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  1. Looks interesting, yes. But as Ssnake states above, it comes down to so much more. We've seen this with the Outerra engine and nothing has really come out of it yet. MSFS2020 is perhaps the best example of "global" coverage yet. As a GIS specialist I have all the data available on-screen everyday. The question is what you do with it, and how. Still, interesting.
  2. I tried GRBP for an hour or so and refunded it. Just could not stand the 3rd person viewpoint. I think we're talking about the same game(?) Love many of the previous GR titles.
  3. Beyond the wire looks interesting. I have not been into Squad yet due to DCS and Arma, but perhaps BTW will get me in 😀
  4. Thanks for tip. Will try the Demo. Will be a good break from Shapez.io 😁
  5. Ingolf


    Me and my student buddy played the h*** out of this back in the days! 😀
  6. That is pretty neat! I think I must have that Supercarrier addon!
  7. Ready or not seems like a waste to me. I need a 3D-shooter that is considering every meter I take,,, Like Raven shield. Love it. Thanks for posting the updates, Red!
  8. Ingolf


    Did you mention Second Front? Looks a bit like Close Combat in a new costume. be/zFXoZXhttps://youtu.3TCss
  9. Wow, that looks epic! ^^ Still play Raven Shield with a couple of friends. This could be interesting indeed.
  10. Ingolf


    Sea Power caught my interest at first, but looking at that trailer, i'ts going to be another arcade shooter. Looks just like everything else, unfortunately (just first impressions)
  11. Sorry to be late to your question(s) Ssnake! (have been totally occupied by CMANO and DCS lately) I would just like to add that "no" - it is not too complex. My goal with the sim is to create scenarios and learn different solutions based on terrain and maps. I know how to handle only 2-3 units ingame and still look forward to learn other systems. It is a good thing to have these "unknowns" to be explored! I usually create simple scenarios, but it often turns out being pretty complex to complete, and that is a strong point with this sim. I hope SBProPE will stay the same in terms of game/sim mechanics.
  12. That proper SAS engagement made my day 😀 Recognize the actor from "the young ones" (The Anarchist). What is the title of the movie again, "Whoops apochalyps"?
  13. I've not taken the time to answer this question because it is quite a complex question! In short, no - SBProPE is not too complex. In fact, the "complexity" level is the no 1 reason that drew me to the "game" in the first place, and also kept me here. But I'm one of those that always see something to learn, something to test or something to not understand(?!!). Not a generic "gamer" per se, I guess. I do not have any suggestions at the moment except "keep level as is". It is unique and extremely satisfying.
  14. Ingolf


    Sounds good stormrider_sp! One of the features I suggested (was a betatester for CMANO) was adding hypertext links from the message window to the actual event. It seems it has been an attempt to implement it? Do you know anything about adding custom GIS data (shape-files) to the scenario editor? This was another request/suggestion I had 5 years ago :) I'll get it sooner or later, I guess it is not "dumbed-down", rather made more accessible?
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