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  1. Los

    Tactical FPS

    Apocalypse did a fine job as commander, especially given the little notice of the mission (we had to move fast before they cleared out the facility) since we had no rehearsal of actions on and minimal practice on the undercover features being used. Well done. Los
  2. Los

    Tactical FPS

    As part of our KP Liberation Campaign, we launch a special operation to reduce Guerilla activity in our rear areas: We used Arma 3 and Ready or Not in a combined operation. Chaos ensues...
  3. This series has a fair amount of tank action is a Tank crew are one of the principal points of view. The IDF refurbished three SHot Kal's for the movie. I am enjoying so far (Apologies if this was already mentioned, but there are not a bunch of tank films out there). Los
  4. Los

    Tactical FPS

    How I use sandbox tools to create cool multiplayer coop battles on the fly...
  5. I created a map from the Steelbeasts map and had it printed at UPS store, then wrote rules to facilitate a MAPEX/Kreiegsspiel. I then made counters of various types and put them on magnets (using other magnets as markers. The counters maps and charts all hang n a magnetic board. I then assigned one player to be the OPFOR division commander (4th Motorisierte Schutzen Division and the other four to command positions in a squadron of the 11th ACR. This resulted in one DCS A10 Mission Prior to our get together. (which attrited one battalion from the 4th) and another during the weeklong get together which attrited most of another (see a snippet below): As we gamed out things on the mapboard if we saw an interesting situation that woudl be ported to Steelbeasts or Arma.. I had developed a base Mission in SB so it was easy to quickly gen up missions. We conducted Train up mission prior to get together as most of the guys only play SB once a year for a few months. We use our Discord channel for planning and AARs (Separate channels (private) for OPFOR and Blufor plus one general channel. At the beginning of our con I held one training mission in breaching ops (about two companies) using Opfor units so the player could get familiarization in OPFOR unit capabilities plus how to conduct engineering and breaching operations. The OPFOR commander secretly planned to use this mission as the results of one battle. We held about four mapex sessions and two further SB Battles (typically 7 players but am getting ready to expand to 9) at our get together. Subsequently with everyone home, we held the battle posted above, and have another big one which will cover a regiment trying to force its way through the constrictive terrain between Hunfeld and Fulda that is occurring simultaneously to the battle above. In addition we play lots of Arma. In one situation early in the campaign a German territorial mounted Milan platoon had to evade an huge enemy force and was subsequently bypassed. We thought to ourselves "hey I wonder how those guys would ever make it back to friendly lines with a massive assault underway against Fulda.?" So a built this mission in Arma using the Global Mobilization DLC (Germany) and late one night, we conducted a four hour mission using two Milan and two gun jeeps. (I haven't posted that vid yet) I GM'd this mission using the Excellent Zeus tools to keep things goin. We had 12 players participating and we had great fun. The OPFOR player has a Airmobile company in his arsenals so I anticipate some sort of Bridge seizure mission played out in Arma in our near future. DCS is releasing the Ah-64 Longbow (complete with multicrew) in early December and I anticipate that we will be getting trained up on this and using it in fights subsequent to Fulda. In the OPFOR discord channel there is a little bit of roleplay going on. Many Nato vs Warsaw pact wargames have some sort of rule in there about a possible Warsaw Pact revolt. IN this alternate Campaign scenario, the 8th GTA has used the 4 MRD as the lead unit to bear the brut of the initial assault, one could spin it that the Russians get the double benefit of using an excellent unit to make the first crack in the lines while also keeping busy anyone who could cause dissent or trouble. So I have two of the three OPFOR players in the channel secretly working to convince the 4MRD command of this plot by the Russians to conveniently destroy his beloved division. Maybe it will lead to a revolt in which case I can add the remnants of the 4th MRD to the remnants of the 11th ACR for post seizure of Fulda. We'll see. Anyway, we are having great fun, and everyone can sense they are involved in a singular gaming experience. I am also growing new SB Players out of this expanding from our three SB buddies to seven and getting ready to go to nine (including my wife.) Steelbeasts takes a little more learning than say an FPS so growing new players takes a little longer.
  6. We got together for a week to conduct a Fulda campaign using MAPEX, Steelbeasts, Arma 3, DCS, and Roleplaying. Here is one of the battles.
  7. Los

    Tactical FPS

    It was just a simple outpost they said....
  8. Los

    Tactical FPS

    Howdy Red! Here is the Arma precursor to our 1982 Steelbeasts/DCS campaign. These reservists need to take their weekend drills more seriously. This Ambushed IDFpatrol kicks off 1982 Campaign.
  9. There's good tank country on South Eastern Altis.
  10. Howdy guys, I put together a vid of the 56th Stryker Brigade's recent rotation to NTC, Between their various vids and some good footage off my sons helmet cam. Gives a good idea of a typical rotation.
  11. Not every married couple can achieve acceptable crew coordination.
  12. If you are dealing with Javelins, don't plan on one man carrying more than one missile. So if you have a 2 man javelin team, its two missiles.
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