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  1. Sorry to hijack... but it seemed stupid to start another thread just to say, ive gotten round to ordering the upgrade! looking forward to it :biggrin:
  2. Yeah thats pretty funny Floydii, I got shot down over a convoy by its AAA (pretty dumb to fly over it... but hey...) ejected and then proceeded to stand infront of the lead vehicle I seem to remember a flight sim years agao called JSF which when you ejected and reached the ground you had a handgun which you could uselessly shoot at stuff. That was a good weeze.
  3. I might be about on later Friday night (or Friday morning your time Tony..) See if I can setup some MP training missions too with stuff to shoot at that doesnt fire back if a couple of us are about might be fun to just gay around at an airbase and get used to the helicopter. Gays away chappie!!! PS I need to get the English version myself, probably download it tonight before I go out... Still using my Russian copy at the moment
  4. Yep its out now, so those interested get your butts to http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/index.php sign up to the website and go to the E-shop!!!
  5. LOL there are other countries in the world apart from America. When the Russians invaded Georgia it was not the state of Georgia. Its going to be interesting to take look at some other Western vehicles apart from American ones. Since most of the main stream sims\games out there just concentrate on American equipment. Which is just getting boring to be honest. I would pay £12 for something different like that any day... I mean for gods sake I cant even fill my bloody car up for 2 days work for that money ROFL Stalintc LOVES this forum. In soviet russia forum posts YOU!
  6. Haha yeah KT you hit the nail on the head there! The only time ive spent less than that is when its been my birthday, but then ive been too drunk to realise whether I have spent anything or not however I guess you cant stop the whine train "whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnne whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnneee" LOL
  7. Vati - QX6700 OC'd to 3Ghz... 4Gb of PC8500 1066Mhz RAM... 8800GTX 768Mb... Runs like a dream for me like I said... Its always good to have an objective opinion of course
  8. It runs like a dream! I thought I would have problems, but it runs smooth as silk even in heavy fighting and the shkval tv display running too, ive got no complaints! It is a very steep learning curve and like Deja just stated its more like a wall. There is LOTS to learn, flying the helicopter is half the battle.... ensuring that all the various different systems are working together for the desired result also requires alot of learning. This is the sort of study sim that I have dreamed of!!! It is impressive that even the flow of oil and hydraulics is fully modelled, leaks can be sprung and perform realistically, likewise you can even make your engine catch fire by accident if you follow the wrong sequence when starting the helicopter up! But I have to say it is a real marvel to have a fully 3D clickable cockpit, so I can turn my head and look at the switch and flick it rather than having to mash some odd key combo into my keyboard. I dont think ive ever been as enthralled with a flight simulator this much since Falcon 4.0 So overall if your not someone who can sit down, read the manual and practice lots and still enjoy yourself, it will not be worth your while, it is not something you can just pick up and play... UNLESS of course you load it up in GAME MODE, which allows you to just fly around with minimum effort and just shoot s**t up!
  9. I have bought myself some Saitek Pro Flight pedals not a problem! No more twist stick for me! haha
  10. Yes I play this now and then and it is VERY good!
  11. To buy the Russian version it cost me just over £10 Convert that to dollars and thats it!
  12. Right then, I managed to buy the Russian version of Black Shark, by following some instructions from some clever people on the DCS forums! And boy and am I a happy bunny, this is one SLICK helicopter sim...... Here are some screeshots from my latest escapade
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