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  1. Hello, does anyone know the sce / operation "feuerengel" and a location from where i can download it? Thanks for your help. Greetings Sperber
  2. Noone doubt that the 9K135 is a strong missle. Maybe stronger than the BGM71D or the AGM 114K .... I dont know. But surely it has it's limitations ... Yours sincerely -Sperber-
  3. I think the KE/HEAT RHA equivalent figures wouldn't have been drawn in the tank diagram, if the were completely useless. So what is the better way to give a rough estimation about the armor strenght.? I think not everyone can test it out at home nor can he simulate the exact physics at the impact point. Yours sincerely -Sperber- Quote
  4. AT 14 is a really powerful ATGM penetrating the M1A2 SEPs turret front with 1511mm RHA Heat equivalent or the hull with with 2263mm RHA Heat equivalent. It will teach you not to rely on your front armor alone ... Yours sincerely -Sperber-
  5. Hello, first of all very good work, i'm very pleased with my SB 4.160 edition as a private player. I love the option to integrate APS Sytems in game too. By testing the AT 14 ATGM it seemed to me that it is a very potent weapon. It can punch through the frontal hull and turret armor of M1A2 SEP, T90S and T14 Armata tanks and destroy them completely. Is the AT14 really that strong or will the penetration model of the AT14 be adjusted? Thanks for your opinions and comments ... Yours sincerely -Sperber-
  6. Hello, what are the armor values of the M1A2 and the Leopard2A5A2DK, the M1A2SEP,the Challenger2 and the T 90S (all around, top and fllor plate) in the game? Is there any data available in the last manual? Will we see a M1A2SEP TUSK1/2 in the game in future? What is to expect about the side armor for this (against KE, HEAT, Tandem HEAT) ? Thanks for your Info.. Greetings Sperber
  7. Hello together, What' about a playable T80 and controllable Svir / Refleks missiles? Greetings Sperber
  8. So my next question is: How can I land helos and turn the engine off? Greetings Sperber
  9. Hello, can somone tell me how I can rearm , repair and refuel my helo, when it flxs in a defined regon . Thanks in advance Sperber
  10. Hello, can someone please give me an advice how I can define a region (Farp) for a helicopter, in which the helicopter is repaired and rearmed when the helo enters the region? I need it for my new sce. Thanks
  11. @Sean I'll go with you.... That's what i've meant about the defensive layout of the Leo. (using hull down positions, that counterbalances the "weak" hull armor ; ammo in hull, which can be reloaded quite quickly when the tank is in secure position, where the turret can be turned bachwards ) Greetings Sperber
  12. @GH Liste I would expect that the Leopard 2E has a far better frontal turret armor than the abrams. The frontal hull armor of the Leo 2E is weaker than the frontal hull armor of the abrams, i know. I'll retry the test sce with setting the ammo to unlimited to avoid that the "stupid" Ki of the Leos turn the turret backward to during the battle. A human comander would surely decide to drive his leo out of the firing zone and than reload the ammo. Th facts that the Leo's hull armor is weaker and that the ammo is stored in the hull, which can only be reloaded when the turret is turned backwards make me believe, that the Leo is "optimized" for fighting in defensive hull down positions, where a tank comander can back up to reload. Is that right? Greetings Sperber
  13. @ Ssnake: Hello, I made a test with 30 Abrams (newest americanKE round) fighting against 30 LeopardE (DM53/L55). conditions: - flat terrain - red and blue fcing each other at about 3 km I repeatetd the battle three times. This was a fight KI vs KI. Th result was that the Abrams had far lower casualities than the leopard 2E. Therefor my question: Is the abrams better armored over the frontal arc than the leopard 2E? Greetings Sperber
  14. Does anyone have links/urls to internet pages with pictures/information about the various russian explosive reactive armor types? Especially the following: Kontakt 1 era Kontakt 5 era Relikt era kaktus era Are there any books available about various era types? Greeting Sperber
  15. So will the ki of the 2s6 be improved with the next patch? Greetings Sperber
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