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  1. Galileo


    Released today Theater Commander: The Coming Wars https://store.steampowered.com/app/1117490/Theater_Commander_The_Coming_Wars_Modern_War_Game/
  2. The poor guy had a hand severed and a collapsed lung from what I read.
  3. Army investigating how M1 Abrams accidentally fired on another tank at Fort Bliss, injuring a soldier https://www.armytimes.com/2020/07/24/army-investigating-how-m1-abrams-accidentally-fired-on-another-tank-at-fort-bliss-injuring-a-soldier/
  4. Main Battle Tanks, Europe and the Implications for Italy https://www.iai.it/sites/default/files/iai2007.pdf
  5. Galileo


    Nobody know so far the devs didn't said anything, some speculate it's about the sprite,other about the name of the game,etc... There is few other clone in the making Project: Field Warning (an open source development) Broken: Arrow Regiments .... Here a video of some of the contender
  6. Galileo


    Cold War, the RTS was on sale July 1st then removed from the Steam website apparently for copyright infringement 5 hours after the release (the devs got a DMCA complaint notice)
  7. Galileo


    A sub hunting sim from https://ironwolfstudio.com/ Wishlist on Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1..._UBoat_Hunter/
  8. Galileo


    It's official Mighty Eight will be VR and non VR on the B-17 and B-24 https://microprose.com/games/the-mighty-eighth
  9. That why the gyrocompass is there.
  10. The best Tank ever built
  11. They are currently developing games and are not only publishers (right now they are going into publishing just to have some games - 4 so far - in the 2020-2021period with their name on it). They have around 17 games on their "to-do list" now. B-17 will be the first of their own.
  12. I have a strong feeling that GHPC will be published by Microprose. This game fall into what they want to do like a "new/remake" of M1 TP. MP will be publisher of Sea of Power (the new Red Storm Rising) and Task Force Admiral (the new Task force 1942)
  13. That what I like with SB Pro PE constant improvement years over years but how many other software devs/publisher said we "will do this if it sold well" (the big juicy carrot in front of the donkey) and even if they sold 10 millions copies they just don't care to even make a patch to fix bugs and drop the product support after 6 months. At least consumers start to see that, some big publisher are getting very unpopular with this kind of commercial policy.
  14. The DLC thing is a trap. How many time dev sold a game/sim with "we will add this and that in a DLC if the game sale are good" but they never did it. moving to the next game/sim a soon as the old one is out.
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