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  1. Version 1.1.4


    Command a Leopard 2A6 Platoon in a reconnaissance mission to locate the lead elements of a Russian Tank Battalion. Your equipment: Leo2A6, Boxer, infantry, MB300 SpikeLR, scouts. Enemy equipment: T72B3, BMP2, Tigr. Time limit 1 hour.
  2. Good point, it would be nice to have a “Default Map” tag or some way you could filter maps in the pick map screen of scenario editor
  3. EDIT- Solved. Why using the same unavailable map as the other scenario? Just use the default Kouvostoliitto instead? Or get your custom map onto the map server.
  4. New update to this one to make it less frustrating and bring it up to date for SB version 4.3
  5. Popped turrets persist when using "Remove killed" option. EDIT: * This only happens in the AAR! * I expect this is known already? but I could not find an existing bug report. I was using Remove killed 60 seconds option and the enemy was T72B1, T55A, BMP1, spawned by a Spawn Zone.
  6. Just released a minor update to the briefing on this one.
  7. ben

    Glowing crew members

    Understood, just noticed it and it looked out of place. Not a big issue, thanks
  8. In The Dingo the dudes glow blue but the rest of the interior is dark.
    This was a good fight I kept thinking I was about to loose but they just held on! Great terrain/weather setting and well scripted Eny attack. High difficulty, hard to defend with M113s! Lots of units to command so not really for new players. Balance favors the Enemy force. Overall it played very well, no bugs and lots of TOW action. Feedback points - Blue AI was calling for fire which tied up my Artillery after the first 2 ICM barrages. - Some dragon teams and vehicles starting positions are not placed optimally, trees booking, too short line of sight etc(and there is no deploy zone to set them up differently). - Didn't end when I destroyed all enemy vehicles and was left with just infantry to mop up; I ended it early and still got victory so no big problem. - Steel Beasts problem; AI cannot employ the TOW vehicles properly (hull down, shoot, back up reload in cover, pop smoke etc) - Steel Beasts Bug; Mortars can't reliably fire at targets lower than themselves (Suggest always put the mortars in low ground as low as you can find!)
  9. More likely to have issues with SB! 🤣 On 4K resolution I loose mouse cursor if windows display scaling is over 125% -Fullscreen is hit and miss. But AltTabbing works absolutely normally however in my case 🤔
  10. Nice work 👍🏻 It’s black magic to make SB run fullscreen. I always manage it on a new computer install, but it’s hit and miss and I never figure out how I got it to work each time.
  11. Anyone else found something suspicious?
  12. A new one on my desert map
  13. Version 1.0.1


    Lead a CV90 Mechanized Infantry Platoon dawn attack to clear a remote valley. Your equipment: CV90/30Fi, Infantry, Milan, Dingo+RWS, Scouts, Quadcopter UAV. Enemy equipment: Infantry, BTR70, BMP1, BRDM2, ZSU23-2, T55A. Time limit 2 hours. Uses the following map (available for automatic download from Map Server) https://www.steelbeasts.com/files/file/3122-african-desert-map-ft-polk-heightmap/
  14. @TankHunter @Count Sessine @Magnum50 @mpow66m @TSe419E Thanks guys for all the reviews on this 👍🏻 Appreciate the feedback after a lot of work on it. I do intend to extend it in the future, first I’m working on some scenarios!
    Enjoyed this one 👍🏻 Difficulty is low in terms of enemy force strength, but medium for managing/synchronising your battalion(-) sized force. Time limit is generous and allows mistakes to be made and corrected. Force balance heavily favours the Player, so very forgiving for players learning to command a large force. Overall very well made scenario, nice terrain and weather selection, technically works and feels authentic.
  15. Yeah fully custom theme. Some ground is bumpy, especially in forests, some of the field types too. Can be replaced with any Esim theme as I used similar terrain types as a template
  16. My method: 1) make an L shaped line graphic with line width zero and a bright color exactly on a grid square edge 2) copy it to all parties 3) select the new map area 4) drag to select all units on blue (including the graphic) 5) zoom in to the graphic and drag it exactly on to the original grid sqaure 6) repeat for each party 7) never make the map area mistake again!
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Detailed 13x12km area of European Farmland. Based on Ft Bragg heightmap. To install the map simply download this scenario file here and load it in Offline Session. The embedded map will be extracted automatically. The map is also available for download from the official Map Server with UID d1ece219-7ba8-4483-ab77-0bf8896383f0
  18. @Arch Thanks man glad you’re enjoying them! I agree about storyish missions. I prefer to build a sandbox that feels authentic and give player a job to do and some tools to use. Players can use their imagination to form a story/big picture for a scenario probably better than I could anyway. I’ve been making SB content for myself since SBpro was released 18 or whatever years ago and I guess releasing them here since about six years ago. Used to do Arma2/3 missions and scripting a few years back too. You’re right SB content is limited, and not many active scenario creators, so please release your stuff at whatever level of quality/polish it’s at! Happy to help with tips or testing stuff if you want.
  19. Updated this one to improve replayability and add trenches. I've kept the old version 1.0.0 available for anyone who wants the very predictable OPFOR.
  20. 9900K@4.8, 64GB DR4 3600, rtx4090, 4TB of 980Pro ssds, LG C2 40" OLED 4k/120hz
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