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  1. Only way this is possible is when playing from scenario editor in Test mode. You can switch to any side from map screen. The best solution: Put all allies on same side and make two call sign templates for the friendly side, give the allied units different call signs to differentiate them.
  2. In the scenario Editor, as soon as I select Burnt on a destroyed unit I get a Crash to Desktop.
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Command a 2020 US Tank Battalion in an attack to destroy a Donovian T72B3 Battalion. Your equipment: M1A2, M2A2. Enemy equipment: T72B3, BTR82A, Tigr. Time limit 2hrs. Custom map embedded in scenario.
  4. Updated this one for 4.357. including a New Custom Map, map embedded into the .sce file. enjoy
  5. Im sure it’s a typo - if you read his intent. “Spawn random civilian population” Thats spawn zones not operational spawn zones 👍
  6. Yes good point. We are taking about Spawn Zones and Drain Zones here. Operational Spawn Zones are a separate thing for use when building an operation (series of scenarios packaged into a storyline).
  7. @Gibsonm yeah it was based on this .sce from @UlyssesSockdrawer Great work for his first SB release, unfortunately he drifted away from SB after that
    Great skins Splash, should be added to the next official patch!
  8. 1) They only go straight line or fastest road route. (You can change road routes a bit by carefully moving spawn and drain zones) 2) The spawned units don’t have combat AI, so they won’t drop troops or fight. They are just eye candy really. 3) yeah easy, just use 2 spawn zones in the same place.
  9. I kept the name as a nod to the original scenario designer, I know it’s not realistic.
  10. Updated this one with trenches replacing bunkers. Enjoy.
    Great Tutorial mission! Cinematic during the first phase, good atmosphere. Support by fire platoons did a good job. Attack was fairly easy, as it should be in a tutorial. Too many long words in briefing but I managed to understand it anyway
  11. ben

    New Eagle IV

    Looks awesome as always! Great work Splash
  12. 4.268 still uses the 4.1 licence
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