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  1. One of the greatest improvements to the sim will be the ability to have night operations now. However, the only video or screens that I have seen so far show the night to be extremely bright. In fact, it looks like a night sky, but that is about it. The actual ground atmosphere appears to be only slightly different than a regular daytime situation. I know there is away to adjust the brightness levels, but exactly how dark can you make the night. I realize there will be a balance between being frustrating and being realistic, so I am hoping there are options to at least make it more realistic than what I have seen so far. Again, I have only seen one movie and a few screens of the night, so I am not judging anything at this point. I am just curious.
  2. I am getting ready to place my order for the new upgrade. I have the original printed manual, and I was wondering how much the new printed manual has been updated since the original manual. Is the newest manual worth $10, or is it only slightly different than the original manual? How much new information is contained in the new manual? Thanks.
  3. I remapped the commands from the "P" key to the "V" key that is directly above the spacebar. Now I can easily hold down the "V" key, move the mouse to track my target, and then push the spacebar directly below the "V" key to fire. It is not awkward at all anymore.
  4. Thanks alot for the HOTAS Files. I will definitely give them a try.
  5. I just found out about this game this past week (well, I knew about it earlier, but I just really took a look at it this past week). I was definitely drawn into the level of realism that this game offers, and I definitely love realistic military sims of all varieties. The more realistic, the harder to learn, and the more manual reading required, the better. I just love game manuals for some reason. So, I sent my order in for the game this past Thursday, so I hope to have it by the early part of next week (I live in Ohio so it shouldnt take long I hope). I am completely new to this tank Sim (I never purchased SB1), and the only thing that I have to play with now is the DEMO for SB1. I am wanting to get a head start on programming my Cougar HOTAS this weekend so I don't have to mess with it once I get the Simulator. Is the Keymap for the SB PRO PE sim available somewhere for download? If not, would I be pretty close if I just used the SB1 Keymap that is available for download to program my HOTAS for now? Furthermore, if anybody has a Cougar HOTAS file that they would like to share with me, I would definitely appreciate it. I am not sure how you could use the throttle of the Cougar for anything in the game, but I would definitely be interested in using most of the available buttons and sliders on the Cougar as possible. Thanks.
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