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  1. Sorry to be late to your question(s) Ssnake! (have been totally occupied by CMANO and DCS lately) I would just like to add that "no" - it is not too complex. My goal with the sim is to create scenarios and learn different solutions based on terrain and maps. I know how to handle only 2-3 units ingame and still look forward to learn other systems. It is a good thing to have these "unknowns" to be explored! I usually create simple scenarios, but it often turns out being pretty complex to complete, and that is a strong point with this sim. I hope SBProPE will stay the same in terms of game/sim mechanics.
  2. Ingolf

    Tactical FPS

    That proper SAS engagement made my day 😀 Recognize the actor from "the young ones" (The Anarchist). What is the title of the movie again, "Whoops apochalyps"?
  3. I've not taken the time to answer this question because it is quite a complex question! In short, no - SBProPE is not too complex. In fact, the "complexity" level is the no 1 reason that drew me to the "game" in the first place, and also kept me here. But I'm one of those that always see something to learn, something to test or something to not understand(?!!). Not a generic "gamer" per se, I guess. I do not have any suggestions at the moment except "keep level as is". It is unique and extremely satisfying.
  4. Ingolf


    Sounds good stormrider_sp! One of the features I suggested (was a betatester for CMANO) was adding hypertext links from the message window to the actual event. It seems it has been an attempt to implement it? Do you know anything about adding custom GIS data (shape-files) to the scenario editor? This was another request/suggestion I had 5 years ago :) I'll get it sooner or later, I guess it is not "dumbed-down", rather made more accessible?
  5. Ingolf


    Not sure I'm going to get CMO, since I still play CMANO and like it a lot. One argument is that CMANO will no longer be developed, I guess. Have you gents anything to say about the new release in comparison to CMANO? I'll get 50% discount until January 31, so there's some time to make up ones mind :)
  6. Ingolf

    Tactical FPS

    Thank you for the elaborate answer to my question! I'll check it out more closely - sounds like heaps of fun already. Just need to cut down on my game-time with NiteTeam4
  7. Ingolf

    Tactical FPS

    I've kept my eyes on SC since the kickstarter days but never bought into it. I opted for Elite Dangerous at the time and have had a blast with that (and still do). However, I will probably get into SC sooner or later. At this stage, is there a solid gameplay experience or just demo sections? When would you suggest to jump into SC if I'm looking for a little more than just testing things out?
  8. Ingolf

    Tactical FPS

    I'm interested in both MS FS 2020 and the above (Task Force Admiral). Both looks pretty promising. 😀
  9. Ingolf


    Have been playing "Radio Commander" and have progressed to mid-mission 5 (The Convoy). Really like it. It has its issues but I think of it as features (not-knowing-factor). The well made maps and execution does appeal to me, still room for improvements but it is a game in my taste - no doubt! Also played around with the editor, but it was not very intuitive (no manual as of yet). Hoping for a great editor in the long run. [EDIT] Coming back to Radio Commander, it is (at moments) amazing (well, if you - like me - can feel immersed and see the events playing out on the map). You need a bit of history and little imagination, put on some actual radio-chatter from Nam in the background and you're off on a cool journey into the Vietnam djungle. What I see foremost is potential. At this stage it is quite limited with a linear campaign, but the mechanics - connected to the map - seems quite potent.
  10. You certainly did! 😁 Welcome!
  11. My rig is not very powerful (win10, RAM 32, i7 7700/GTX1080Ti), but do the job on two monitors.
  12. Works now! ( I had to check my LAN config, open ports were set wrong) This is sweet. This way, I can be both the good guys and the bad guys 😀. But, the best is, I can keep my map open on the second screen, all the time. Lot's of other fun stuff. Thanks Gibsonm for testing. Cheers
  13. Gibsonm, yes 2 (of the same) executable on the same PC. Using one as host and other as client connecting to I think I need to look up what ports I have open, this might have changed from last time I did this with 4.023. I'll report back if I get it to work. Cheers
  14. Ssnake, Good to hear there was no change in the licensing part (if that's correct). I am aware of the practical part, in running this in 2 instances, yes. It could however be of interest for everyone to know that it works quite well in limited scenarios, 2-3 platoons, covert ops with limited contacts, so to say. I will experiment a bit more with 4.157 and see if it's just my LAN playing tricks on me. 😀
  15. I am having a bit of a trial and error trying to run 2 instances on the same PC & LAN. I want to do this in order to keep action on one screen and the map on the other. So I connect to myself - sort of. Great for having a local HQ following the action. This worked fine in 4.023, but perhaps switching from win7 to win10 also affect this? I would like to hear if anybody else is using SB this way (mostly when designing scenarios). I might have to check my ports/tunnels as well, any thoughts welcome! /Ingolf
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