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  1. Enjoy! Can't wait for the next update. If possible, more wrecked buildings would be nice. Rubble and rebar for the win.
  2. Sure. My Take on this classic.
  3. Trying to create maps with a more detailed and textured feel. Playing around, there is lots that can be done with the map editor that gives a very earthy gritty feel to the maps. The feeling of immersion jumps by an order of magnitude.
  4. I think more bunker types and some entrenched camouflaged AT guns would be nice. A bunker set up that act as hidden AT nest etc. A 100mm 125mm towed AT gun isn't super useful today, but it would still cause issues for anything that isn't a modern tank or IFV, and be a fun addition to older mission creation
  5. EasyE

    Map Editor

    Thanks for the update... I have been away from PC gaming for a while and am needing to get caught up.
  6. EasyE

    Map Editor

    That is the case. Thanks I do think I screwed up my install as I don't have the hgt or ter populated to select from.
  7. EasyE

    Map Editor

    So I feel like I should know the answer to this. Recently reinstalled the game using the 2.68 link and maps on a new computer, everything works great. Its been about two years off and I am very pumped to use my new gaming rig. Except when I open the terrain/map editor, the editor tools are not able to be selected? They are there but not able to be used. I am sure this something I did wrong on the install. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Great news! Looking Forward to the release.
  9. Has the COVID-19 lockdowns effected the release date of the update?
  10. I am having trouble finding this round in the mission editor? Is it available? It seems to be listed. Thanks
  11. I would like to see some Copy paste options with the map editor, Also some more bunker/ trench options. Perhaps a 2a19 Rapira 100mm AT gun. Dug in and with good application of cameo, these options would be a very tough to spot and dig out and add some nice depth for attacking/defending scenarios.
  12. Any changes to helicopters? New types or changes in behavior? Maybe I don't currently know how to use them properly, and get them to act aggressive enough to cause a headache. With the new Anti Air units and weapons, it seems that they are meat on the table now.
  13. Few small questions There have been a few updates to the armor models of tanks in SB correct? Are the LOS armor diagrams still accurate? If not are there updated values? Challenger 2 for example seems a little high from what we have learned recently..( I could be wrong and I fully expect to be told that I am) What version of the Leo-2A4 armor do we have in the game? D tech? Any plans to get other armor packages in the game? Thanks for your time.
  14. T-72Bm1989 playable Type-98/96 non playable T-90 early version nonplayable Leo-2 with B-C armor tech. (we have D tech correct?) Chieftain mk-10 T-62M-playable
  15. Looking forward to being able to do this....
  16. EasyE


    According to the document bellow a version of the armor "technology" in the XM-1 offered protection against a 115mm DU APFSDS fired at a velocity I suspect is above 1600m/s across 25 deg arc, when fitted to an IFV. So in is possible that the M1 production model was protected against such ammunition. So we know that the M1 armor could have been tested against DU apfsds. What round? M774 with a increased propellant? Basic pen calc suggest suggest that would do around 380-420mm at 0 at close range. Makes the CIA docs seem somewhat close, and referring to a DU monoblock round as the baseline for the RHA equivalence.
  17. EasyE


