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  1. Thanks for looking into it! For now I will include the names and UIDs of the base maps in the description for my scenarios just in case someone has doesn’t have it or deleted it etc.
  2. Thanks for the info. It should be a simple fix; the map query just needs to point at the base map instead of the delta.
  3. ac29cdfa-a24d-4f61-a5ed-0885e3332a95 That's the UID in question, and yes it is on your map server. Can you test it as follows? 1) Delete the base map directory "ScaniaSE" 2) Open Map Editor and click refresh maps (just to be sure) 3) Run this scenario and see if the embedded Delta properly tries to download the "ScaniaSE" Base Map.
  4. It’s a fresh windows install so I’m sure that it’s a default map. Anyway, regardless; The Base Map IS already on the server. The problem is, when an embedded delta map tries to install (when launching a scenario) SB does not prompt the user to download the missing Base Map. This situation is not gracefully handled, it asks the user to query the server for the embedded Delta, which they already have waiting to be installed in the .sce file!
  5. I did consider this, but I am on a freshly installed PC, have not been downloading any extra maps! Do you have a list of default maps and folder structure for the map installer?
  6. I have had a few complaints from my scenarios using ScaniaSE UID ac29cdfa-a24d-4f61-a5ed-0885e3332a95 Several guys have not had this base map installed with the map installer. Downloading it with the map tools seems to work. However: This error message pops up, it is looking for the delta map (the embedded map couldn't locate the base map to install), why doesn't it prompt to download the missing BASE map instead? I guess in summary: - Is ScaniaSE actually a default base map installed with the map installer? - Why might some users not have it? - Why is there no prompt to download the missing base map when an embedded delta attempts to install? - Have I completely screwed something up on my end? (quite possible!)
    Hell yeah - waiting years to test this out! This project is on an awesome scale. Really nice details, well above average for steel beasts maps. Natural looking terrain and theme really compliments the buildings etc. Great use of the terrain tools, especially the river beds 👍 Pushing the limits of the Steel Beasts map maker and engine. - Note for scenario designers, this is a base map so on the pick map screen, change display to All Maps to locate it.
    Excellent mission! Had a blast 👍 - Nice African terrain and huge AO. - Authentic enemy recon and main body. - Nice mix of blue units. - Great for replayability, many different options on how to defend. - Large scenario; quite hard to manage for inexperienced players - Great option for coop
  7. Version 1.0.1


    To get the map installed, just run the scenario in this download! The map is embedded in the .sce file 👍
  8. Gotta keep the quality up! You’re welcome
  9. And again, more tweaks, thanks for the feedback
  10. Updated this after some feedback 👍
  11. Version 1.0.5


    A Netherlands Recon Section breaches a minefield and clashes with a Taliban T55 platoon. Your equipment: Centauro B1, Fenek, M113, MICLIC, Kodiak AEV. Enemy equipment: T55, Technicals, ZSU23-2 Trucks, Infantry. Time limit 90mins. (There are a total of 9 playable vehicles so it's posted in the Company category)
  12. Version 1.0.3


    Lead a Bundeswehr Leopard 1 company against an East German T62 company attack in winter conditions. Your equipment: Leopard 1A5, M113A2G. Enemy equipment: T62, BTR60, BRDM2. Time limit 60mins. Custom map embedded in scenario. - Note - The map is a delta of ScaniaSE, a default map. Some people have found that map missing and got an error message. If you get an error, download the ScaniaSE map by opening map editor, choose query map and paste in the following ID ac29cdfa-a24d-4f61-a5ed-0885e3332a95 Send me a message if you were effected by this bug, thanks!
  13. Version 1.0.5


    Lead a 2022 Spanish Company Team attack on an Olvanan reinforced tank company. Your equipment: Leopardo 2E, Pizarro F2, VAMTAC. Enemy equipment: Leopard 2A4, BMP2, BRDM2, BRDM2-AT. Time limit 90mins.
  14. In test mode if you still want "normal" artillery; place a refpoint on map then select call for fire from the drop down menu and choose that refpoint 👍
  15. These are the vehicles with default CN texture. Could be a place to start looking.
    Quality scenario and fun to play 👍 - Nice setting and weather - Difficulty is well balanced - Believable enemy course of action, especially the tank platoon delay action A minor improve, add some basic scoring so you can assess how well you did Thanks and hope you keep making scenarios!
  16. Well done, it’s a really large scale scenario for a new player to manage! You are absolutely right about infantry. That’s what it’s like fighting tanks against dug in troops.. Artillery is the answer, especially mortars as they have a short call in delay 👍🏻 (A Tip for Steel Beasts is use 100Mx100M and increase the number of rounds per gun to 12 or something. Much better lethal effect on a known location of troops) Thanks for the feedback!
  17. Only way this is possible is when playing from scenario editor in Test mode. You can switch to any side from map screen. The best solution: Put all allies on same side and make two call sign templates for the friendly side, give the allied units different call signs to differentiate them.
  18. In the scenario Editor, as soon as I select Burnt on a destroyed unit I get a Crash to Desktop.
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