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  1. This for everything, including vehicles infantry etc!
  2. As Ssnake said, always make no tactics at the waypoint, and one UNconditioned route, then add other random routes. So you can change your loopback rotue into one of the options you want. NEW is a different NEW value in all those 3 cases! So, just use 0 < NEW 45 for both route 1 and route 2. (faster to setup too as you can select both routes and add hte embark if just once) Route 3 can be unconditioned and it will have a 10% chance to be used.
  3. I wish we had 2 new tactics or extra options for waypoints: - Reload ready racks - Turn off engines Would be Very useful to reduce micro managing
    A hard long mission, very well designed. Realistically placed enemy forces. Huge AO offers you many options for attacking. Enemy force have a lot of tanks for a single tank company to attack, so extreme caution was required to win. Limited fire support is a challenge too. Took me 3 hours on second attempt to win, and paid a high price! Next I will have to attempt it with T72s...
  4. ben

    Belgium Pack

    Thanks for this one Splash πŸ‘
  5. Yeah its better than nothing! I know this is not the Wish List thread but.. It would be very useful to have "Spawn If" conditions for Minefileds, obstacles, bunkers, emplacements etc!
    Its great to see a first user made operation and its very well put together! Immersive and varied small missions as part of a larger force. Fun missions individually and quite replayable πŸ‘
  6. Enjoyed the operation Apocalypse! great work, nice small individual missions and variation of styles. Somehow like ARMA3 meets Steel Beasts The map choice is a bit too restrictive terrain but makes it a challenge. I wish the operation feature of SB could include tracking of units, damage, casualties, ammo status etc, and have a custimisable resupply/repair sytem between missions; its really not practical to use operational events to track individual units survival between missions! I'd be happy to script OPFOR side for some scenarios if you do make a
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Spanish Pizarro platoon and Leopardo section defend against a T72B1 company. Your equipment: Pizarro F1, Leopardo 2E, Centauro B1, VAMTAC ST5. Enemy equipment: T72B1m, T80U, BTR80, Vector ATTV. Randomized enemy routes and locations. Time frame: Around 60 mins.
  8. Its a good idea for a recce objective, and random FASCAMs should allow this premise to work
  9. I noticed the Map now displays line objects like roads etc with a shaded border. Looks good πŸ‘
  10. My idea is to add mouse control.. and keep the arrow key control working as it does for those users who prefer it, what do you think?
  11. I agree with Apocalypse. I wish we had the choice to use normal mouse movement for scimitar etc just as we have in BRDM2. Having a slow rate of traverse will still provide the sense of urgency without constantly jumping from mouse to keyboard with right hand. I do like having arrow keys for the emergency crank on the M1 and Leo, since it’s a backup only used when damaged. It feels like using a degraded mode.
  12. I just spotted this video with new ditches
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