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  1. You should change your username to "Chicken Little." The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Good grief. Bankruptcy implies you don't have the money to pay your bills. You are making a false equivalency between a human being and a nation state. That is false. Western nations have the money, they just don't have the political will to take it. That is slowly changing.
  2. Saw this a week or so back. Not a bad movie at all. Can't remember how close this was to real life but they sure treated that officer poorly when he got back to Ireland.
  3. Thanks Gibsonm. Hopefully will be changed soon. I'm always looking for reference to this stuff.
  4. LMFAO! Thank you. Actually yes thank you so I don't waste my time redoing what someone else has. LOL!
  5. Bump. This will need to be updated. Perhaps put in the Wiki. (Note to myself.)
  6. Please don't. I have used this stuff from day one when it was available. I also point new people I run into towards it in answer to many of their questions.
  7. We are all young kids here learning something new every day. Also, I would highly recommend you make and try a night time mission with the Russian equipment. It is usually nail-biting to say the least.
  8. Well, the British better make this decision quickly, before the Brexit vote takes effect or it will be much more expensive to purchase later.
  9. The good news is that new mission I said would be next will basically be this mission but flipped over so one can play as Red.
  10. Beautiful camo on that tank. May I ask what national camo scheme this is?
  11. I'm afraid to tell you it is not. Only M60A3 and M113s shown. The next mission I work on after this one will be a red mission. Sorry.
  12. LOL. I was just going to suggest to you to look under your start directory for game folder and it should be there. And yes, it is much more extensive. Germany Reforged as Skybird has said is the additional manual showing improvements and additions to the original features if I'm not mistaken.
  13. The documentation does cover movement types and how the units act-react when you give them orders to use them. Regarding "finding yourself frustrated by lack of control over the units," LOL, that is the point. You give your orders and they go, constrained with the fog of war etc. You have to think 3-4 moves ahead and act accordingly to the intel coming your way. It takes time for the orders to filter down the chain of command to those units etc. It is a command and control simulation. That IMHO is what makes it great. You should definitely check out the forums over at Matrix Games. They've got quite a few tips, tutorials, AARs showing people the beauty of this game.
  14. It is actually a pretty deep game. It has really come to be one of my favorites. I haven't been to the forums in a while but I believe there is a new DLC coming out soon for it where they will be adding a ton of stuff to the engine including French forces, some Warsaw Pact forces etc. Definite purchase for me.
  15. When you are ready to do some PBEM against another human, give me shout out. I'm game to try it myself. You will enjoy this game.
  16. Some additional screenshots from another mission I'm working on at the moment.
  17. Actually for me I think the way the mission editor is actually not bad at all. It may take a bit of work at first but once you say create an entire route system for a platoon of tanks, or a platoon of mech infantry etc., you just copy that route and paste it for the other platoons in the company or battalion and then just adjust those routes appropriately for those platoons running around in different areas. I've found that it works really well for the large number of units I tend to have in the missions I create for my single player play. To reiterate, concentrate on one route with all the variables, battle positions, randomness etc. and then copy that route and past to initial way-point of other units in the scenario.
  18. I created a mission a while back where I did the same thing. Here is the link to the thread regarding my asking basically the same question. M60A3TTS to M60A1 . The mission is in the downloads section and you can take a look at Red Side in order to see all I did to make the A3 simulate the A1.
  19. Ah the memories. Panzer Blitz was my first and for the most part favorite. Man the hours I used to spend on that game with my brother and buddies. Panzer Leader was also so very good. I still have them down in my basement packed away for keeps sake.
  20. I've been watching this one for quite a while now. Really has my interest but not enough yet to put money down. Really waiting to see if it rounds out. Would love to play a space sim with the type of depth they are showing here. Keeping fingers crossed.
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