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  1. I used Game Commander years ago with very much success. You could give multiple similar commands. This flow of talking or yelling at your crew during a knife fight became a combat multiplier more then a game gimmicky interface like I thought it would be. I have not used the newest Game Commander 2 with SB pe. But if it is as good as the 1st Game Commander then that might be what your looking for.

  2. I have been out of the game for a bit so I haven't kept up with every thing but these are my questions.

    When I use the T 72 am I suppose to have an interior? I have a TC position interior but that's it.

    Also If I do any T 72 tank range, instant action or use the t-72 in a scenario I never have any main gun ammo. and I also do not have main gun ammo option when I select ammo in the scenario builder.

    and im using Version. 2.654

    This is a pic here


    Anyone have any recommendations?

  3. I have been out of the net for a little bit so Im really not keeping up on updates. Has the bumpiness patch been released? Cause I am not using that. The MTLB in the lower left corner are the vehicles that control the random aspect of what you get sent at you. If they are stuck then the mission will not function. Non of the MTLB's on my commuter ever get hung up. I recommend going into the mission editor and just maybe moving the MTLBs just a tiny bit apart from each other. Sounds like they are getting snagged on something. I will say I have never seen so many bugs on a scenario before. Yes things could be a design flaw but Phantom units in the north?? t-80/bmp hybrids??? never seen any of that. Is this what everyone is getting when they download this mission? I would like to know if this is working well for anyone? Please let me know.

    Thanx D6g

  4. Dragon, can you confirm whether the enemy OOB is completely randomised? I played through your mission last night (and I agree with the comments above, the choice of terrain is great). I only killed 4 BDRM and 1 MTLB, but it then said that the battle was won and when I went through all the AAR those appeared to have been the only units that were present.

    I have never seen that before ?!?!? I have never not had tanks. . .


  5. I was reviewing your aar files you sent me. sorry it took so long I'm hard pressed for time here. I don't know why there was a phantom enemy tank platoon in the north on the map I have never seen that before. Also coming down that coast line road on the east side of the map it looks like there was an enemy tank section (the one moving south) that just seemed to stop. Not sure why they stopped unless they were engaging something then they will do that. Or taking fire then they will retreat just a small ways. It didn't seem like the AI tanks got snagged in anything ether. I have played and tested this one quite a bit. I have 4 other people in my unit that have SB so I did get a lot of feed back before posting it . I have played it different ways and only got a snag a very few times, But maybe I should of put some more guidance in the briefing.

    These will be notes I will update the brief with and repost.

    Commander Notes

    o to stop the attack you need to kill or immobilizes all the enemy AFV's

    o troops hold no value as far as mission complete

    o setting up at the 195 easting works well

    o - 5 points per for losing 1/A 2/A 3/A A/XO A/CO. Total loss 25 points

    o you are Anvil so anvil units have to survive

    o enemy will randomly be a Company to Battalion size element

    o indirect HE is a great tool for immobilizing bottled up enemy

    o enemy will win if thy get to the western side of the bridge

    o mission has many different random factors

    I hope this help out a little to cut down on some of the frustration. Ill see if I can tighten up some other things to help out the game play. I never like releasing a scenario thats needs to be updated later but let me see what I can do for this one.


    until then I'm north on Tampa Guns blazing

  6. I used game commander with old SB1 and win98 a long time ago. It was a lot of fun. What I found was to make it seem real and natural for tankers or US tanker that is was to use many commands for the same key press. Like if I wanted the tank to turn right the commands were “ come right” bring it right driver”” hold your right” “ come right driver “ and things like that going forward was “driver move out” “lets go drier!” and stuff like that. My fellow tanker friends were blow away at how the computer responded. We used commands like “fire fire heat and sabot” “cease fire gunner coax troops!” everything worked super.

    If your looking for commands? Things I use with my crew are.

    All the driver stuff.

    Gunner bring it left/right

    traverse left/right

    cease fire

    driver shut down/fire it up/start it up

    fire fire heat/sabot (and adjust)

    caliber 50 (that would put me in the 50 cal. Sight)

    plus many others.

    Enjoy game commander its a lot of fun

  7. Hello All,

    Its been some time sense I have had the opportunity to post a scenario for you guys. Been kind of busy here in sunny 125+ degrees Mosul Iraq but ya got to love it. I once again invite you all to check out my new scenario South Bridge Slaughter. Hope you enjoy this one and I think you will. Take care guys

  8. Oh. But from what I've seen, you probably can create temporary supply dumps with a few supply trucks, I suppose.

    Too bad. It would have been fun to sing immediately after blowing up the base and riddling it, "All your bases, base, base, all your bases are belong to us!":nukem2::cool2:, like in the video. But it's as you said, that's not the way it works in real life, and if it were a reality, there would always be the possibility of spawnkillers:decu:.

