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  1. Very nice to search for specific vehicles or size of unit πŸ‘. Looking forward to that
  2. Also, Scenario authors need to make Overview Text that is simple and informative (copying the whole briefing is not suitable). I try to do this with my scenario overviews so the player can get a quick idea of scenario scope when scrolling though the list in SB.
  3. Some Ideas to make scenarios easier to find/choose Reorganise all the built in scenarios, and add more. A new GUI within SB to allow choosing scenarios with graphics (screenshots etc) and better categorisation.
  4. ben

    Crash to desktop

    Scenario and map has been stable since then. I’m hoping it’s a one off! Thanks for looking into it
  5. I personally don't design missions on that scale for a few reasons: 1) Take more time to design and create - having to plan and script out the Blue units. 2) No replay value of the mission as the Blue plan is "on rails" you can't try new strategies. 3) You can still play with a single platoon and have fun with most of my scenarios (as long as you know how to call for indirect fires on infantry). Try this one playing only as the Tank Platoon.. you will only need to bring in infantry to secure the objective once its clear. You will have to make a basic engage route yourself, but can spend most time gunning or commanding.
  6. Version 2.0.0


    British Armored force faces a Russian Battalion attack. Your equipment: Challenger 2, Warrior, Scimitar, Javelin, Infantry. Enemy equipment: T80U, BMP2, Infantry. Randomized enemy attack plans. Time frame: 90 mins.
  7. Glad to hear it solus Theres another T72/BMP mission on the way, African not Russian. I will do another Russian one in the future πŸ‘
  8. ben

    Crash to desktop

    Sent to you via message πŸ‘ The crash has NOT happened again in latest version of the scenario.
  9. ben

    Crash to desktop

    It happend near begining of a scenario with no combat happening I was just scanning around with a remote weapons system on an LMV Steel Beasts Version 4.265 Unhandled exception (0xc0000005) at 0x00007FF6B4AB5363 [0] 0 [1] ffffffffffffffff 0# boost::stacktrace::basic_stacktrace<std::allocator<boost::stacktrace::frame> >::init in SBProPE64cm 1# WriteCrashLogToFile in SBProPE64cm 2# SBUnhandledExceptionFilter in SBProPE64cm 3# UnhandledExceptionFilter in KERNELBASE 4# memset in ntdll 5# _C_specific_handler in ntdll 6# _chkstk in ntdll 7# RtlRaiseException in ntdll 8# KiUserExceptionDispatcher in ntdll 9# CCombatant::UpdateLocalAndWorldCoords in SBProPE64cm 10# CTank::UpdateLocalAndWorldCoords in SBProPE64cm 11# CActor::DoUpdateState in SBProPE64cm 12# CActorListArray::UpdateActorListArray in SBProPE64cm 13# CActorListArray::UpdateState in SBProPE64cm 14# CSimMode::Update in SBProPE64cm 15# CGame::Update in SBProPE64cm 16# CGame::Run in SBProPE64cm 17# SB2Lib_WinMain in SBProPE64cm 18# __scrt_common_main_seh in SBProPE64cm 19# BaseThreadInitThunk in KERNEL32 20# RtlUserThreadStart in ntdll CrashLog_2021-07-20_12-08-47.txt AssertInfo_2021-07-20_12-04-00.txt DebugLog.txt
  10. Version 2.0.0


    Command a 1984 US Mechanized infantry company team to defeat a Soviet strongpoint. Your equipment: M60A3, M113A2, M901, M47 Dragon, Infantry. Enemy equipment: T62, BMP1, BTR60, BRDM2, Infantry. Randomized enemy forces, battle positions and routes. Time frame: No limit, 90 minutes plus.
  11. Version 2.0.0


    Command a Spanish Combat Team to capture a Chinese Main Supply Route. Your equipment: Leopardo 2E, Pizarro, VEC-M1, Spike LR, Infantry. Enemy equipment: T90S, BMP2, BTR80, BRDM2, Infantry. Randomized enemy forces. Time frame: No limit, 90 mins to 2hrs approx.
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