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  1. Oh a man can dream.... I doubt it is a priority........ That said, If SB every has pay modules like DCS I assure them I will open the wallet for these.
  2. ahhh Challenger 1 Mk3 Not the Challenger 2 Chieftain mk11 Has StillBrew and the thermal site I think T-62M is the type with Addon armor better FCS the T-62 m (model 1972) Trying to round out the 80s Cold war
  3. They are? I mean the Challenger 2 is, Chieftain Mk 5, and vanilla T-62.... So kinda sorta I would be fine with the AI to start. The the Challenger 1 and Chieftain Mk11 as they use similar fire control at the level of the Challenger 2 would be fine with me also. Squinting harder until then.
  4. Thinking out loud what 4 pack of tanks I would pay big money for... Thinking rounding out the cold war slug fest with these beasts would do the trick Challenger 1 Mk3 Chieftain Mk11 T-80BV T-62M
  5. I have used the editor, I posted some pictures of my map work before. As my response above if I am not able to use the newer textures in a custom theme then that is fine. That is where I am getting hung up mostly. Again, I am not making demands of anyone. If no one has time or ability that is okay. Just trying to use what little time I have to make a few maps for everyone...
  6. Did you read what I requested? I am trying to combine fall and woodland textures which I managed to do but include some of the newer textures, which currently at least to me doesn't seem possible, which is why I made the request. If the newer textures are not available that is fine. I don't need a lecture on time management or reading the manual. A simple this is not possible at this time works.
  7. I think I went out of my way to ask politely; I am fine if the answer is no. There is a whole section related to "map requests" after all. Do you normally respond to such requests of long-time paying customers with this attitude?
  8. Some of us have demanding jobs. If you know any other petroleum engineers with lots of time these days please let me know.
  9. Okay. Maybe it will be easier to request a new terrain theme? What I had in mind was Use the base ESim_ European Woodland High Vis woods Spring Replace field B, C, D, and Sand With Add The Wheat field from the new Ukrainian maps. Add Dry from the ESim European Woodland High Vis woods Summer Add Grass from European Woodland High Vis woods Fall Add Scrub from European Woodland High Vis woods Fall Call It "grassland" or whatever Is this a big ask? Anyhow if anyone could create this for me it would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks Is there a way to mix fall themes and spring. Ie there are elements in a theme for the Hi Res Woodland Spring and Fall I would like to combine together for a theme.
  11. Looks like we have some new themes made up of new textures and buildings that come with the Ukraine focused maps. Is there a way we can use these with our map editor? Thanks
  12. 14 Years for me! Always happy to purchase the results of Esim's hard work.
  13. BRL-2 is a target developed for 1976-gun trials. It isn't related to the M1A1. The IPM1 and M1A1 used an armor described as having KE back packs made of high-density material. The design hand off was in 1979 for testing.
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