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  1. I just spotted this video with new ditches
  2. Can anybody provide basic info on Netherlands modern force, for a scenario with Leo2A6, CV9035, Boxer, Fenek etc Company organisation, squad sizes , equipment, ammo, call signs or anything else! Much appreciated 👍
  3. The first condition on the logic screen can be toggled from OR to AND by clicking its box. There are 3 more ANDs in brackets below that so that should give 4 that you need
  4. Version 1.0.1


    US Heavy Cavalry Troop Reconnaissance operation. Your equipment: M1A2, M3A2. Enemy equipment: Leopard 2A4, CV90, BMP2, BRDM2. The enemy is a fictional modern army, using the Finnish camouflage scheme. Randomized enemy routes and locations. Time frame: Around 60 mins.
  5. That’s really fantastic... I have spent ages trying to get similar results and it’s always irreversible disaster and huge waste of my time! Well done 👍
  6. Looking forward to this one, great work Abraxas!
  7. There is a big range, some are fully modelled and some quite basic. Shell ballistics and damage are very detailed and accurate for each round, but unreliability I believe is Not modelled. This depends on the Scenario Designer, how accurate they made the scenario. (You could edit any scenario yourself to fix it though) Yes Steel Beasts has a very detailed After Action Review tool, shows every shell hit and damage event. Yes Steel Beasts has a very detailed shot by shot after action review you can save and reload or share after action revi
  8. Glad you like it! Yeah more US missions is noted 👍 What era of equipment is your preference?
  9. Good job you made short work of those Armatas. Im impressed you killed a T15 with that airstrike!
    Sometimes its fun just blasting a whole bunch of vehicles in a short time, nice details 👍
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Leopard 2 Meeting Engagement 2010 Danish Leopard 2A5 Squadron vs Enemy Leopard 2A4 battalion. Your equipment: Leo2A5DK, CV9035DK, Infantry. Enemy equipment: Leopard 2A4, BMP3. Randomized enemy routes and fires. Time limit: approx 30 mins. Steel Beasts Pro PE Version 4.167
  11. ben

    Kudos to the Captain

    Yeah +1, great skins I like the T90 also keep up the good work captain colossus👍
  12. Version 1.0.1


    2030 US Company Team vs Russian Armata platoon defence. Your equipment: M1A2SEP, M2A2, HMMWV, Infantry. Enemy equipment: T14 Armata, BMP T15 Armata, BMP K-17 Bumerang, BMP B-11 Kurganets. Randomized enemy defenses. Time limit: 60 mins.
  13. Ok thanks I will try it out for my next map in the future
  14. No Problem, was just checking, I couldn't tell which post you were referring to! In my case my map is fairly small (60MB ish in .zip).. with small maps like this is it ok for me to upload them here .zip format and the package deployment process to be done by the moderators before they add it to the server?
  15. Yes absolutely that’s what I’ve been doing, and after a few days my zip files are removed by the moderators and replaced by the map id for use with the download manager. That’s how it seems to work..
  16. Hi Ssnake, can you confirm.. publishing the map in the editor should automatically send it to the server and make it downloadable by anyone? I was confused because in the maps 4.1+ download section it says “3. We will prepare your maps for distribution, this will create a package unique ID (UID) for the map. We will upload the file to a public maps repository that the Steel Beasts Maps Download Manager service and Steel Beasts know how to use. At that point we will delete the Zip/RAR file from steelbeasts.com, and update the text of your description to i
  17. As I mentioned, Publishing the map (using the Publish Map feature in the Map editor) just locks and finalises the map. It has nothing to do with getting that map uploaded to the Offical Maps server for automatic downloading. That will be done manually by the moderators here, when they have time, so for now since you are early, download the zip version and install it manually ( I included the file structure in the zip to help you locate the right place 👍) Hope that makes sense! I was was confused myself with the new system at first, but does seem to wo
  18. Hi thanks, hope you enjoy it 👍 I have submitted the map here to the downloads section now. The map hasn’t changed since I first uploaded in this post.. so no need to re-download. Publishing itself doesn’t put the map on the server.. it just finalises the map and locks it.. It takes the moderators here a week or so to upload new maps to the Package server.. so until then users will just need to grab the .zip version and install manually. The moderators will paste the map id into the description of the map once it’s on the server, and it should be automa
  19. A test run of my new mission. Edited video with some comments added.
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