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  1. enigma Its been a while....I have a fair amount of rust to shake off and new stuff to learn but would be interested in taking part. Regards Paladin
  2. Saturday 7th COOP mission

    This looks like as a good a time to return to action as any...Will do my best to be there.
  3. Prompt response

    Getting a response to a support question in a mater of hours as opposed to days of waiting is a rare thing these days.Another area where esim games excels.It was much appreciated. Regards Paladin ( Walt )
  4. Prompt response

    Will be a bit before I jump back into TGIF. Considering my last installed version was 2.460 I have a great deal of stuff to catch up on.
  5. Prompt response

    Hey Tacbat how ya been ? Yup its time for Paladin to return to the fray.
  6. Restarting ARRC?

    Good games guy's...Thanks. Did manage to shack a little of the rust off !!!!!
  7. Restarting ARRC?

    Anybody heard from SB's best recon officer (Stalin) ?
  8. Panzer Elite - a blast from the past

    Great old game...still have it and fire it up every once and a while
  9. Restarting ARRC?

    Cr*P !!! where the h*ll did I put the keys to the CV90 ? If I can find them I will be there...hell will be there anyway.
  10. Restarting ARRC?

    Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. No opponents needed

    Well I am an American and seem to remember a rather short Corsican fellow owning most of Europe for a number of years.
  12. Hello Bard....been awhile (IL2) count me in
  13. Restarting ARRC?

    Any news on this ?
  14. Tuesday Night Tanks

    If I can remember/relearn what key does what bye Tuesday I will jump in if there is an open slot.
  15. Restarting ARRC?

    Now where the H*ll is Stalin ? we would need our recon troop commander back if this comes to pass. As for help with missions I will do my best to help out.
  16. Restarting ARRC?

    Paladin pulls off the tarp and back his CV90 out of the garage!!!! If this comes to pass count me as back in.provided of course that there is a spot for ARRCs resident disagreeable yank. Paladin
  17. Suspension of ARRC training

    A sad thing to say the least.very enjoyable group to play with. More then a little surprised that it was allowed to die.
  18. ARRC training day

    Hmmm seems somebody has something massive stuck in his colon.....Again !!! Hedgehog and assorted lurkers I am ARRC newest member and do not consider myself a good player.I do however enjoy playing in a close knit team environment and that I believe is what lead to my being invited to join ARRC. As for Stalin you will be hard pressed to find a better teammate, I don't give a damn how good his English is.
  19. ARRC training day

    Yeah I was hopping that wouldn't show up ! :redface: 3/A was providing me with more then a little frustration with AI drivers wandering off and getting lost.Was more like trying to heard cats then control a platoon.Seemed like every time I looked I was missing somebody...usually 33/A....would detach himself and meander off into the woods
  20. ARRC training day

    Excellent briefing Zipuli.....Thanks ..A big help to me.
  21. ARRC training day

    Thanks for the invite to play again this past Sunday.Always good games when played the ARRC way.............
  22. The REALLY ANGRY MANS thread

    42...52...so F**king what...just turned 57 and still have a kid living at home !!!! its a plot !!! They keep rotating home every year or so ....I think there Mother is behind the whole DAMN thing. Then there is the "Stuff" !!! George Carlin was rite !! there is a machine here somewhere that the wife use's to manufacture the Damn "Stuff"...its every where !!! The only reason the Son hasn't moved back home is because his old room is full of it!!! Floor to sealing boxes of it ,Hundreds of them !!!!! Been looking for that infernal machine for the best part of 25 years still haven't found it...... Then there is the Youngest Daughters boy friends...Wake the F**k up morons the bill of your hat is supposed to be to the front NOT the side !!! and while your at it might help to check the tag on your pants before ya buy them that way MAYBE you will end up with a pair that isn't all the time trying to fall off .I do have to admit there is a certain entertainment value when Rosco (my dog) gets them hopping around the living room like there feet are on fire and there ass's are catch'in when they come to visit........The more people I meet the more I like that dog !!!!!!!!!!
  23. ARRC training day

    Thanks for allowing me to participate Sunday...great stuff.
  24. ARRC training day

    Thanks for allowing us to join in last Sunday.If in the future you folks find yourselves short of players please don't hesitate to contact me .