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  1. Hi here is early access to my upcoming scenario: Its a tank platoon recon on a new arid map I am working on. Let me know if you have any feedback, I will upload it to SB.com after a bit more play testing. Scenario: http://thomsonb.co.uk/steelbeasts/files/B12 Arid Valleys Recon v1.0.0.zip Required Map: http://thomsonb.co.uk/steelbeasts/files/sce_Arid Valleys Recon_100.zip Enjoy
  2. I though they both have the same options? Defend Guard Hold Suppress Stay None ?
  3. I don't know if bug or just missing feature: When selecting both vehicles and troops together, the "Set Tactics" option cannot be selected from the right click menu. Really frustrating for scenario design and sometimes in heat of battle, you have to unselect vehicles or troops individually. The other options"Set Fire Control" and "Set Formation" work just fine in this case. An example is when unloading troops from pcs, if you drag and select all the troops and the PCs you cannot issue a Defend tactic without de selecting the PCs.
  4. I'm running a quite similar system but just intel 9900K. It does use multi threads but I dont know the technical details. I see at least 4 cores quite busy (peaking at 50% - 80% load) during a busy scenario. You will get framerates around 50 - 60 fps even with huge scenarios and good view distances. Dont expect to see framerates in the hundreds in steel beasts regardless of your hardware budget. But It does play very well at 50 - 60fps! Over the years perfomance and graphics engine have slowly and surely improved massively, the time frame is years not months you will just need to be patient about updates
  5. I just uploaded a more interesting Image for this one, scernario unchanged.
  6. Great job Capt. High quality repaint. I can’t leave a review for some reason the forum won’t let me. 👍
    Enjoyed firing and manoeuvring on the Taliban teams. And nice terrain. Thanks!
  7. Im the same, but just recently started playing with the road levelling feature, trying to get the most out of the new terrain engine. Looking forward to it 👍
  8. Interesting read and enjoyed the new version thanks! It would be nice to have new flattened roads on that Hamelin map especially the main highway... I had a quick play in the map editor but it quickly became a huge mess. Anyway keep up the great work 👍
  9. Hi solus Here are some ideas for beating it; Yes you must try to stop the enemy battalion attack at H+60 including the tanks. Your recce teams in the LMVs are one key to success, they have JIMLR binoculars with Thermals and massive zoom capability (Bloody hard to use thanks to the complicated controls!). With these teams you can get overwatch of the whole objective. Spot tanks, call in ICM missions on them. Spot Missile teams, call in airstrikes on them. For any remaining tanks, sneak SPIKE teams through the forests to hit them. Don’t waste SPIKES on anything but Tanks. Use DF30 and 90 to take out PCs in objective. Get SPIKE teams set up in the south as you mentioned, ready for the enemy main body. Rush your infantry into objective in time to set up defensively before the enemy main body. Prioritise Tanks with your missiles. Hope that helps!
  10. Hi all, I have just released an update to this mission for anyone who’s interested. I have reduced the number of SPIKE teams and also reduced their missile count. Missile teams are now separate from the Infantry company. It’s less unrealistic than before I have added the third Infantry Platoon of the company, giving you more boots on the ground to hold the objective. For more challenge you could leave one platoon in reserve. The SPIKE teams from the weapons company have a couple of Pinzgauer trucks for mobility. Any feedback is welcome as always.
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