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  1. Tactical FPS

    A big KCD fan here. Not sure where I am in the story, but it doesn't really matter - so much fun to to mix side-quests with main plot and try to figure out which is what and what am I actually doing? Like life itself
  2. Wargames

    Will check out Terminal Conflict. It bothers me that there is no save option. Has anyone tried/understood the editor capabilities?
  3. Wargames

  4. Wargames

    Really enjoy browsing through this thread. Thanks Red for the links and taking the time to share. Keep it up, I always check your thread when browsing SBProPE forums in general.
  5. Next SB PRO PE upgrade?

    That's perfectly understandable, Ssnake! Eventually that light will turn green. Thanks for the hard work.
  6. Main Menu Redesign

    Appreciate what you are trying to do here. But, I actually like the way the menu system works now. I mean; it just works. Don't feel put off by my comments though, I'd be the first to recognize improved functionality.
  7. Ho-Ho-Ho! Release Notes are up.

    Very nice X-mas present! Ho-ho! Easy install. Going through the update notes now. Thanks also Gibsonm for hosting the *.rar temporarily.
  8. Ho-Ho-Ho! Release Notes are up.

    It's coming mpow66m, you're well prepared...
  9. Ho-Ho-Ho! Release Notes are up.

    Wow, thanks for all the hard work! Looking forward to whatever (and whenever) this update will be available for this fantastic gaming community. Also, Merry X-mas to all and a happy new 2018! Pressing F5, F5, F5, F5... lol
  10. Virtual Reality support?

    Of course our (personal desktop users) share is too low. We're just a few riding the waves. And I have absolutely nothing to say about that but "THANKS" eSim for providing the personal desktop version. (Well, not really true, I've asked for the ability to create maps using GIS-data in the PE-version, since I'm a GIS-developer myself). I don't think that the VR discussion is out of place here, but expect little until pressure comes from the industry...
  11. Virtual Reality support?

    Skybird, no need to dampen my enthusiasm. I know perfectly well what's going on. The demand for VR-development might even (some day, if not already) come from the professional military environment. Something I'd ask for if I was head of education in a SIM-department. No pain, no gain - and esim should know about it. Whether or not it's a good investment - today - is up to esim to decide. We, as personal users, can only benefit from it if development takes this direction. If there's no demand for VR in the military industry, fine! I'll use my personal gear for DCS (and other development branches) and continue enjoying SBproPE for what it is - namely a superb desktop simulator!
  12. Virtual Reality support?

    I can imagine one of the biggest thresholds is the FPS and SB being quite heavy on CPU. It has to deliver steady 45/90FPS (or more for future technology?) and at the same time carry out all the calculations. But we sure are a bunch around here that could assist with a VR-beta-branch when/if SB feels it's ready to go down that road.
  13. Virtual Reality support?

    I could see SB being a fantastic VR-title in the future. - The interiors, - The outdoors, - Situation awareness, - The pace, - The action. Some complex parts of SB that has to be developed, but I personally feel it is a very suitable concept for VR. That being said, it may have to wait for a massive development effort (just speculating), new approach/engine(s) etc. I do DCS, IL2, AC, ED, Bridge Crew and Lunar Flight in VR.
  14. can we output the F5 map to a different monitor?

    What Ssnake said. I do this quite often, especially when designing new scenarios. Very simple proceedure.
  15. Death of A Card

    All hail the new Card!
  16. Wargames

    I use VR for Bridge Command, DCS, Assetto Corsa, ETS2/ATS and Elite Dangerous. Quite immersive indeed. Also, I love Space Shuttle Mission. Think I did almost every mission just in time they dropped the whole (real) program.
  17. The August 2017 eclipse

    Thanks Rotareneg for sharing those amazing pictures!
  18. Wargames

    I might just add this gem here then: A really nice strategy freebee as in FreeOrion!
  19. I bought it (War in the West) on Xmas-sale last year but have had very little time to get into it. Still, I know I will some day (when kids grow little older and I can play normal hours, lol). I'll try to get hold of that nice looking game manual, would be a nice to read when summer days gets shorter now. A nice feature of CMANO is how you can spread out the game over a tripple monitor setup. Missions and reports on the left monitor, unit database on the right and deployment/action map in the center. Not sure how GGWitW can use tripple monitors the best way, anybody have any tips/experience?
  20. The Operational Art of War IV (TOAW) preview

    I've had my eyes on this for a while. Good to hear it's soon to be released. Not sure I will get into it right away - many other titles competing for my time at the moment (SB being one of them).
  21. A simple SB CPU benchmark

    After hardware upgrade: 64 FPS 7700k @4.5 1080Ti 16GB RAM Win10 3840*1080 All Standard Settings (quite similar to Haferja)
  22. A simple SB CPU benchmark

    It seems we run identical specs. I do get 60 fps when paused and 36 fps when unpaused. There's no way I get 60 fps so I wonder what specials you're running? As Rotareneg already asked, I would also like to know if the graphics card may be the diference?
  23. A simple SB CPU benchmark

    36 fps (same with vsync off). | i7 2600K quad@3.40Ghz| GTX 560 Ti | RAM: 16GB | PSU: 750w | W7 x64 | G25 | LG1680x1050+Acer 1280x1024 |
  24. As I understand it eSim is in the works of creating: roadbanks/escarpments to level out the roads on top of coarse elevation data (which is great) introduce a woodland fractal-like topography on-top of coarse elevation data, to reduce the "flat-terrain-factor" (also great) I see this as a measure to create more believable terrain out of free/open elevation data. My question is (for the future): Can SBProPE make good use of real point-clouds (i.e. laser data) down to 0.25-1.0 m resolution? This would apparently (to a degree) eliminate the need for 1 and 2 above. How are the thoughts going about this for now? Graphics engine limitations? Perhaps this is already utilized in the classroom version? The trend towards more and denser open data is speaking for itself, but it will take some time (if ever) before the high-res datasets are being released as open data (depending on national policies). As I work with advanced GIS on a daily basis, I was just curious to hear if eSim could elaborate on the future thoughts on terrain representation (including infrastructure) and the fact that there are fantastic data available, just not yet with a cheap price-tag. All the best, and thanks (for the 100'd time) for a fantastic sim , /Ingolf
  25. Efforts on terrain representation

    Aha, so I was not entirely mistaken. I am not a fan of noise overlays as it looks too artificial in my opinion. But each to their own, having the option is perhaps a good idea. Still, at 10m data I would go without the noise. The most interesting algorithm now then is the levelling of the road-/railroadtextures. If that auto-generates roadbanks and cuts into adjacent slopes, it would be truly awesome. I worked on such an algorithm for a personal "tank project" using the CryEngine 4 Sandbox. Good to hear you're ready for the sub-meter data once/if it becomes more of a standard. Thanks again, Ssnake, for taking the time to still my curiosity. /Ingolf