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  1. ahh...now I see. Thank you for that info. In other words, the white dot on the tank, which represents which way I'm looking, should be a constant. In other words, if the white dot is at the 2 oclock position, I'm looking NE regardless of which way the tank is oriented, right?
  2. I went through all the tutorials and plan on doing so again somewhat slower and noticed a few things. First, when in manual mode, you must press shift and fire to fire your main gun. Second, when unbuttoned, you must press the move up/move down (Q/Z) keys to actually pop your head up out of the tank. Neither of these were documented as far as I can tell and I spent hours trying to find out how to do these two things. Finally, I'm completely lost in trying to orient myself in game. For example, is there anyway to tell if which way you're looking with regard to a compass heading. I was doing the artillery tutorial and saw a target shooting at me, but had no idea which direction the fire was coming from? I could see the fire, but had no idea on how to put artillery on it. I know that by looking at the map, I can use grid coordinates, but how in the world do I know where the enemy is just by looking in that direction? Thanks in advance.
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