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  1. Porphyr

    ATI, SB and AA?

    Hi No, I didn't change any settings. I just installed the new drivers and used my normal profile, which has 4xAA set as standard. cheers Porphyr
  2. Porphyr

    ATI, SB and AA?

    Hi I had almost given up hope on getting AA working with my ATI HD4800 series card. Anyway, I downloaded ATI driver 10.10 today and fired up SB just for the sake of it... Behold! No ugly jaggies! It looks like owners of HD4800 cards can now get proper AA in combination with Win 7 64 bit. I think Ssnake will be happy, if he is still using this card. :@!2: cheers Porphyr
  3. Hi Thanks! Got it all installed and running. No problems at all here! cheers Porphyr
  4. Porphyr

    ATI, SB and AA?

    Thanks for the info Ssnake, I have crossed my fingers on every new driver release... Ok! murkz, do you get working AA with ATI tray tools? Which ATI card do you have? And which driver and windows version do you run? Cheers Porphyr
  5. Porphyr

    ATI, SB and AA?

    Hi For quite some time now I have been running a SB Pro PE with a ATI HD 4870 graphics card. The problem is that SB never has worked with Anti aliasing. No matter what settings i try, the result is the same, ugly jaggies. I have tried most versions of the catalyst drivers released since I got the card. No luck. Is this problem something common to all ATI cards? Other people with ATI cards, how are you doing, what generetion of card and drivers give working AA? I would be very happy to solve this riddle without buying a new card, as SB Pro PE is the only application that doesn't work with AA at the moment. Any chance the new uppgrade will make a difference? Cheers Porphyr core duo @ 3.2 4 gig ram Radeon HD 4870 Windows 7 64bit
  6. I totally second that one. Still no AA for my ATI 4800 card. Probably drivers issue, but why? Everything else I run, old and new, works with AA enabled with this card and latest drivers. Cheers Porphyr
  7. Porphyr


    Thanks! Download and installation was smooth. cheers porphyr
  8. Porphyr


    Patches and upgrades for SB Pro PE is always good news, thank you! cheers porphyr
  9. Good, I see some results from my tax money coming back to me in the not too distant future. :biggrin: cheers porphyr
  10. Good info, thanks. Do you happen to know if this is an issue with Windows 7 as well? I Run the Win 7 RC at the moment and installed the ALchemy anyway, as Win 7 seems to share a lot from Vista. cheers Porphyr
  11. That is probably because you have a 9800 GTX card, right? I'm on the 8800 series of card.
  12. Nope, no success for me with the Geforce 8800. Tried the Fps test mission and frames were just as bad as before with the newer driver. Back to the old one, which also happen to have working flat panel scaling options. Everything was better before...
  13. Interesting, would the improvement be because of the new driver or from the new Windows 7 RC? EDIT: Thanks, I will try out the new driver tonight myself.
  14. With AVG I went into Tools > advanced settings. Then under the resident shield > exceptions. Here you can choose to add a path to folders that then won't be scanned in real time by AVG. I guess you can also add exceptions to file type .aar if you want to, but I didn't do that. cheers porphyr
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