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  1. Because it goes to 11
  2. no I misunderstood what you meant.I cant judge distance in game very well either.
  3. Im not sure but iI think you can mark a point on the map then call arty,if thats what you mean
  4. did you hit then ''N'' key 5 times in a row?............................it sets off the nukes.Baaaddddddd stuff happens
  5. Any chance of posting this on SB for consumption by others?
  6. Death of the parachute
    Dont feel to bad Count.....I got slaughtered too,lol.
  7. Get rid of all tjat shitty soviet gear
  8. Sssssshhhhhh.im no spring chicken anymore.🐥
  9. 😁Inching closer yet so closer to the magic number 5.
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