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  1. liberal pay raise > more disposable income for lap dances
  2. whi's Taylor ? > he's the pervert groping your crouch while taking measurements !
  3. star trek > bright nippes in the sky PS. BlackDeath, im at a lost, please expound connection of nipples and camel.. i get it if camel toe, but camel ? pls illuminate my poor perverted alter ego..
  4. deep sleep > and "dream girl" in your dreams yihhaaaa
  5. hmmm... isnt the manual for SB sce design already on the SB manual. or are we talking sce design itself.. if its about the latter, i look it as kind of an art. if you put guidelines, doesn't that limit the creativity of the "artist". will it not cause sce to look or play alike ? anyways, i hope ww's initial effort is still available. maybe it will help us in the quest for variety, and conformity. Hai !!!
  6. place of sorrow > a brothel (nah)
  7. vomit > mental or physical disorder
  8. noise > moaning (good noise, eh?)
  9. Nikatori next door also >>>> I am, therefore, I must be .
  10. triple sec >>> threesome :oops:
  11. waooooooooo > ricolaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dang i hated that ad
  12. Nikatori > I don't mate, I fornicate :oops:
  13. keeps the world ticking > SEX !!! :oops:
  14. farm > naked blonde girls in the field ( yihaa !!!) :thelmuts:
  15. "This is my rifle......this is my gun...." > SBDuncan I miss the guy. Where is he ? Is he still in contact with Broken Arrow ?
  16. baby's-got-back > back to the future OK.. all movies this time :3starSK:
  17. tango > booty watch that part in latin dances.. yihhaaaa!!!
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