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  1. My rig is not very powerful (win10, RAM 32, i7 7700/GTX1080Ti), but do the job on two monitors.
  2. Works now! ( I had to check my LAN config, open ports were set wrong) This is sweet. This way, I can be both the good guys and the bad guys 😀. But, the best is, I can keep my map open on the second screen, all the time. Lot's of other fun stuff. Thanks Gibsonm for testing. Cheers
  3. Gibsonm, yes 2 (of the same) executable on the same PC. Using one as host and other as client connecting to I think I need to look up what ports I have open, this might have changed from last time I did this with 4.023. I'll report back if I get it to work. Cheers
  4. Ssnake, Good to hear there was no change in the licensing part (if that's correct). I am aware of the practical part, in running this in 2 instances, yes. It could however be of interest for everyone to know that it works quite well in limited scenarios, 2-3 platoons, covert ops with limited contacts, so to say. I will experiment a bit more with 4.157 and see if it's just my LAN playing tricks on me. 😀
  5. I am having a bit of a trial and error trying to run 2 instances on the same PC & LAN. I want to do this in order to keep action on one screen and the map on the other. So I connect to myself - sort of. Great for having a local HQ following the action. This worked fine in 4.023, but perhaps switching from win7 to win10 also affect this? I would like to hear if anybody else is using SB this way (mostly when designing scenarios). I might have to check my ports/tunnels as well, any thoughts welcome! /Ingolf
  6. Yes, Hoover, that is my general polycy too - keep the SSD for general machinery, But at the moment I just set it all up on SSD. Feels nice in-game. Will probably switch to "normal" locations down the road. My gaming rig is not dead serious considering the data on it, so I can just sweep it clean any day. Thanks for your input though! Cheers!
  7. True this ^^ Played around for an hour and really liked what I saw... and shot dead 😀
  8. Yes, I'll probably try all on the SSD for a start. The problem might araise if more maps see daylight, but it's always possible to re-shuffle the datalocations. Appreciate your swift reply, Ssnake! I might even make some benchmark tests between the options listed above - to guide others while at it. Great times ahead, thanks for the hard work!
  9. Great, I just saw the post with the SB installer - downloading now! So, I tried to keep up with the info regarding the installation procedure and I'm pretty clear about the options (also read thru the release notes). In order to get the best performance, do I 1. install everything on my C:\ SSD? 2. install game on C:\ SSD and maps on an internal SATA (to conserve SSD-space for other apps & windows etc)? 3. install game on C:\ SSD and maps on an external USB-connected HD (NTFS) (to conserve space on my SATA)? 4. install game and maps on internal SATA? I guess 1) is the optimal choise, but would there be a difference in game performance between 2) and 3)? Would 4) be a bad choise if I have space for the game on the SSD? Or is it better for the maps to be on an SSD? Many questions, but I hope you can help me save some testing times based on your combined experiences! Happy battles!
  10. Hmm... I havn't tried to install the binaries yet - just downloaded. Will do tomorrow in order to assist and give feedback.
  11. Thank you eSim for providing the maps as a pre-download! Hard work - great stuff! FYI, with a download rate at about 50 Mb/s it takes half an hour to download the whole package if using 3 nodes simultaneously, 3 x 9 min (didn't want to occupy all nodes at the same time). Just if anyone else wants to plan their download in between real life events 😁... Cheers, Ingolf
  12. Sweet! Good luck with the release!
  13. Still have my C64 and Amiga500. Started the C64 in 2017 and it was running fine. Gotta love this nostalgia
  14. I don't see any specific breakthrough here. I know AMD needs to catch up, and it is good they provide better architecture.
  15. Thank you Ssnake for taking the time to confirm this! Customers can sometimes be a pai* *n th* *ss, right?! I pre-ordered and got a confirmation onscreen directly. 10 seconds later, the confirmation dropped into my email inbox. I'll get the printed manual later, or just print it myself, unless I enjoy the digital version on my pad. I rely on the cable for downloading the maps later on (got 100Mbit/s connection, EU). Exiting times ahead for every PC-tankers!
  16. Thanks Rotareneq! That's what I was hoping for. I have my old printed manual but might get the upgraded one sent to me later on. Quite a few updates there I guess. So the pre-order is a better deal, instead of waiting for the release? I'm not in a hurry, but if I save a few bucks I could just as well pre-order to show my interest and appreciation of this brilliant sim. All the best, /Ingolf
  17. Great news! Pardon me for not being completely up to date with the new release content/concept. To put it simply: 1. I own SBProPE 4.023 (full/unlimited) with my current license on a Codemeter-stick 2. I want everything new in 4.1 (think I'm referring mostly to the maps-update here and know it's a lot of data to download) 3. Do I have to order maps upgrade on a DVD or can I download them as they become available online? I see a pricetag at $25.00 that would fit me, but do I get the maps upgrade (new terrain features) with that? Thanks for any clarification, cheers all happy tankers! /Ingolf
  18. Ingolf


    Steel Division 2 looks kinda neat. Will keep my eyes on it!
  19. Thanks Ssnake for keeping us up-to-date! Thanks also to all beta-testers! This sim rocks - yesterday, today, tomorrow!
  20. Ingolf


    Radio Commander looks interesting to me. I see quite a big potential and fun-factor for such a game (if made right). I'll take a look and see if it's my cup of tea. Thanks for tips!
  21. Ingolf

    Tactical FPS

    A big KCD fan here. Not sure where I am in the story, but it doesn't really matter - so much fun to to mix side-quests with main plot and try to figure out which is what and what am I actually doing? Like life itself
  22. Ingolf


    Will check out Terminal Conflict. It bothers me that there is no save option. Has anyone tried/understood the editor capabilities?
  23. Ingolf


    Really enjoy browsing through this thread. Thanks Red for the links and taking the time to share. Keep it up, I always check your thread when browsing SBProPE forums in general.
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