    Feel lucky that I don't know how to upload thumbnails yet. But I'll try not to tick you off in the future.

    You were on the Battlefront forums? I'm there too as 152mmDumbRocket.

    Could you provide me a link to the topic where you had a tangle with Gibsondude? The only Kingtigers I could find in the directory were from Wisconsin and Missouri.

    Sweden's still a constitutional monarchy?;)

    I was being unrealistic. I'm sorry.

    Interesting choice. I was going for as many wheels as possible in my approach. And yes, the destruction of supply dumps is a top priority.

    Given that they're Swedish, I assume they are.

    I know, and I'm working on developing techniques that will bring finding supply dumps to an art. Finally, during my brief (but very influencing) time on BF 2142, I saw the folly of lone wolfing it, and I assure you that is the last thing I will ever do.

    I think the best thing now is to reduce the numbers of units in these groups and make them do deep recon, and attacking targets of opportunity. But that's all.

    what the hell is going on???

  9. Thanks man.

    Its much appreciated. I put my heart and soul in to these scenarios. I always feel that my scenarios are at a much higher lever and quality then some of the others that get posted on the site. Its always funny though. I'll get an email from some one saying “that was the best I have ever played, that was great!” then some one on the same mission will be like it sucked I didn't like this or that. So I always put that in my pocked for the next one that I make. Before I start a new one I look back at my other feed back from the people. So I'm always trying to make a good scenario. I will test them for hours , write down a list of things that I want in the mission. Once I get that done I will test some more and make a list of bugs and things that don't work. Fix that stuff. And its ready. After I post it I will only play that scenario like a few time. And then I will start a new one. I'm glad you liked it. I was very happy with the way that one turned out. The enemy gives a very good fight buts its a fun mission to play and It never plays out the same way. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And check out my other dragon 6 g scenarios


  10. Oscar in not saying for one second that every 19 year old kid is going to drop playing Halo and plan out his deliberate attack after reading a 5 paragraph operations order. I'm just saying I'm sure It wouldn't cost too much to release a demo. Even if it was just a down load from esims web site. How many times do we have new people join the forums and say something like I have been reading this for some time and now I thought I will try SB. I bet you for every person the joins us there are 5 others that will never drop the cash. I just think we could attract more players and revenue with a demo if it didn't cost that much.

  11. I know I brought this up some time ago. I was wondering do you think it would be possible to to release a SB PE demo. Just something to get it out the the mainstream gamer. This “game “ was released some time ago. I don't believe that there is much buzz about this game any more at this time. I feel anyone that buys this game now is due to them stumbling over it by accident or having some one else cram it down there throat until they finally tried the game. I believe If you could get SB released on a demo disk for a gaming magazine it would create a new beginning for your product and new interest and buyers. With the common game graphics getting better and prettier I don't think program will be able to pass as a modern game for much longer. I really feel this would be a missed opportunity for esims to be able to capture some more revenue and of course some more ungrateful customers always complaining. But seriously, Would it be so hard or cost much cash to release a demo to the mainstream market? Even if customer still had to go to your web site to order the product I would be surprised if this would not help esims bottom line and breath some new life into SB Pro PE.


  12. You re load it when you get back to the FOB. its an anti-sniper weapon and not really to be used as a HMG. Hell a sniper will shoot your face off if you sit out there for 10 mins. and try to reload that thing out there.

  13. Hello all.

    I want to invite you all to try out my new scenario AWAKING THE BEAR. I put a lot of time in to this one. I promise you it will be a good solid scenario with a good enemy that will give you a good fight. There are many different ways this one can play out. The units you start out with will not be the same twice. The enemy will not be set up the same way as the last time you played it. I really believe you will enjoy this on. And remember to try out some of my other scenarios. I've got two others that are new to the website so try them out to. Well enjoy the missions and let me know what ya think.


    Dragon 6 g

  14. Not yet . We dont have it yet. But we got another 50 cal. On the tank. That pic of that cal 50. thats up, thats the “gunners” 50 cal ! So when we roll we are packing 2 50 cals and 2 M240s. Thats a lotof small arms fire power. Shes a bad bitch.

  15. 3 of the pictures are of an RPG hitting the TC storage box. We didnt know what kind of RPG it was. We were thinking it was an RPG 7. Our S-2 was thinking it might have been an RPG 29. The rocket motor was found still in the sponcen box. We gave that up to S-2 but we never followed up to see what kind of RPG it was. There are two other pics that you can see something went through the skirts and the bottom of the turret. That was an EFP type IED. I have a bunch of better pictures of that one but cant tell you for sure if the skirt and turret armor is still TS or at the minimum classified so I aint going to be the one to put it on the Internet. But its the real deal out there in the Rakk your bound to see some good stuff or armor buffs.

    And to clear it up for Daskel the RPG hit was on a M1A2 v2 SEP.

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