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  1. You might also need to split the formations into sections, rather than hoping that a 4 tank platoon will make it through...
  2. Breach works best in constrained terrain and with enemy presence. Only proviso is that ploughs and rollers are not recommended if you want to use it as a tactical movement option.
  3. An alternative for shots from the map (rather than or instead of observed fires) is to set the bearing line line to 0 mils, and then give N-S (over-short) and E-W (right-left) corrections. An 'Incorrect' method, but can be useful when the observer is also dropping in and out of other vehicles and can find the relationships of each call made and their directions of fire can be forgotten over time - while if the user was only directing fires, this would be easier to manage.
  4. The TC might be using the 50 cal as well. It is noticeable that the gunner holds the turret steady when the player is firing the 50 cal, so it is worth considering if this is the situation when observing the AI interactions also?
  5. Technically both will orbit around a locus of points as the sun moves within the galaxy. Within the solar system 'fixed' coordinates the sun and each of it's satellites orbit around point between them, biased strongly toward the sun due to it's greater mass, but the sun is perturbed by the motion of all of the satellites it has orbiting it, no matter how insignificantly small...
  6. One thing to do is to whitelist the aar folder in any antivirus and antispyware software.
  7. Nothing shown there indicates that isn't already done... this is indicating 3 companies of 3 platoons (this platoon strength not indicated). If not already accounted for then the platoons need replacing with the 4 tank equivalents to take the role of the MRR tank Bn. The Divisional TB is 5 (or sometimes 4?) companies of the 'normal' 10 tank company (3x 3 tank platoons). All the Tank Regiments use the 10 tank company formation as well.
  8. Use Excel: =(Normdist(0.5*tgtwidth, 0, .15*range(km),1)-Normdist(-0.5*tgtwidth, 0, .15*range(km),1))*(Normdist(0.5*tgthgt, 0, .15*range(km),1)-Normdist(-0.5*tgthgt, 0, .15*range(km),1)) Range, Aim 'perfect', Half form error (shorter dimension) 500m, .95, .50 1000m, .65, .46 1500m, .40, .33 2000m, .26, .23 2500m, .18, .17 3000m, .13, .12 With long range the assumption of perfect aim becomes less supportable, but it also becomes less critically important - with very tight groups an error of half target form will halve the accuracy, but with a highly dispersed group the reduction in accuracy will be far lower although the overall accuracy is lower:
  9. You always purchase the latest license version. With (historically) an occasional 'grace' period if purchasing immediately before a release cycle completes (or a temporary additional discount). If you had purchased 2.5x in early December, then you would need to update to 2.640, but purchasing now will get you 2.640, and the additional license was understood to be a secondary license for this later version.
  10. Ideally the 4th platoon would be a 4 tank platoon, rather than 3 tanks if from the MRB.
  11. I think one lesson to take away is that even with the heaviest armour package in the world it is only intended to protect against some hits, not all possible damage. You should train and employ your vehicle as if he can damage you frontally, because even an M1A1(HA) can and will sometimes be penetrated from the front by any significant ammunition that strikes a weak zone (sight hood, cupola, driver's hatch area, turret ring, mantlet edge etc.) The tactics you use shouldn't really differ much between a Leopard 1A5 and an M1A1(HA) - you do gain a few additional options with the slightly better ammunition, and the heavier armour gives a higher probability of surviving any return fire you draw - but the systems are not all protected (suspension and tracks, gun-tube, sights etc are all outside the armour envelope, and stabilisation and electronics are vulnerable to non-penetrating shock damage) and the flanks of the heavy tank are not significantly better than those of the lighter vehicle and are vulnerable at all ranges to tank ammunition. Given the choice I'd operate in the heavier armoured vehicle, but it cannot be assumed that protection is equivalent to invulnerability.
  12. Gunnery is ok, but hard gives the enemy AI an advantage and penalises friendly AI behaviour. For a balanced experience you should select medium difficulty.
  13. GH_Lieste

    Ohhh Canada!

    Without knowing anything better - looks like a unit coordination method - allowing left and right antenna (and therefore turret direction) to be observed, even if the vehicle is turret down (tall crops/dust)? This could allow the other vehicles to orient on the turret of the first vehicle to spot enemy without quite as much confusion as could exist.
  14. Glacis is nearer 7mm@80 and nose 19mm@57 degrees - both roughly 30mm LOS.
  15. No LRF, much less armour, poorer post-penetration survivability (in the A0 version) before the re-stow.
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