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  1. found the map on a very old hd. Its from 2006, so a bit outdated. Altmark.rar
  2. could it be another input device like joystick? If so, try to unplug and restart sb.
  3. i have seen similar effects in other games (shooter, etc). In 90% of cases it helped me to just center all axis, throttle, sliders... Maybe you should check this.
  4. all parts are uploaded on our website now
  5. I downloaded part 1,2 and 6 from this source and installed it one minute ago.
  6. we are uploading the update at our website. 3 parts are available now. http://panzergrenadierbataillon913.de/forum/showthread.php?237-SB-Pro-PE-2.640-....
  7. ah, first is gone. Thank you. :remybussi:
  8. can you all please download tomorrow? You are stealing my bandwidth...:biggrin:
  9. maybe the use of the mousewheel would be ab bit easier than clicking through the objects.
  10. so, why were you there then?:biggrin:
  11. where are the pictures of drunk men playing Steelbeasts?
  12. singleshot


    I have uploaded the live firing part of the exercise, which some of PzBtl911 have visited: LwjlU-5j0fg EM6eJDToGBU Xi-ZLt-gsu4 r7iINGTI5s0
  13. singleshot

    DCS A-10C

    I have quickly composed some more scenes (same "mission" as previous video): v5jUavYXSRA
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