    I would be interested in knowing what the threat profile for the M1A1 was meant to face. Most of the documentation on APFSDS available to the USSR in the early to mid 1980s was that they performed very poorly against spaced composite arrays. IIRC a BM-22 loses 30% of its pen ability just by impacting a thin steel plate and having 500mm of air before the next layer of steel. So against the M1 I suspect the round would have preformed poorly. The more the angle of impact of the short tungsten slug goes up the more likely it will shatter against the RHA black plate of the M1...RHA equivalence be dammed... So CIA statements about the M1 400mm worth of KE protection I suspect apply against early monoblock designs M774, XM-578... Applying it to steel W slug designs the protection probably goes up a great deal. I suspect that the M1A1 was designed with protection against more advanced APFSDS designs in mind as well as tandem warheads. The thought was that the next gen of 125mm apfsds would pen around 450mm (0 deg?) at normal battle ranges. The the need for the beefed up protection. Whatever the armor array of the M1A1 is, it was almost certainly tested against M833 and M829. M833 DU long rod, is slightly heavier then the BM-42 W, the M833 a bit slower at normal combat range, however the monoblock DU design is probably better against complex arrays. "If" the M1A1 stopped the M833 it probably has a decent chance against Bm-32 and 42 from most normal engagement ranges. That said I don't think there were many if any BM-42s delivered to front line units before 1988. From what I can tell and rough back of the envelope calculations suggest that if BRL-2 (or whatever it is called) has around 530-550mm vs KE and around 1000mm vs CE it has slightly higher TE efficiency against CE and slightly lower against KE as German C-tech which we have a reasonable measure of. Cheers
  18. I think too much certainty is being drawn from it. It gives us some good insight into German armor packages against monoblock rounds (also the T-80U). However if that is vague. B-level and C-Level are rather clear armor inserts. Where I find confusion is the nature of the D armor packages. D-1/2/3, what exactly are these referring to? Are these inserts? Or Inserts plus NERA Wedge armor. Or differnt combos of each. D-1 say is B-Level plus wedge D-2 C level plus wedge, and D-3 a new insert plus wedge? Or different inserts more optimized more against CE? Seems to be that B-level tech is rough equal to about BRL-1, C is BRL-2, HAP-1/2 around D-2./3... EAP around D-2. Seems to be a rush for answers by those on the internet.. rather then to figure out what questions to ask first..
  19. The claim has been made that the Swedes had planned to have a wedge type armor on the turret of their M1A2. That the Export Armor package which is also claimed to be the equivalent to HAP-2 was not able to get sufficient protection over 700mm across the frontal arc with out the addition of the wedge type armor. I don't see any evidence of this. Is there anything to support this claim. IMHO It doesn't appear to be the case as the protection profile of the M1A2 with the Swedish armor was worse then the Leo-2 with it, with greater LOS on the passive armor 860mm vs 930-950mm LOS.
  20. Was there not a minor upgrade to the M1A1HA in 1990? Also as per the release of the Document re: Swedish armor trials. I have to wonder if the export armor package of the M1A2 is similar to the BRL-2 package, perhaps an evolution of it.. 600mm vs KE +- 30 deg is actually very good. No one seems to have much of a sweet clue as to what the protection of BRL-2 (1984) is like. Thinking about the thickest part of the turret (inserts ~900-960? mm los) I have heard estimates range from 400-to 600mm vs KE head on. The document states that the 1987 armor package on the Leo-2 is about 575mm vs KE head on (~840 LOS). Is there are reason to suspect BRL-2 is not comparable? This close up of the weight simulators seems to suggest to me that together they are thicker then 50mm. The front welded plate is about 40mm, and two plates stacked on top look considerably thicker then that, 75-100mm IMHO. BRL-1~ 400mm=BRL-2+75mm +other improvements such as hardness/thicknes of steel in NERA arrays, more air gap, inclusion of ceramics. Not at terrible stretch to see it be around the 480-550 vs KE against contemporary ammunition (BM-26/32/42). It is a tough sell for me to think that BRL-2 is 400mm but an export armor package a decade later is nearly double at 700mm vs KE when having much more modern ammunition shot at it. On another note. The Leo-2A4 1992 armor model in the document seems to be rather close to what we have in the game. The Leo-2A5 might be a little high but nothing that can't be easily fixed.
  21. Yeah I suspect it could be modeled rather well. The FCS for the T-80U transplants to the T-90S...The Devs seem to be hesitant to model player use of the GLATGMs used by Russian tanks forces..I suspect what ever the reason is must be a bit of a hurdle.
  22. Perhaps. There is a limited of time and resources to develop such things. Perhaps if the player base for SB was much larger it would make more economic sense to take on such things. I deal with software sales people all the time in my industry and one thing they often do is to offer a full time limited functionality, soon my colleagues and myself end up taking the bait and buying more functionality. Perhaps SB could offer a free download of limited use, few maps limited editor etc and say T-62 or other vehicle for use in single and multilayer use. It could get many people into the game who normally wouldn't and eventually more paying customers. As you said above, if it was that easy it probably would be done already and there are things don't know or understand. Question for Ssnake. Any particular reason we don't have a T-72m1989 with K5 (or similar) in the game? Seems to be a very common tank in use in Russia and elsewhere. Thanks
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