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  1. ETA on terrain patch?

    ''Eventually I'll make a video of it, when it looks a bit more pretty'' Is it more pretty yet?
  2. Hurtgenwald map?

    not to start a bunch of BS,but in a few yrs are you referring to the new terrain upgrade?
  3. Hurtgenwald map?

    oooooo,my hero
  4. FN-FAL

    but why no France?
  5. Team Yankee Campaign

  6. FN-FAL

    Wheres France?
  7. History of Soviet Tanks.

    so are they relying on updates T72s or is the T90 more prolific?
  8. FN-FAL

    Just what I was looking for.thanks!
  9. FN-FAL

    sorry i misread what you said,youget the correct camo patt.,but not the FN.
  10. FN-FAL

    no they dont.but i guess i can ''disguise'' IS to look UK?
  11. History of Soviet Tanks.

    is the Armata and B.rang and other vechs getting flushed down the crapper?
  12. FN-FAL

    can i use say UN 2018 and mod early 80s camo,say DPS(not sure what the UK camo was exactly called) and call em UK or whatnot?
  13. FN-FAL

    ahhh ok