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  1. Im the same, but just recently started playing with the road levelling feature, trying to get the most out of the new terrain engine. Looking forward to it 👍
  2. Interesting read and enjoyed the new version thanks! It would be nice to have new flattened roads on that Hamelin map especially the main highway... I had a quick play in the map editor but it quickly became a huge mess. Anyway keep up the great work 👍
  3. Hi solus Here are some ideas for beating it; Yes you must try to stop the enemy battalion attack at H+60 including the tanks. Your recce teams in the LMVs are one key to success, they have JIMLR binoculars with Thermals and massive zoom capability (Bloody hard to use thanks to the complicated controls!). With these teams you can get overwatch of the whole objective. Spot tanks, call in ICM missions on them. Spot Missile teams, call in airstrikes on them. For any remaining tanks, sneak SPIKE teams through the forests to hit them. Don’t waste SPIKES on anything but Tanks. Use DF30 and 90 to take out PCs in objective. Get SPIKE teams set up in the south as you mentioned, ready for the enemy main body. Rush your infantry into objective in time to set up defensively before the enemy main body. Prioritise Tanks with your missiles. Hope that helps!
  4. Hi all, I have just released an update to this mission for anyone who’s interested. I have reduced the number of SPIKE teams and also reduced their missile count. Missile teams are now separate from the Infantry company. It’s less unrealistic than before I have added the third Infantry Platoon of the company, giving you more boots on the ground to hold the objective. For more challenge you could leave one platoon in reserve. The SPIKE teams from the weapons company have a couple of Pinzgauer trucks for mobility. Any feedback is welcome as always.
  5. Thanks Chris. I have addressed that over supply of Spikes in a new version, but haven’t had time to test it and release it yet! I will update it as soon as family/work allows
  6. I agree I really like the DF30 now, the cannon is highly effective against IFVs and Infantry, and even at long ranges with HE. The DF90 doesn’t seem to bring much benefit over the 30. It still can’t kill tanks, and has slow rate of fire. It’s strange with the SPIKE bug , because I have never seen it, getting locked on to a dead target has never happened in my many hours of play testing this scenario?!
  7. The JIM LR is annoyingly difficult to use.. is it just me? I wish mouse wheel could be mapped to the variable zoom! Also, I wish the standard TIS Toggle control toggled the JIM LR mode. At the moment the standard TIS toggle changes between NVG and JIM LR, and the Alt TIS mode control toggles the JIM LR itself.. I wish these controls were reversed, as it’s much more frequently needed to toggle TIS than switch from NVGs. JIM LR designated points give map coordinates, but they don’t show up in Call For Fire dialog, it would be nice if they did, like FO teams do.
  8. I tested with 8 Spike teams and it’s still very much possible to win, with a less ridiculous number of spikes. So I will make some adjustments and an update soon. Maybe the 4 spikes currently with the infantry should be in a separate section from the anti tank platoon as you suggested, not sure if they should be mounted in an unarmed Piranha IIIC or something like unimog or pinz? Any ideas? All of my scenarios have a partly fictional organisation for simplicity, entertainment and often my lack of knowledge! I think the players can see that as soon as loading the map in briefing, so I never felt a need for a disclaimer
  9. Understood. I will scale it back to 2 per platoon, and as there are only 2 platoons in the scenario, thats 4, plus 4 in the DF30 platoon. Less unrealistic but still unlikely in reality. It is clearly aparent that the task would be more suited to a simple tank platoon, but hey I wanted to test the DF30 and 90 and all wheeled force idea against a fairly strong enemy force and see if they can be effective.
  10. Good point, I suppose I am not aiming for total realism, but for an authentic feeling in general. So your advice is much appreciated. I will test with reducing the Spikes to 2 per mech platoon against the same enemy force. Is it plausible that given a specific mission extra ATGMs would be attached to the company?
  11. The 4 DF-30s have their own SPIKEs.. Would it be reasonable for each Mech Platoon to have a 2 SPIKES? And I guess the other SPIKES replaced back to MMG teams... Having only the 4 Spikes was tested, and too challenging agains the Tanks!
  12. It’s only adding the Leopards that make it unbalanced... CV90 vs DF30/90 are in this scenario comparable in effectiveness. Much better mobility with CV90s tracks though... As you reported though, even leopards are vulnerable! I gave the player 12 SPIKE MR teams to balance the difficulty.. this is probably unrealistic but I don’t know for sure..
  13. Glad to hear it Sunken thanks. Yeah the scenario is much less challenging to win with tanks and cv90, but can still be enjoyable 👍 Anyone else have their opinions on the challenge / difficulty? Keep in mind that the defending forces in the objective are random spawning so the difficulty will vary slightly each time.
  14. Yeah the scenario would be so easy with a platoon of Leopard 2 or similar
  15. That made me chuckle So was it the ATGM teams or the infantry with RPGs? At first I gave the DF units Active Protection Systems, it seemed a bit easy so I tried without and had a shock when I lost a whole platoon to a ATGM team. More challenging though I felt.. Hope the difficulty is balanced ok in general.. they are limited vehicles there’s no getting around it! By the way, with JIM LR for scouting and Airstrikes on call, ATGM teams can be dealt with quite well.
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