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  1. mpow66m

    DF 30 blues...

    Trade it in for a Bradley
  2. mpow66m


    Russias biggest problems are... 1-the command structure of their Mil.Polar opposite of the west,no NCO corp with authority 2 Conscripts who are poorly trained and treated like garbage 3 Armour is outdated
  3. mpow66m


    That BS was going around in the beginning of the War.
  4. I was close,lol
  5. Is that a CV90?
  6. I use OBS. Check this thread out. https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/15521-in-game-video/
  7. O well,they shouldnt hv put the target in front of you.
  8. Can a 105mm round even penetrate the lowly T72B3?Also how do you think the M1(105mm)would do in a Ukr type situation.?
  9. They sold 250 Marders to Greece instead of Ukr. The Leopard 1 is an older and relatively light western MBT. The turret has been redesigned and provides more protection than the original versions, but the armour is barely adequate against light autocannon using modern ammunition. The L7 rifled gun is very accurate, and with modern ammunition remains a credible threat even against main battle tanks. The fire control system consists of the EMES-18, a modified leopard 2 sight made to fit inside the leopard 1, and incorporates a Thermal sight, dual axis stabilized head mirror, laser range finder, and dynamic lead. the commanders' PANO can be used for rapid range estimation of exposed targets even without a functional Laser Range Finder.----SB Wiki---- I dont see the Leo1s as being much better than the T72B3s.Theyre old and lacking in armor and firepower.Im no expert on Leos but feel free to correct me.Its nothing more than a big IFV on the modern battlefield.Nothing against the Leo its a fine MBT in later variants and upgrades.
  10. To bad they couldnt get some Jaguars.
  11. Hes been a player for awhile right?Unless theres 2 valleyboys? Very well done.
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