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  1. The only ROE I've ever operated under when I was downrange was "Shoot to eliminate the threat," but I never served in the conventional force-on-force phase of a war (Lucky me, or something... :-? ). "Eliminate the threat" has more wiggle room than Clausewitz's call to "destroy the enemy." This is a little OT, but Volcano, do you notice the Army slacking off on teaching its young soldiers about reacting to unlawful orders? I've heard the same complaint elsewhere. If so, that's troubling given the kinds missions they find themselves in anymore.
  2. Syrian armor and grunts positioning on protesters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzlN69i6_4w&feature=player_embedded Translation from Arabic: "COMP'ny! Atten-SHUN! Gagglef*ck, MARCH! Your left. Your left...Rout step, MARCH!"
  3. F*cking damn graduate students who need their team leaders to micromanage their goddamn end of the class project. It's called COMMANDER'S INTENT!!! RRRRGGGG...Learn it! Know it! BE-KNOW-DO!!!!!! Use some bloody goddam initiative and FIGURE IT OUT! Blaragafafafaglahdlkfjad;lfjaflk!!!! (huff, huff...):mad2:
  4. Ssnake, I need to delete myself! They were set to "blind." More specifically, I had set them to blind a couple of weeks ago when I was testing something on the mission and forgot. But, I learned something: When a tank is blind, it blinds the gunner--literally blinds him. That's why I was confused when I was jumping on the tanks and telling the gunner to "F'ing shoot the sonofabitch!!!" and nothing happened until I grabbed the override pulled triggers. I had thought the "blind" function was just some logic thing for computer-controlled vehicles that went away when a player took the vehicle over. Ralphie: "Now I know!" Duke: "And knowing is half the battle!" (Singing) "G.I. JOE!!!!!"
  5. I think there IS a bug in there somewhere. I'm designing a mission on a map I customized, and the blue M1A1(HA) gunners aren't firing. They're fully operational with orders to defend/fire at will. I even pulled them away from any trees and put them out in the open, and still nothing. The infantry, Leo 2 A4's I threw in, and the red forces are firing just fine. To make things even weirder, I parked a platoon of blue M1A1's 1200 meters away from a platoon of red T72's on a blank map with defend/fire at will orders--and the M1's slaughtered them in that mission. Something weird going on, I think...
  6. Gawd! I almost tossed my cookies watching that vid! :shocked:
  7. BTW, how far down the list are crewable VBIEDs? Gunnery on those things would be a breeze! Hell, maybe I could finally hit that elusive 70% gunnery score...:debile2:
  8. ...make sure the damage models are squared away: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3684173378534198471# Just sayin'...:diable:
  9. UPDATE: Got my new CM stick in the mail, and everything seems to be working fine! The take-away: If your dog jumps out of your lap and knocks the CM stick out of your USB drive and bends the thing so much that the case splits open, don't bend it back into place, apply 100 mph tape, and think you've fixed it permanently. Just cough up the 35 bucks and let the boys in California send you a new one. Also, don't shoot your computer unless you are certain of your backstop. :gun: These are valuable lessons I have learned the hard way, but if I can save just ONE SB player from making the same mistakes that I have, it will have been worth it. (PS: I'm available for speaking engagements on this vital subject for a reasonable fee. Just bury US$500 in a coffee can in the yard beneath your kitchen window, and you will be contacted :debile2:) "Hose 'em, Lenny!"
  10. It's the two-piece stick. That dog busted the stick WIIIIIIDDDDE open--I saw circuit board!
  11. So Maj. FUBAR brought up a good point when he and I were skyping; my CM stick is being held together with 100mph tape after it was damaged a month ago by a clumsy chihuaha. I taped it up and it worked fine until I upgraded to CM Runtime 4.2. Maybe the damage has finally caught up with me. Ssnake, I sent ESims an email from the website to this effect under the "Get a new dongle" link, but I'll let you know here as well. I probably needed to get a new dongle a month ago, but hell--it was working fine taped together! :debile2: I can't wait to kill tanks!
  12. I just tried it--and got an internal error: "Internal Error 2324.2 C/Windows/system32/WibuCMweb64.dll" I think there's a clue in there--".....CMweb64.dll" in the System32 folder. Hmm.... Update: Tried it again, and it installed. Restarted the computer--and still no go. The CM support person didn't know what to make of the activity log message. I sent him the "CmDust-Result.log" like he asked. Looks like it's beyond the scope of our forum to fix. If I learn anything useful out of this, I'll post a debrief and AAR in case anyone runs across the same wacky activity log messages that I did. Or, it could just be a loose nut behind the keyboard who needs his headspace and timing adjusted with a pipe wrench. I still haven't dismissed that possibility
  13. I mean, did something get all cocked up when I updated the license? The stick has been squirrely on the two machines I've owned with two different operating systems (XP and Windows 7 Professional). I even downloaded the 64-bit version of the CM Runtime directly from the Codemeter website. I turned off my firewall and virus protection, and I turned it back on. Nothing. I've tried every USB plug on the machine. Nothing. My Java's up to date. I haven't dicked around with any other settings or hardware on the machine. (End of technically useful information; rant follows) I don't expect anyone to lose sleep over this because it's no big deal in the scheme of things--but I am extremely vexed right now. My $125 game worked yesterday. Now that it's a $150 game, it doesn't. </rant> Note: If anyone wants to serenade me with a teeny, tiny violin, my favorite song is "My Heart Bleeds Purple Piss."
  14. Sorry--I meant 4.20a. It was late and I had a hard time seeing past the blood and range gushing into my eyeballs. And yes, I uninstalled my earlier version of SB. Also--I think I'm up to date on Java. I just updated the thing maybe a couple of weeks ago.
  15. Installed update (v2.5....) Paid my $25, updated my licence. Installed CM Runtime V 2.4. Now the CM stick won't read. I get "Box Event HW 410-535 (1053175) occurred" over and over and over and over again in the Code Meter control panel events tab. I uninstalled CM Runtime V 2.4. I uninstalled the SB update. Then I reinstalled everything. Still Tango Uniform. It worked before--and now it doesn't. I'm about to unload 1x magazine 5.56 NATO into my f-ing computer. Any other suggestions before I pull triggers?
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