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  1. Wish I could remember the scenario from the old SB-1, but it was like a Golan Heights scenario, with a German CO+ defending a ridge line against wave after wave of soviet tanks. It was the closest to a shooting gallery I;ve ever seen in SB, but the number of enemy vehicles, coupled with their ample artillery support made it very difficult to win. It was one scenario that was pure action from start to finish.
  2. OK, so I had to update my code stick, completely uninstall and reinstall SB, along with multiple computer upgrades, hard drive maintenance, etc... but I got it all worked through and have been able to get things running. Have even managed to play in 3 online matches (and am rusty as hell). Overall I'm enjoying the SB -Pro. I like the ammo management tasks, more detailed calls for fire, and better integration of obstacles, recovery, logistics tasks, etc... My only complain so far is that getting tanks and vehicles across bridges or through minefield lanes pretty much requires detaching vehicles down to the individual level and driving them through a lane manually. That makes any combined arms mission with those tasks involved a case of "dropping down to the drivers hatch" of each vehicle.. Overall impressed by where SB has gone since I last played, and looking forward to more battles in the future.
  3. How do I upgrade my codemeter. I see the order form on esim games, but it appears they want to physically mail me a new one, not just do a flash upgrade of the one I have already.
  4. Downloaded the 5-part SB-PE 4.019 tonight. My version was 3.10 or something ancient. Problem - it wont install..... Part 1 looks to be an .exe file. I have the rest of the files still zipped in the ownload folder. I click on setup.exe (in the first download) and nothing happens (doesnt even know its supposed to be patching SB). Any hints?
  5. Roger. Its only going to be a senior leader who would require that. Not sure about the PE AI, but in old SB, the AI would engage on its own
  6. OK, roger that. Hopefully I won't need too many patches, or software installs. Assuming start time is GMT
  7. Tried signing up to reserve a tank for the battle. No luck. Would not accept my answer to the word riddle.
  8. Roget that. What maps, scenarios, or other files should I have?
  9. I'm in CST (Kansas). Have the game running, but just the base install. No maps or scenarios, or skins (but those can wait). Got the joystick calibrated and a quick gunnery qual done (if that still matters to the AI). Gotta see if TS is operational. I think I had it, but might need some help on that as well.
  10. Have finally moved back to civilization where I have a passable internet connection. Have SB uploaded, but am probably going to need a hand getting it operational, all patches installed, whatever mods, skins, scenarios, maps, TS setups, and other requirements are needed. Hoping to be back in the saddle for some online play before thanksgiving. Any volunteers to lend a hand?
  11. This comes down to how you plan on TCing your tank. Guys who grew up on the A1 tend to be outside the hatch with the binoes and such, and let the gunner scan. A2 guys, and especially SEP guys tend to be inside the turret far more. This is especially true on command tanks when the TC is down with his BFT or JCR, and even if he was up, the freakin CROW on the turret top blocks most forward vision. In a real tank (vs SB) you spend far more time doing non-gunnery TC tasks, and inter-tank C2 stuff. I know I very rarely was on the gunsights, and would only grab the turret to slew the gunner into a position where he could rapidly acquire and engage, while I was busy scanning for other stuff, or doing maneuver C2 tasks.
  12. The whole assembly twists L/R to traverse the turret L/R. The handles themselves pivot front and back to elevate or depress the gun. There are three switches (actually six, but they are three sets with identical duplicates on other hand side). The palm switched energize everything and allow all the other controls to work (and "dump" lead when you pop them off then on really fast). The thumb laser button lases. The trigger fires. Pretty simple actually, except for using the palm switches to dump the lead. Even tankers need time to get used to the way that works.
  13. OK, disregard. Entered joy.cpl in the web & windows box and the normal calibration function activated. No idea why its no longer possible to do from Device Manager.
  14. Anyone know how to do this? Can't find the calibrate function. My Joystick has some crazy drift issues I need to address.
  15. Roger, have already cut and paste an export version of the key commands out to my documents and printed it out. I always used the above and behind view (f8 I think) as my primary view when I wasn't in the GPS. It gave the closest feel to being in a TC's hatch (surprisingly more so than being in the TC's hatch view). So far so good. Will take a bit to get back into the swing of it all, but it will come back.
  16. Having same issue. I haven't played SB in about 7-8 years, and I am having some issues getting used to the updated keyboard commands. :gun:
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