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  1. How did you get the data for the new Russian AFVs? Very pleasant surprise.
  2. Two tier reverse slope battle positions.
  3. Ok No prob. been out of the loop a little bit just been wondering and thanks for those are provided links and any other info also.
  4. Havent been around in awhile.Any vids of the new stuff or changes as of late? Edit:I just saw the cratering demo vid. Anything else out there?
  5. ''Eventually I'll make a video of it, when it looks a bit more pretty'' Is it more pretty yet?
  6. not to start a bunch of BS,but in a few yrs are you referring to the new terrain upgrade?
  7. so are they relying on updates T72s or is the T90 more prolific?
  8. Just what I was looking for.thanks!
  9. sorry i misread what you said,youget the correct camo patt.,but not the FN.
  10. no they dont.but i guess i can ''disguise'' IS to look UK?
  11. is the Armata and B.rang and other vechs getting flushed down the crapper?
  12. can i use say UN 2018 and mod early 80s camo,say DPS(not sure what the UK camo was exactly called) and call em UK or whatnot?
  13. im looking for early 80s
  14. Germany sold G36s to China? /??
  15. that was what i was looking for,is the actual rifle modelled in SB tho?
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