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  1. the leads never off, actually its almost rather bullseye accurate... only the range. ive noticed its at ranges of about 3k on and only when they are on the horizon more or less, and travelling abeam to me... it almost always enters a range of 1500-2000 when it should be double that! the lead always seems to be accurate for the range though... but the bouncing reticle SUCKS. im aware of the override function, but thats not what im talking about. its hard to describe, i wish i coudl record it so you could see what im talking about! its like 1/5 targets at a time... everythings perfect and its 1 shot 1 kill... then all of the sudden it goes apeshit drunk on me!
  2. ill have to check that, might be so... ive never paid attention as to where they are... i usually leave them in the rear and only use them as "extra lives" when i get killed!
  3. is there a way to correct the speed while driving? if i order to drive fast, it CRAWLS when it gets to roads, unless im in the drivers seat, then it doesnt seem to care what terrain is going over, only slows for obvious reasons like incline hills...
  4. Im having 2 issues with this game. In the gunner range, when a distant target on the horizon is traveling horizontal, it almost always tends to grossly underestimate the range, no mater if i lase high on the target or low, its off by almost half. it never happens for head on or targets below the horizon. second, why does it move like its on elastic bands sometimes? ill move the mouse smoothly, but when i stop the turret swings wildley past the mouse, the back to the other direction, then back and fourth over and over making aiming impossible unless you move the mouse again alittle and let it settle... eating up alot of time! ive unplugged all otehr joysticks/controllers and tried reinstalling the mouse drivers etc.
  5. i cant find it under options listed for either cv90 version if i add either to a mission... im running 2.370 is that matters?
  6. just getting back to SB but waiting for new 2.5 before committing haha. curious, i remember seeing a video way back that had a deployable remote control vehical with like a telescoping camera on it to check over ridge lines etc before going hull down. what vehicle had this and is it still in the game? looked like a fun toy to mess with. also, with 2.5, are they finally adding updated abrams or are they still a decade behind haha! i saw screen shots that looked like they might be new or tusk versions but i cant tell.
  7. that was the problem! i changed it so j-k-l-;-' are reload ammo type 1-2-3-4-all. should really help now haha
  8. load/unload.... troops... hmm lol that might be it! my pdf chart is old, and I wondered why it said "unload"... wow.
  9. I jsut started to get back into steel beasts but I have a serious problem with reloading. I've been killed far too many times now because I can't ever seem to reload. I'm out of ammo, I hit "u" and nothing happens. I can press it a dozen times and nothing. SOMETIMES randomly, it will start releading by itself, but only 1 or 2 rounds, then it stops. It seems to decided when by itself, and its NEVER when it should be. I can be at a dead stop behind cover and wait a good 5 minutes before it might decided to do it itself, but by then im under arty or out manuevered. whats the deal?
  10. umm... stupid question... but how do I download patch 2.460? i have the 370 beta installed and downloaded 483 patch, but it says it requires 460. now, when i click 460, it just says: "News SB Pro PE 2.460 Upgrade Now Available Published: April 9, 2009 Updated: April 9, 2009 Print Submit Article - View Comments (1) " Thats really not helpfull. How about a download link? Oh wait, lemme click on the downloads bar on the top of the website. Nope, no file listings for patchs either.
  11. thanks for the link but nah thats not it, the map is about 4 times that size or larger. the part i drew is the bottom right portion of a map much larger. ah well
  12. downloaded that but nah, not it. this map is much bigger, the part i painted is jsut the first part, bottom of the map. i remember once you clear the hill and take back the town, you clear the second hill, continue west into the forest on that road where u are attacked, then you continue on north towards another town i believe... probably twice or 4 times the size of what i drew...
  13. I downloaded his but I couldnt find it in there... not yet atleast... heres a map of the first section of the map...maybe its better then describing it.
  14. I havent played in a LONG time but I'm back! I'm having trouble finding a mission though that I remember... perhaps someone here can remember it? It's in the winter, I remember one of the first objectives is going up a hill, there are a few dug in tanks left of a chuch and small town, once past that there is a big downhill and then you come to another dug in tank but its very far away. then you turn left and procede down a road that goes through a thicker clearing that has the next set of alot of enemies. i cant really remember whats past that though, I think the mission ends by taking a town that has maybe 1 or 2 waves of enemies that come before its over. anyone? sorry i cant be more desciptive, I could probably draw a rough map though! pretty sure its a leo map not abrams... but i could be wrong.
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