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  1. Didn't there used to be the option to sit in crew positions ? I'm sure I remember launching missiles from a chopper
  2. NickMow

    Re-skinned Warrior MCV

    Tidy job that mate
  3. It's a common theme in pretty much every community especially in simulation. There are always always those who's loud whinny voices seem the loudest and most persistant. I can't think of any other software in my extensive collection that has such an intimate, two way and enjoyable relationship with the Devs. They are gracious and clearly passionate about SB and seem to listen and exchange ideas with us, the users/fans/idiots :cool3: So.....to let Fly a salvo in the general direction of the trolls, the critics and the nay Sayers too right ! ..Bloody Good Show ! and well deserved. I shall wear my ESim games shirt today in tribute :gun:
  4. Could t you creat individual teams to suit and then change name/Callsigns ?
  5. We're on Alpha until 27th then switch back to Zulu
  6. Perfect, works really well. Dropping off ATGM teams alles ├╝ber die platz :gun:
  7. Ahh ok so on the route line not the waypoint. I'll give that a go. Thanks Chief
  8. Damn sorry missed the reply, would of been a worthy hour or two. Any way he's trotted off now. Got to get online more with SB
  9. Thanks for the heads up Boss. Of course what I should be doing is running some training drills in the editor but with forum member Big Nose Zero Three currently crashing at mine, drinking all my Nesspresso abusing the cat and flirting outrageously with the Domestic commander. I need to distract him with SB. I even got an extra licence as I knew the fecker would forget his Dongle ! I think between us we got half a century of military involvement so how the chuff we can't get a battle group across a bloody bridge is beyond me. (It's Him, he won't listen .....give em space Wilf don't try and cross more than one troop at once..no no no. All pile in, drowned Packs left right and centre) still I quite like the LAD role driving the Wisent and un-ditching Combat Team Half Witts Panzers. Will jig up a demo before Captain Coffee awakes ! (You reading this Wilf ?) :bigsmile:
  10. Any tips on getting a troop of vehicles to cross A. Regular Bridge B. Tank laid bridge. Not specifically in the ME or even in planning phase. What waypoints are you setting and how far from the Bridges to get your Panzers to roll over a bridge in good order ? Ie. Breach, March or what ? Is it different to,get over a tank bridge ? I have done the nav mesh thing, so I'm guessing its a finger trouble problem :c:
  11. Ahhh, so obvious when you know how ! Thanks DF :luxhello:
  12. So exploiting the new chopper capability with 3.02, trying to get a flight to hit an LZ and deposit troops and poodle off. So most of this is fine choppers come in to a "ground level" waypoint. Troops pile out in good order, Choppers lift and wiz off dramatically etc etc. troops then start heading for the same checkpoint as the choppers....? How do I get the troops to debus and stay put ? I don't want to PRE assign them routes if possible as the airmobile company needs to be flexible. In summary, Drop off troops, troops stay put (until ordered otherwise) Choppers depart, Ride of the Valkerie etc etc How ?
  13. You got to understand that two creaky ex Soldiers are now sat across from each other in my Den, spitting feathers lol "Effin Range Card, why didnt we think of that !" LOL thanks again
  14. Great thanks for that. much appreciated
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