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  1. While playing a sce. the gnnr and cmmnder were incapacitated rendering the MBT useless in the field,Wouldnt the loader take over?
  2. I cant get them to do a dam thing,lol
  3. How about the BP at the end of a route is a long as the spacing of the units.It will mk position units easier.
  4. Looks good,you should incorporate it into your videos somehow
  5. Ahhh ok tx.I will look into that.Ill post the results.
  6. Doesnt the in hame Fennek hv this.Or is it purley optical?
  7. I did that 1st,map pakg is in the MTT but for some reason doesnt recognize it.
  8. Ahhhh thought it was a peri.yes the Dingo is in there.
  9. are those bug numbers from the start of SB? Just out of curiosity.
  10. I dont know if i was seeing things,but while playing Bens new sce my troops in the trenches almost got squashed by a flying hactch or someting.
  11. She also was a Veteran.
    WOW! This is a great sce.,lots of shooting and action.not to much to control,but enough to keep you busy.No time to relax.This sce really shows off some of the SBPPE new features at their best.You will stay focused and immeresed in this sce.No bathroom or beer breaks in the action.Great map also.👍
  12. Quite a remarkable life
  13. ''It's a full-time job for Valleyboy, who gets paid more per year than we make in PE sales'' Really?
  14. OK what I was saying is being that Western that Western tanks are so much heavier than the the T series tanks is it due to more armor
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