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  1. Galileo


    On Dec 3rd there will be a Matrix Games Showcase with some news about Southern Storm development. And no french version for Modern Naval Warfare, that's a great news!
  2. Galileo


    Not a Wargames but Modern Naval Warfare will be the successor of Dangerous Waters.
  3. South Atlantic Map, the old Falkland map until they decided to add part of Argentina More https://www.facebook.com/RazbamSims/posts/3448516228568324
  4. From page 73 to 96 of this PDF I already presented here few months ago: Future of the Italian Polish MBT https://www.iai.it/sites/default/files/iai2007.pdf
  5. The Italians want to build a main battle tank together with other countries, competitive to the German-French design under development. Poland is among the countries they offered to cooperate. “The Italian Ministry of Defense turned to some EU countries, including Poland, with a proposal to cooperate on a project on land platforms. The Ministry of National Defense is analyzing this proposal, ”informs the Ministry of National Defense. It is possible that Spain, Italy and Poland will build a new main battle tank together, which will replace the long-serving 3rd generation machines in
  6. Update on Regiments https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/1109680/view/5518557801209173054
  7. Look like a comparison between the Marder and the Puma (in german)
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