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  1. a similar error message reported in this thread:
  2. I believe the part of the wiki info on License Sharing that says: "if they own more than one license" is not detailed enough. if I have one license on the dongle, one person can borrow it to play SB but, I can't also have SB running because that would use the one license and, there would be none for my friend to borrow.
  3. your friend could use your license to demo SB but, you wouldn't be able to play with him at the same time. license sharing: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=License_Sharing
  4. did you install the CodeMeter User Runtime software? 6.40a is the latest version. the first download in the list on this page: https://www.wibu.com/us/downloads-user-software.html and did you install DirectX 9 on your new laptop? SB Pro PE requires DirectX 9. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=34429 with the CodeMeter software installed, and the dongle plugged in, you can open the CodeMeter WebAdmin and click on the License Monitoring tab and it will show you the SB license versions installed on the dongle.
  5. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/12/09/the-flare-path-a-typical-atypical-simmer-2/#more-417935
  6. Bahger - don't buy any more licenses. if what I mentioned is the cause of the problem, Ssnake will help you fix it. you should also update the firmware of the dongle, if you haven't already done so.
  7. Sean also mentioned this solution earlier in the thread. I think this is the cause of your problem: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=20033 http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showpost.php?p=248836&postcount=56 if you have never purchased an upgrade for SB Pro PE you can't add the 3.0 license to your Codemeter dongle. this can be fixed, Ssnake will have to help you.
  8. when i try to subscribe to the eSim Games Newsletter at http://www.esimgames.com/, i get this page when i click Submit: http://esns.esimgames.net/esns/cmanage.php
  9. this 8 mission "campaign", by Striker, is titled M1 Battle Tank Campaign, but the tanks used are M1A2 SEP. http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/24/p13_fileid/2566
  10. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php/M1A2_(SEP))
  11. Volcano made this demo mission, that you can play in the mission editor, to see this in action. Infantry mount/dismount DEMO (3.002) http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/258/p13_fileid/2544
  12. here is an 8 mission campaign by Striker: http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/24/p13_fileid/2566
  13. I was trying to help StrykerPSG figure out why he was receiving an error message when trying to play 3.002-3.011. I see in the thread about 3.002 performance, with various video cards, that there was at least one other person using an Nvidia GTX 675M video card in their laptop. I thought if that person reads this post they might be able to help StrykerPSG diagnose his problem? http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=20587
  14. that was DirectX 9.0c, not DX 11. you will be able to verify that it installed correctly when you start SB the first time. on my Windows 7 computer I can browse to the C:\Windows\System32 folder and scroll down to find the DX9 files that were installed. you can run DXDIAG to check the version of DX, but it will only indicate the newest version you have, DirectX 11, and won't say anything about the fact that you also have DX 9 installed.
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