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  1. There is this little infantry trench-war going ion in Ukraine where the fighting is within grenade range on a daily basis. I'd prefer maintaining the option for a bayonet. Reminds me of when wonks thought there would no longer be a need for fighters to be designed with guns back in the late fifties. After all, there were missiles...
  2. The official scientific term for this is pussification....
  3. I read Vipers in the Storm when it first came out, one of the great Fighter pilot reads. BMS looks great.
  4. I too am a big fan of Red 2112's excellent posts here in the gaming section. Many times I have stumbled across cool new games because of you. It seems we like the exact same things. Hang in there. <Now entering tongue and cheek mode> Sorry you don't like DCS, there was no previous indication of DCSDS (DCS Derangement Syndrome), however props for mentioning the excellent BMS (Gonna try out their VR implementation.) I am however well aware of my buddy Apoc's acerbic nature as, on the side, I am usual the brunt of it on a daily basis. But because he's a good dude (tm) I hold my captain america shield in front of me to deflect the negative waves as I press forward on why this or that game is good for something we want to do. Moving forward, since we have more cool games to learn about I am reminded of this scene...
  5. If you have any interest in Gunships then DCS is your huckleberry. You can fly as pilot or gunner with a competent AI crewman (so you learn one position at a time) or multicrew with another human. Here we are practicing various things with two fully crewed AH-64s on the range.
  6. Los

    Tactical FPS

    It's easy to talk oneself into why every game ever made sucks, if one is predisposed to do so. We take various games for what they can offer our group gaming experiences, and can they provide realistic tactical decision making on the spot and good tactics. With minimal effort, we have had decent multiplayer experiences with ground branch given what it does. The AI was not that big of an issue....However lack of editor, means we couldn't bend the situations to our will and hence it remains something we check in on every once and a while.
  7. Mission 2 of Apocalypse's Crisis in Donovia Campaign...
  8. Here is the first mission flown in Apocalypse's Crisis in Donovia week-long campaign...
  9. Conducting SEAD Practice for Apocalypse's upcoming multiplatform campaign:
  10. Good for other games thanks for posting.... Los
  11. Plus the reactive explosives armor is easier to steel, and replace with foam inserts....it's a good revenue source for Russian tankers and maintenance personnel...😏
  12. I was an advisor in Eritrea in 1998. My interpreter was a tank commander in thee long war of occupation between Eritrea and Ethiopia. (The Eritreans had won their independence, but tensions were high and fighting did shortly re-erupt into another full blown border war.) He had many interesting stories of tank combat that I was more than interested to listen to. (There were many destroyed armored vehicles around the AO). He spent most of his time in a T-55. One time at night, (no night vision for any of these guys), they were moving off the front lines to head to the rear and got disoriented, and fell in with a column of BMPs and tanks. They were in the back of the column and it had stopped for some reason, idling for a while as military convoys are apt to do sometimes. He saw this as an opportunity to hop out and go talk to the next guys up the line and find out who they were. As he approached the tank and started to climb up two crewman were having a cigarette and talking with each other as the vehicles idled. He froze in place catching wind that they were Ethiopians. He retraced his steps, climbed back in the tank and sat there for a bit trying to figure out what to do. They opted to head north off the road for a while and ultimately make for their own lines (this is rough desert). However they opted to create confusion to make their escape. They backed up 20 meters and put a round into the tank in front of them, right through the rear and it went up in flames. They shot up several more tanks and then raced off to the north into the night. Ultimately they made it back to their lines. Los
  13. Los


    Conducting our fleet workups...
  14. Los

    Tactical FPS

    It is an excellent ACW FPS experience and getting better with each release. They have had up to 200 vs 200 battles. There really are so many good games out there nowadays. Los
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