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  1. A day or two late, but in no way a dollar short: Merry Christmas, mates! And of course, best of luck in the new year. In a week's time, they can take good ol' 2008 and give 'er back to the Indi... ummm... hmmm, dot dot dot:cul: :drink:
  2. Ya know, it's pretty bad when I have to come in here a bump this type of thread, fellas. Me want more! I'm feelin' lazy at the moment, and the only thing I've got kickin' around are some screencaps from movies that I saved for an opportune time. This time came back in July, when I saw on Frugal's World that "Top Gun II" had been announced or was on the drawing board, or whatever. Of course, I couldn't resist: http://forums.frugalsworld.com/vbb/showpost.php?p=1577518&postcount=23 My personal fav's attached, and yes, I do crack myself up! :debile2:
  3. I think that the biggest movie/TV screwup platoon leader that I've ever seen was the lieutenant in "Platoon". I mean, I felt sorry for that guy at certain points in the movie. I was pretty young when I first saw it, but I think that that movie was the first time where I thought the radio communication sounded "authentic" or at least "good", and put into the context of that particular lieutenant, I've always had the impression that if the C/O wants to talk to the "actual" platoon leader... it wasn't to tell him how good he was doing. ________________ On topic of "Generation Kill" though, I've only managed to catch the second episode, but I thought the show was good enough to spend an hour a week watching. Hopefully there'll be a marathon of a few episodes at some point so I can get a better idea of the storyline though. The one scene that really caught my attention in this episode was at the bridge where the platoon was exchanging fire, and the officer came by to chew them out for stalling the tempo of the offensive. You guys'll be able to put this on more human terms than I can, but man, I immediately put that into the perspective of gaming and A.I. buffoonery, surprising myself that that was the first thing that popped into my mind. It also occurred to me that sometimes I wish I could hit time-compression to speed something along... soooooooooo.... it's time to get outside a little
  4. I thought the following screenshots might be of interest in the dust particle category. They're back from DEC07, so I can't recall any particulars other than I was firing canister into a house no more than a hundred meters away, and when checking out the AAR, the resulting cloud: They were taken in the review phase, and I can't remember now if I saw it during execution, so I don't know if it was just an anomaly or what have you but it certainly caught my eye at the time :eek2:
  5. Nice work so far! Definitely sounded like a crew-served weapon was open for business in the second half
  6. Certainly not! I knew I forgot something. :biggrin: The price-tag actually wasn't quite the major concern I might've made it out to be because I'm one of those guys who buys maybe one sim a year. I think in the last decade, the sim-list is Silent Hunter I, III and IV, RedBaron 3D, Jane's F/A-18, Falcon 4.0, Il-2 and Pacific Fighters, and Orbiter (and that's freeware). And from reading reviews, I felt that SBPro's quality wasn't debatable, but how would I feel about armoured warfare all together? It quickly boiled down to figuring out what a dongle was, and Google cleared that up. I actually think that the sim is probably the most open-ended I've played. Not necessarily in "modibility", but in play style. From crewman all the way up to tabletop general (or light colonel depending on framerate), with scenarios only limited by imagination and patience; fighting off the Red Horde, or manning a security outpost. It's also provided some of the most hair-raising sim experiences I've had where I'm completely exhausted afterwards, and sometimes just keyed up so much that I have to blow off steam physically (fortunately, with no harm to society). The community's topnotch, and easily the most civil I've seen. Sure, there's the "occasional" bumps, but fortunately I'm in a position to either be humoured or to ignore them completely. On the other hand, I love reading the in-depth discussions on tactics, etc. It's great to see recognizable names around the forums, and developers posting actively. So, sSnake and team, you guys gave me one helluva ride for $125 :cool2:
  7. I really enjoy Zipuli's and HotTom's scenarios, pretty much anything by either of them. Thinking just now, I'm sure that one of Zipuli's was the first scenario I played after running through the tutorials. "Head-on Attack" may not have been the best mission for a greenner-than-green FNG-type, but it certainly reinforced how much there was to learn.
  8. Learned about SBProPE from a SimHQ article here, too. I didn't move on buying the sim for maybe a year or so, partly because of the price-tag and partly because I had only ever played some demo of a Novalogic armour game back when demos were placed on CDs. I also wasn't too sure how I felt about tanksimming since I had spent most of my sim time tank-plinking. But coming back from one of those big life-altering experiences, I said "fuck it", sent in my chit, registered here, and the disk arrived less than a week later :thumbup:
  9. "Remember to drink your Ovaltine!" :cool3:
  10. Sockeye

    Gameshow nerds

    Was watching the "Weakest Link" last night, and I had to share this one: Q: Which 'Baywatch' actor became a popular recording artist in Germany in 1989? A: U2!
  11. I did a search both here and through the manual, but wanted to double-check my understanding just to be positive: A scenario is created with an embedded height map, this means that the associated theme and terrain are embedded into the scenario as well?
  12. "Three Days of the Condor" (1975) I've always tried to keep as much distance from politics as possible, but I do enjoy my political thrillers. Now just hope a car doesn't slow beside you, and someone you know--maybe even trust--gets out and smiles a becoming smile :clin:
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