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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Command a Spanish Combat Team to capture a Chinese Main Supply Route. Your equipment: Leopardo 2E, Pizarro, VEC-M1, Spike LR, Infantry. Enemy equipment: T90S, BMP2, BTR80, BRDM2, Infantry. Randomized enemy forces. Time frame: No limit, 2 hours plus.
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Command a USMC combined arms force to locate and destroy a Russian Supply Group. Your equipment: M1A2-SEP, LAV25, HMMWV, Javelin, Infantry. Enemy equipment: T90S, BMP3, BRDM2, Infantry. Totally Randomized enemy forces. Time frame: 1 to 3 hours, no limit set. Infantry focused mission. Overhead view enabled.
  3. ben

    Russian Recon

    Version 1.0.1


    Command two Russian T72B Companies in a combined arms push to secure two Objectives. Enemy force consists of West German Mechanized Infantry and Leopard 1A2 Tanks. Large scale recon and attack mission. Totally Randomized enemy forces. Also suitable for cooperative play. Time limit 3 hours.
  4. DarkAngel, as discussed I have a map request for the South East part of the UK, as shown in attached picture and kml file. Many thanks Ben UK SE Map.kml
  5. ben

    Scenario terrain/height

    Thanks a lot, I think I have fixed the issue already by reverting back to the unmodified map and uploading an updated version, but I have not had any feedback yet! http://www.steelbeasts.com/files/file/2473-attack-on-the-rail-junction/ I just wanted to learn about the .sce and .ter files a bit more to hopefully avoid same problem in future. Thanks for your help
  6. ben

    Scenario terrain/height

    The included Fort Drum NY terrain and heightmap
  7. ben

    Scenario terrain/height

    Understood, thanks for the info
  8. ben

    Scenario terrain/height

    Thanks, thats what I thought. Cant work out how I screwed up the file, I couldn't reproduce the error on my end, but nobody else could load it!
  9. ben

    Scenario terrain/height

    No, it is a default SB heightmap. I have edited the terrain file, moved some buildings and trees, thats all. Does the terrain file get exported with the scenario automatically?
  10. I had a problem uploading a scenario with a modified terrain. Other users reported an error something like "missing artwork or map". Questions: 1) Doesn't a .sce file contain a copy of the .ter for the area being used? 2) When choosing "Link to Heightmap", instead of "embed", why does .sce file size remain the same size, several megabytes; shouldn't it reduce? 3) Is there something else I have done wrong for people to get the missing artwork or map error? Many thanks!
  11. ben

    Battle of Alvern

    Version 1.0.0


    1986 US Mechanized Infantry Company + M1A1 defend a village from a reinforced Soviet Mechanized Infantry Battalion.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Leopard 2A4 and Marder company attack on Russian Mech infantry.
  13. Version 1.0.1


    Challenger 2 and Warrior company, early morning Attack on a Russian occupied Rail Junction. Small scale SP attack mission with infantry focus and limited Artillery support. Enemy battle positions and patrols are randomised for replayability. Also suitable for COOP play. Overhead view enabled. Enemy forces: T72B, BMP2 and BTR80 with infantry, Company+ strength.
  14. ben

    Codemeter sticks

    I can understand you want to keep it simple for the store. If I purchased one directly from Codemetrer, is it possible to transfer the licence from my current stick? thanks
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