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  1. mpow66m


    4.6? am i missing something?
  2. Will crews ever dismount damaged vehicles?
  4. Thnx for the mouse pad.Ill probally hang it on the wall,lol.its a little stiff for a mouse pad.....not that im complaining.
  5. So are you saying the 100mm is going to be functional?
  6. When will ''loose ends ''be tied up on vehicles? Such as playable loaders MGs,BMP 3 100mm and bow guns be playable ect?
  7. so i have the current ver,all i need is to upgrade/pre order is the 115.00 option?
  8. Ok,sounds good.didnt kmow a patch was in the pipeline.
    was gearing up for a well thought out mission.........then BAM!!!!!!,lol.
  9. Why is a Smooth Bore cannon more accurate then Rifled when the exact opposite is true with a rifle?
  10. Floating mines down the river,thats pretty smart.is that taught or improv?
  11. mpow66m

    DF 30 blues...

    Trade it in for a Bradley
  12. mpow66m


    Russias biggest problems are... 1-the command structure of their Mil.Polar opposite of the west,no NCO corp with authority 2 Conscripts who are poorly trained and treated like garbage 3 Armour is outdated
  13. mpow66m


    That BS was going around in the beginning of the War.
  14. I was close,lol
  15. Is that a CV90?
  16. I use OBS. Check this thread out. https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/15521-in-game-video/
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