr time I got curious if the combat rations had changed much in the past decade. Does anyone know a cheap source for them? I tried ebay and some military and outdoor shops but the prices are way too high in my opinion. I want to compare the current US, German, French and British ones.
  4. Video Thread

    @Marko They kept the 24 Mig-29s for a longer time. And they had the brilliant idea of putting lots of money into modernising and fitting 600+ BMP-1s to Western traffic regulations, only to sell them all in 1993 when they found out the total of Marders was sufficient to equip the new East German Panzergrenadiere...
  5. Video Thread

  6. We love photos

    Well I assumed that the fact would have surfaced after nearly 30 years and that a board full of tank nuts with a special taste in Cold War gone hot scenarios would know the answer by heart. Thnx though.
  7. We love photos

    No response to my question so far...have a Soviet major of tank troops radioing in his T-62 as coverboy of Soviet Military Review for the wait.
  8. We love screenshots

    LOL, the tank version of "The Thing" has been found...
  9. Video Thread

    BTR and BMP in the East German NVA. For those who don't understand German: lots of bad Western imperialism and superior socialism, most evident in the blatant lie about ingenious Soviet WW2 infantry motorisation. Still interesting to watch. What a horror it must have been to dismount from a BTR-60/70 in combat conditions.
  10. We love photos

    I get multiple warnings trying to access the forum so that's gone for me.
  11. We love photos

    T-80BV photographed by BRIXMIS. Since tanknet is gone: this was the latest tank fielded in the GSFG/WGF right? No T-80U was deployed to units in East Germany? Also watch this video, especially the Western target recon mock-ups gave me a bit of the chills:
  12. Bundeswehr Recce

    Sorry I posted this in the video section already but until I saw this I had no real picture how a Luchs troop would be employed on the battlefield. It's pretty self-explaining even if you don't speak German.
  13. Tanker Books/Novels

    I'm going through some highlights of my Cold War gone hot WW3 book collection again. I still would love to add "Counterstroke" by Kenneth Macksey dearly to it, so if anyone would know a source or scan it as pdf I'd be delighted.
  14. Video Thread

    Hi guys, it's been a while. Enjoy this gem from the early 90s Bundeswehr. Sorry if repost.
  15. Mars - panorama view

    The images of the dry river valleys are IMO the most astonishing images from Mars I've seen from any mission so far. The first images transmitted from Curiosity look promising as well, Gale Crater could be a superb spot for exploring. BTW, Curiosity is the fifth space probe to carry my name to Mars, a fact for which I got a Radio interview on Monday.