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  1. https://alternativeto.net/software/winzip/?license=free&platform=windows 7Zip is good, free and open source
  2. It’s not my scenario actually but @Boner I did leave him a similar comment about the map last week but no response.
  3. The new text options for left/right alignment and background colours are much appreciated. However I have found a bug with the Left Aligned text! When Left Aligned text has transparent bacground colour, the location coordinate of the text is unstable, and it jumps to a new position (up and right) after saving and loading a scenario. It is also very hard to guess where to click to select the bugged text. A solution at the moment it to assign a background colour rather than transparent. This bug started with 4.250 and still happens with 4.259
  4. I will make a support request tomorrow 👍
  5. Yeah, that’s how I got the ID, but when I use that ID steel beasts says, The Map is already installed. And anyway, the Scenario is asking for a different map ID. Very confused
  6. Nope I dont have it and it doesnt work Thats why I asked! I was trouble shooting for a while
  7. Hi Abraxas Cant play the sceario! When I load the scenario it requests map package: 64a8217a-0f74-4b5c-9484-9eb24c1f3608 But when I got your Wasserkuppe map ID from the downloads here it had ID: 8f409e6e-eadd-48d8-a3cd-5a6055fd2de9 and was already installed... but I cant find it by searching Wasserkuppe or by searching by your author name. Any ideas?
  8. Yeah that’s what I meant, its useful but not well known by users and not documented, unless I missed it in the manual or tutorials (quite possible!) What about when a load waypoint is selected, a light grey circle appears around it indicating the pickup radius?
  9. I think it could be a useful feature if it is fully understood by the user. For example at the end of a long mission where lots of infantry are fragmented and you could use ad hoc transport to pick them all up. It would be useful to have some UI element to easily view the assigned and current passengers of each vehicle.
  10. I see thanks Ssnake I attached a scenario to demostrate. It seems to be around 200M radius? The problem is, if the new passengers steal seats from the original squad it can be impossible to reasign them to the vehicle! In order to dynamically change passengers after some vehicles lost in combat It would be great to have the Troops -> Assign menu item at runtime not just the Scenario Editor mountingBug1.sce
  11. In the first case it was scripted “Load If”to the BMP itself which was on a defend tactic. The 2man infantry had no vehicle assigned. The second example I gave, the extra passengers had lost their transport vehicles destroyed, and the loading was don’t by right ShiftU in the 3D F8 view. I am working on an example scenario to demonstrate this reliably.
  12. I have been getting unexpected results with troops loading. I assumed that only troops assigned to a vehicle should board it. I have a BMP1 with a MountIf condition, it mounts the attached squad as expected but also mounts a separate nearby 2man infantry team who is not connected to the bmp platoon at all. A similar thing happened with a few lone survivors boarding a truck from a nearby different platoon when I manually ordered LoadTroops at runtime. Am I missing something as usual?!
  13. Small bug: Bunkers that are set as NOT deployable can still be moved during planning when testing Via Scenario Editor. They should not be movable. They still work correctly when playing in single player.
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