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  1. I cant wait til i start doing TGIF for the missions once again.
  2. You gotta supress with coax immediately after firing the canister. Its the technique taught to us via the HBCT Manual. and thanks for informing me on the canister rounds. Im going to have a field day with it
  3. Well damn, The way the animation of the canister rounds looks doesnt even come close to what I fired. It fires a frontal cone that increases as it goes further out. But Thanks for the intel. now, If I can get help to get SB 3.0 I can make my long awaited return.
  4. CottonBalers BY GOD!!! C/D co 2-7 IN BN (2003-2009)
  5. I noticed we have Javeline Teams running brave on the TGIF scenarios. I also observe bradleys having a hard time taking out troops. Has the new version implemented the canister rounds? I see that aviation support has been added and the UAV has been added as well. Excellent idea for the UAV so we can have some kind of OC (Observer Controller) support. Now If the canister rounds have been introduced that would be great. Gunners will have to index staff to engage and then index coax to supress after firing the canister for maximum damage on troops as per the HBCT manual. can someone clarify if the canister rounds are avail for the M1's?
  6. You need to take your face off the map and get in the GPS. Your primary role is C2 of the track and secondary to kill. If you control 4 tanks then youre the PSG. Maneuver the tracks like never before. Speed, Audacity and firepower is your best friend
  7. PM me. i may be interested. Does it come with the hard disk?
  8. I am good. Just had a real life MEDEVAC done on me. larynx spasm. almost went to fiddlers green. to answer the civilians, I play this game as I would in the Real Army. So when you get a chance to play alongside me you will experience the real army tactics as its supposed to be. Im still needing some help or advice as to how to get SB 3.0 installed on the PC since its windows8. can someone help. I wanna run tows on people and use HE on troops
  9. M1A2SEP does not have a Dynamic Lead. It still has the original lasing system. lase inputs ballistic data to the PC for the proper ammo and shoot. no need for leading the target. Lay center mass and fire. The only vehicles I can remember that has dynamic lead is the LEO2 and Challenger tracks.
  10. FM 7-7 applies to the The Mechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad (APC). FM 3-21.71 applies to MECHANIZED INFANTRY PLATOON AND SQUAD (BRADLEY). hope this helps.
  11. The TC does have a "Night Vision" device. its the .50 Cal night optics on the M1A1SA tank. The original M1A1 does not have a night vision device on the tank other than the TIS. the current M1A1SA and M1A2SEPV2 have a Biocular sight that is a full time thermal system. On the M1A1SA, The .50 Cal "night sight" is actually a thermal sight as well. hope that helps out.
  12. If youre looking for the actual TM that is for the Bradley...its TM-55-2350-252-14.
  13. ALCON, ALARACT MESSAGE: Greetings and salutations, its been a long time since I been on the game. Last version I played was 2.654. I am an actual M1A1SA TC. I Been playing this game under the callsign BANDIT7. I been Playing SB since 2000 when the original SB came out. prior to SB GOLD. some of you know me and most do not. When I play this game, i play it as I am on the Actual tank. same radio etiquet, same radio procedures, call for fire, spot report and all. As soon as I can figure out why this game will not play via windows 8, I can make my return. I will not update my license until that Is fixed. I do have my Dongol still. I love this game which keeps me on my toes for another year before I officially retire from tanks in the army. and I will continue to play this game until SB is retired (which will never happen I hope). so can someone help me out and help troubleshoot this issue? Plz send me a tell, I can also be reached on GMail: JMercado0331@Gmail.com Thanks again and hope to see most of you again: VIPER666 SHERMANSWAR ELF 3STAR RENEGADE-623 BANDIT7 breaking comms
  14. Its not showing the anti-virus software at all. No i didnt order the CD from the store. I ordered the license and downloaded all 6 parts.
  15. Im actually using the Windows virus scan. Thats probably whats causing it to crash. Is there a way to disable the windows scan?
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