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  1. Hats off to the Opfor players. Up on the Northern end we felt like we were engaged in a real chess match.
  2. He has one for JRTC as well: https://a.co/d/ixgzpT6
  3. Los


    Good to see that LHI/Tanksim are getting some mention from the Professionals.
  4. "There were shit loads of targets on that reverse slope, eventually they would run out of ready ammo." This is why God created logistics, replenishment drills, and remfs... "but nobody on this website was in the gulf war either. " Does hunting Scuds count?
  5. Los

    Fast or Slow?

    In combat you have the whole rest of your life to accomplish any task.
  6. Hey guys we all signed up for B3 (Which is tanks) but we are slotted for B2 (Which is APCs)? Can you switch us? (Haul, Los, Rmakowsky, Rat). Thanks! Los
  7. Los

    Tactical FPS

    We are heavily engaged in the Bekka Valley in Cast Malice (Steel beasts, Arma 3, Easy Red 2, DCS. MAPEX) We've probably had 40 players involved in the past few weeks..
  8. Major Duck, as much as I will miss fighting in your platoon go ahead and switch me to B1 PL. Los
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