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  1. Enjoy! Can't wait for the next update. If possible, more wrecked buildings would be nice. Rubble and rebar for the win.
  2. Sure. My Take on this classic.
  3. Trying to create maps with a more detailed and textured feel. Playing around, there is lots that can be done with the map editor that gives a very earthy gritty feel to the maps. The feeling of immersion jumps by an order of magnitude.
  4. I think more bunker types and some entrenched camouflaged AT guns would be nice. A bunker set up that act as hidden AT nest etc. A 100mm 125mm towed AT gun isn't super useful today, but it would still cause issues for anything that isn't a modern tank or IFV, and be a fun addition to older mission creation
  5. EasyE

    Map Editor

    Thanks for the update... I have been away from PC gaming for a while and am needing to get caught up.
  6. EasyE

    Map Editor

    That is the case. Thanks I do think I screwed up my install as I don't have the hgt or ter populated to select from.
  7. EasyE

    Map Editor

    So I feel like I should know the answer to this. Recently reinstalled the game using the 2.68 link and maps on a new computer, everything works great. Its been about two years off and I am very pumped to use my new gaming rig. Except when I open the terrain/map editor, the editor tools are not able to be selected? They are there but not able to be used. I am sure this something I did wrong on the install. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Great news! Looking Forward to the release.
  9. Has the COVID-19 lockdowns effected the release date of the update?
  10. I am having trouble finding this round in the mission editor? Is it available? It seems to be listed. Thanks
  11. I would like to see some Copy paste options with the map editor, Also some more bunker/ trench options. Perhaps a 2a19 Rapira 100mm AT gun. Dug in and with good application of cameo, these options would be a very tough to spot and dig out and add some nice depth for attacking/defending scenarios.
  12. Any changes to helicopters? New types or changes in behavior? Maybe I don't currently know how to use them properly, and get them to act aggressive enough to cause a headache. With the new Anti Air units and weapons, it seems that they are meat on the table now.
  13. Few small questions There have been a few updates to the armor models of tanks in SB correct? Are the LOS armor diagrams still accurate? If not are there updated values? Challenger 2 for example seems a little high from what we have learned recently..( I could be wrong and I fully expect to be told that I am) What version of the Leo-2A4 armor do we have in the game? D tech? Any plans to get other armor packages in the game? Thanks for your time.
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