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  1. I get it and agree, its a great way to make a computer opponent make intelligent(ish) responses to your actions. Regarding grids; I prefer making irregular grids which follow the actual terrain. I use the LOS tool to find kill zones and choke points and each one will get a zone. Seems to give better results in less time for me.
  2. I really wish we had an external scripting system, java or LUA or similar, which could automate zone creation and unit spawning to name a few things.. It would solve your problem and have a huge number of other uses for making AI behaviour
    Great to see the 4.161 update for this interesting scenario, thanks 👍
  3. Version 1.0.0


    1990 US Combat Team vs Soviet Tank Battalion. Your equipment: M1A1HA, M113A2, M901, M3A2, HMMWV, M47 Dragon III, TOW2, Infantry. Enemy equipment: T72B1, BMP2, BRDM2, Infantry. Randomized enemy attack plan. Time frame: 90 mins. Steel Beasts Pro PE Version 4.161
  4. On a similar subject, I have found that most of the old default scenarios using the Marder, the Milan team inside now has 0 missile ammo. Seems lots of scenarios need tweaks for 4.1
  5. ben

    SB wont open [FIXED]

    Correct the maps are now on a SATA ssd, windows and SB on a pcie m.2 The speed difference may still be due to windows10 and caching i may try a clean install of Windows and all drivers
  6. ben

    SB wont open [FIXED]

    Hi Ssnake, I think you have made a direct hit! Windows 10 Cache behaviour. After running the program multiple times during this troubleshooting (over 20 times now) the delay has gradually reduced to normal! (Maybe you could adjust my rather silly thread title to something like "FIXED, Steel beasts loads slowly at first on a new Win10 install") Now when comparing times from debug mode; System1 loads to menu in 6.3 seconds, and System2 in 10.6. The only difference to installations is System1 has the Map Packages on a separate SSD from the Program. Sure enough, when I moved the Maps on System2 to a different SSD, the load to menu time is done to 5.9 seconds. So in my case having maps on a separate physical SSD has a big speed benefit on initial loading times.
  7. ben

    SB wont open [FIXED]

    Storage is very fast, pcie m.2 ssds in RAID0, similar storage performance on the old system so should be comparable performance, if not better on new, that’s the puzzle for me
  8. ben

    SB wont open [FIXED]

    Good idea, but only 1 GPU in this system
  9. ben

    SB wont open [FIXED]

    I have FIXED the full screen problem, by copying my options.dat file from the other PC. This made me think there may be a bug when the new options.dat is generated corrupted? I have not fixed the slow load times, it takes 33 seconds on the splash screen (the random pictures added in 4.1), my older system only takes 7 seconds. Any ideas? New system has 32gb RAM vs 16GB, could this be the reason?
  10. ben

    SB wont open [FIXED]

    Does full screen window still display the taskbar?
  11. ben

    SB wont open [FIXED]

    Hi Thanks Eventually it does load to the menus, even in normal mode, but seems to take way longer than my other machine. Now once I get in and change display options to full screen, it hangs again with a black bar at bottom. Very strange as my other similar machine always run it without issues!
  12. ben

    SB wont open [FIXED]

    EDIT It does eventually load to menu, but take a lot longer than another similar machine. The full screen display option causes the many to get stuck, and cannot alt tab out to close SB. Have to force a restart. Tried vsync on and off.
  13. Hi, new scenario (and its map) just released for 4.160! Enjoy, and as usual send constructive feedback if you have any.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    1989 West German Tank Company vs Soviet Mechanised Rifle Battalion. Your equipment: Leopard 1A5, M113A3, Luchs A2, Milan, Infantry. Enemy equipment: T64B, BTR70, BRDM2, Infantry. Randomized enemy forces. Time frame: No limit, approx 60 mins. Requires Steel Beasts Pro PE Version 4.160 Requires Map "sce_Counterattack at Bommelsen":
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