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  1. I guess he's not the only one on here..real welcoming place this is.
  2. Thank you! Only response that was needed here...
  3. Yikes. I was more than civil, asked a simple question and you gave me that old grognerd attitude as if I'm a moron. The search function over in the mods section is ARCHAIC if you need to search the FORUMS to find mods. My lord, even old-as* Combat Mission is easier to search. I DID do a search for that author, he DOES NOT EXIST in the mods section...all I got was a bunch of forum posts with his name highlighted...can you not compehend that? Do you not understand that I am trying to find a skin that does not exist on this site and am wondering where exactly it can be found? Really? If you don't want to answer supposedly 'dumb' questions, then don't respond, ok? I also see from your past posts on these forums that you have a very low tolerance for new players who ask '20 questions.' It grates my nerves when I see the forum 'regulars' tell new people to 'go search yourself' or 'read the manual.' Every sim seems to have at least one of them. Shut the forums down then as they seem to only be here for obscure questions. And I'm guessing you are not very popular in your office...
  4. Obviously, but how do you search in the downloads section?! I don't see any option to search in there by author. In any event, I looked through every single Leopard 1 skin mod (all 33) and don't see that author in there, period. Games like Combat Mission have other sites that host mods...it's not that unreasonable a question. Sheesh, is this game only for crusty old men? Is this how you talk to people in person? If I told one of my co-workers to 'go look on the internet' if they asked me a question (I work in an office with 65 adults) I'd quickly become the office a-hole. You wonder why new players avoid sims...
  5. Thanks, I appreciate it. Where can they be found?
  6. Uh, searched where by author? I realize the internet is a big place, but thanks for the condescending answer. What purpose is this forum if not to ask questions?
  7. I just downloaded a newer scenario from the downloads section as I want to try getting into some action: 4th Dragoons at As-Salman, v4.1 1.0.1 . There is this in the scenario details: "I understand that Arvigna has made an excellent French skin for the Leopard 1A5 GE, and I suggest you get yourself a copy. With the introduction of version 4.1, French forces are now assigned the FR (2000) country code, meaning they now wear French desert camo and carry appropriate FAMAS type rifles. Please ensure that if you have previously downloaded Arvigna's 1A5GE desert skin that it now goes in the FR 2000 folder." Ok. I've searched the mods directory in the downloads under skins/Leopard 1 and see no mention of this modder. I've searched around the site but can't find him or this skin. Is there some other site that mods are kept? Thanks.
  8. There's a demo for combined arms? You must just be talking about DCS overall. The free SU25T is a real gem. I have all of the helicopters (best part of DCS IMO), the FA/18C/Supercarrier, A10C, Harrier, PG, and Vegas Maps. Hind will be next on my list. I'm a ground attack guy for the most part...same reason I like SB. You have to have a HOTAS to play DCS, and head tracking. Also rudder pedals if you like helis. Thousands of hours just to learn the systems. HOTAS also works well for SB from my limited time with it thus far.
  9. Figured it out now. I wait to switch index after it starts flashing and now I can hit everything. Not sure what was up before.
  10. I have a time-based license (one year) and I will be swapping parts out in the next few weeks and reinstalling windows. From the sticky post it says my license will no longer be valid? I assume this is incorrect and I can just email support and get it reactivated once my new build is done? EDIT: email sent to Ssnake
  11. Ok, thanks. I'm a total noob when it comes to recording video.
  12. Funny, I was just watching your 'Steel Beasts for New Players' video to find some answers on how to make the enemy tanks shoot back 😁 I was playing around in the editor, placed some Challengers and Apaches on one end of the map, had a 6 tank platoon of T80's run right into them...and nothing happened. They all just became friends? Don't they automatically engage one another as they do in DCS/Combat Mission, etc? I can't figure out what to assign to them in the right-click menu. EDIT: just figured it out...BLUE or RED party at the top right of the editor? I think I was doing everything correctly as in your above video (thanks for that). Do you use a mouse or joystick for aim? I find the joystick a lot easier to follow moving targets. Does it matter when you switch the index (i.e. do you have to wait for the loader to call 'heat up'), or can I anticipate it and switch just before? Also, what are you using to take your videos? It would probably be helpful if I could post a short vid on here.
  13. Yah, I hadn't thought of the load times. For a $500 upgrade of the whole system though, there'd better be more benefits than that. This is my concern (mine would be the O/C i5 in the middle, at 4.5GHz though) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-oKQV4x8XU&t=445s Almost identical FPS, and actually higher in some games. I'm at 1440p, but that will only negate the benefits of the CPU even further I assume. DCS players swear up and down that it will improve my lows and smooth out the framerate. We'll see. Very sad if it doesn't after all this time.
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