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  1. Don is a great guy! I am still considering making a virtual switch panel using a tablet. Just dont have the $$ to tie up in a tablet just yet. Getch
  2. Crusty...whats the buttons on the right?? CH MFP? Homebrewed? Getch
  3. Sounds like a tanker to me...if you cant win cheat! But in the website it mentions bringing in Marine tankers and other Nations in the future.
  4. We I never thought Id see the return of the Canadian Armor Trophy but the US Army is gonna run the inaguraul "Sullivan Cup" Precision Gunnery Competition at Benning later this year. Heres a link http://www.benning.army.mil/armor/sullivan/index.html I only wish I there was a TWAT catagory (tanker without a tank) I will be following this online SFC Getch (still)
  5. Has anyone done a scenario that might represent the Medina Ridge battle that occured in the Gulf War? Might be a good one with the crewable T72 Getch
  6. Thats what Im looking for. Froggy...did you make those switch panels? Wish I could get over my port forward issues...its been a very long time since Ive been able to play.
  7. If I had a request for skins it would be to reskin the map screen to look like and FBCB2...dont know if this is possible.
  8. I had an Iraqi tanker completely disassemble a T-72 sight like the one pictured so I could have the control handles. His knowledge was fantastic and he had it apart and put back together in the span of a couple hours. Can you imagine a US tanker disassembling his own sight and then putting it back together? We did alot when I was a M60A1 crewman but once we transitioned to the M1 (slicks) we were not allowed to do much else than track maintenance. Now with the M1A1/A2 im happy just to try and keep my skill set up with the CITV and FBCB2. Yeah I love it but I remember the sorta "John Wayne" feeling I had in the M60A1 degraged mode gunnery 24/7! Getch
  9. Hi All, Im wondering if you can load troops in the M1025? I would think you could have at least two dismounts (Truck Commander +1)...leaving a driver and gunner with the vehicle (current SOP). In testing I didnt figure this out. Under the COE this would help with scenarios. Getch
  10. Rgr..thanks Nils..SB Pro 2.64 up and running. Tried the T72M1 and Im gonna need to go back to my M60A1 days when we Americans used to apply manual lead. Wonder what the mils are on this reticle....:confused:
  11. Welcome Guests, Ive always wondered why so many are online w/o signing in? Who are the guests? Do they play? I know its very rare to find me on friday night ...it just doesnt work for me but maybe soon huh? Getch
  12. Thats the gunsight the Iraqi T-72 had BTW. Never understood why they want the M1A1 when the T-72 is the right tank for them. I suggested they upgrade to the T72M3/4CZ but they didnt want to hear it. I estimate some 1200 T72's exist in the tank graveyards there. I wanted to ship an MTLB home!
  13. I have two joysticks an old thrustmaster top gun (very well built) and a logitec. If you play as TC on the M1 the joystick makes perfect sense as thats what you have and its as simple as the thrustmaster I do like to map the 8-buttons on the logitec to keyboard functions Getch
  14. Nils, Volcano, other SB Gurus? Does SB like to be ininstalled by its proprietary uninstaller or should I do it from windows control panel. Also Nils, will you be sending hard copy of the update in the future? I have SB on my homestation and one on my ASUS Laptop for mobil (field) use The Esims site would not allow me to place an order for the DVD Getch purchased and downloading (albeit slow) now
  15. My Idea Materials needed 10" or better touch screen Hi Res pic of M1A1 Gunners sight and ballistic computer Maybe hi res FBCB2 graphic Port the 10" screen to work as keyboard Use it for mag toggle lever, main/coax switch, ammo select, TIS control etc. Reskin the map screen to look like FBCB2 with some functionalities included
  16. Nils hit the nail on the head...this is one of Don Hawes excellent control handles for AFVSim. I am also current US Army military and an M1A1/A2 tanker. Thanks W@NKER for sharing your workstation thats the kinda response I'm looking for (pictures). Id really like to know if anyones integrated touchscreen technology to simulate the clickable switches and buttons in a 3D interior. Ive dreamed of recreating the gunsight for an M1A1 or a virtual FBCB2 for gameplay. Maybe now that the T72M1 is playble AFVSims will push out a GCH for the T72-T80 series. SFC Getch
  17. Hi All, Now that 2.6 is here the update should inject new interest in playing. Ive been looking at different interfaces and the old mouse-joystick threads. I thought I would show off my SB Pro Workstation. Im thinking of integrating a touchpad for the "switchology" feel of real tanking but I think minus the smell of JP-4 and cordite my set-ups about as real as you get for tabletop tanking. Maybe more of you can show us your workstations. Getch
  18. I have always wondered why the HMMWV cant have at least two dismounts + the truck commander (squad leader). Getch
  19. Nils, Hopefully this opens doors for your company that were previously cracked open. Its too bad were pulling out of Iraq now but I'm sure there will still be a US Army presence with the M1A1 program still a factor at the Iraqi Armor School. Had this update been available a couple years ago it things may have been different. Even still the simulation still stands as the best COTS armor simulation money can buy. Thanks for your help then and my thanks for this upgrade. Respectully SFC Kerry Getchell 19K40
  20. How about "burning bridges" from Kellys Heros or "panzer lied" from Battle of the Bulge"
  21. Thinking about the "double-lay" idea....makes me wonder if the LRF cant be boresighted to the inverted vee aimpoint on the T72's reticle rather than the Lase circle, which on the reticles I've seen is quite low and right of center mass. I will try and ask this queston of local T72 experts.
  22. I have the same Joystick here. Logitech has software for download that allows you to choose dead zones and sensativity. You will need that to Numb the joystick down to where its not slewing the turret at mach 5
  23. Daskal There is a fantastic article on tank gunnery in one of the issues of the Armor and Cavalry Journal I have here in country. Its not really a layout but the concept the Army is considering for future layouts. Maybe you would be interested in seeing it. Let me know Getch
  24. ooo000OOO..lets see PM uhh PM...dahhh wheres the any key
  25. Hi All, Looking in the tutorials I notice that some Griffons and a Chinook fly in and drop about a squad of infantry each that proceed to march on my position. I would like to be able to use that feature and wonder how can I equip those assets to do that. It looks like I cant put troops into these carriers at this time. Is this true? SSG Getch
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