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  1. I'm trying to get back on board again, just some much more to learn!
  2. Congrats to the whole community! PE 3.0 and very few rodents sacrificed to THE_LIST!
  3. Tanks for the offer, I have a Pro PE licence I can use. Will repurchase / refresh setup for the latest release!
  4. Hello Ssnake... It's been a while and I see a lot of changes and quite a bit of growth!
  5. Times have truely changed if the comrades have their own little corner of SB world!
  6. TH... Nice to see old names again... T 72? Sounds like your true old wish came true!
  7. Wow! Actually just read about the new version of SB Pro so will wait... Bought ProPE a while back but never really got in.
  8. All... It's been a while but miss the smell of diesel in the morning... The clanking of treads... The subwoofers gentle reverberating with the sound of a round going down range. I'm coming back - what have I missed?
  9. what have I missed? Will try to listen in a bit more now...
  10. Here I am. I'm actually suprised - I planned to write a note to you all tonight on the forum! Must be some form of telepathy... freaky... Anyhow, I'm doing quite fine, thank you for asking. I finished my master thesis and my final exams - I'm a fresh new MA right now. That did take quite some time from me, and furthermore, I never did update my PC up to now - Word is not that chip and video-card-demanding, so I never hopped onto the SB Pro PE wagon, sadly. I kind of drifted off the forum, too, as I did not feel like I could take part anymore, being non-SB-Pro-PE'd, and sometimes did not want to take part in some of the discussions around. Then, there was some episode where my competence was questioned... I just did not get anything out of the forum anymore. Now, with my MA in my bag, I'm off to new shores. I will be joining Citi's investment-banking division in London starting on July 2. Naturally, that will take a lot of time from me. I still hope to show up then and when, and surely will order my copy of SB Pro PE ASAP. For the mean time, have a great shoot-out, guys, and carpe diem! Chrisotto Christopher Wickli PS: If you're in town, just type me up!
  11. Haha... loved it! Sweden's... no, make that Stockholm's party scene is mad and good, really enjoyed it. But as usual, you need to know where to go and to get in, of course. Usually, flashing a business card helps alot Btw, anyone of you guys from outside the UK noticed? Girls (or let's say female UK specimens) go out in miniskirts and boots, no matter what weather it is. And no matter how "strong" their upper legs are...
  12. Nooooooooooooo. (GeForce 3 Ti 200) Upgrade time...
  13. Work Hard to Party Hard! > What day is it today?
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