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  1. I restarted it, as recommended, and it was done in under a minute this time. Thank you , no idea what went wrong on first attempt. Cheers!
  2. Hello guys, after like a year of pause i wanted to jump back in and i downloaded 4.267 bundle installer.. All was ok at first, downloaded everything, removed previous version, installed game, then dongle update then map pack and when it come to SV legacy maps it got stuck. By stuck i mean im waiting for it for over an hour now and progress bar is not moving from this position on screen: Should i just kill it and play the game, since it seems hashing is the problem, or should i give it another hour..? My hardware shouldnt be a problem since i have quite good PC. Just before i saw there is new version i did few runs on training range and everything was perfectly smooth.
  3. Thank you all for the tips and help - installing the Map tools did the trick.
  4. Im not sure Sir, i downloaded and installed this file: SBLegacyMapsSetup.exe Other files listed on download page looked like to me as some tools i dont want to fiddle with.
  5. I have checked that first before everything, paths are ok.. Only there is no list of old available maps to choose from in editor. Only 4-5 of new ones. And you cant browse them from editor at all. Did all this had to be so complicated? Why is this update so borked - i never had so much issues since like i started with SB series back in 2001. EDIT - what "packages" of map? Sorry i think im not following you at all... I have multiple directories within maps folder and that is that, no map packages. I know that game at one point offered somewhere something about packages but i refused that whatever it was. What is the extension i should be looking for? Or should i check the windows registry ( and i really wouldnt like to go there).
  6. Despite downloading map package for legacy scenarios not a single one works. Not the one i made, not the one i downloaded, hell even those coming with a game are not working. Im getting same error for each one of them - map doesnt exist, except that map exists im looking at it in file browser. Even opening scenario in mission editor doesnt work - it wants from me to replace map, but i cant replace map when it is not on the list of offered maps ( altho i did installed legacy package in its default path, since you cant even change path which is terrible, my C drive is now down to under 1 Gb of free space.) Removing everything including deleting scenarios completely and reinstalling didnt helped as well. Game still dont see the maps i need to play scenario i want. So im stuck with tank range for last few weeks trying this and that and that and this to no avail. What am i doing wrong ?? Obviously ppl can play old scenarios without any issue with maps. But even old scenarios aside - not even ones within game work so something is wrong definitely i just cant figure out what. First i thought it is my hardware, but all drives work fine, game just dont see maps.
  7. Thank you ill have to go tomorrow through the whole list, somehow i think there is a conflict in default settings for LEo and Abrams families. For first it is dynamic lead, for second it is palm switch disengage.
  8. This is #1 on my list of suspicious things... But i never changed any input in between 4.013 and latest 4.161. (if my memory serves me) I use latest SB pro, clean installation and i use X55 Saitek HOTAS without throttle quadrant in this case, and in combination with Track IR and Voice Attack. Everything else i have trie din past few hours worked, issue is with this input from joystick, and even that is weird because pressing P key does the trick, but not pressing the joystick button itself despite it working 24h ago. Reverting everything to default, didnt helped, that same button again assigned to Dynamic Lead for Gunner in Leo 2 stops the turred dead in its track, like i tried to hold same button in Abrams. Effect is identical - no traverse or elevation. Im confused as hell...
  9. Well if it wasnt for the other games or vehicles i would say that joystick or its software went crazy - but DCS works fine, Elite is fine, FSX and Xplane are fine... only SB is acting up.
  10. Upgraded today to latest version, it seems for some reason my dynamic lead button on joystick is now shutting down the turret making it immobile instead to apply the lead. Other already assigned controls from same joystick work ( thermal, lasing, B/W hot etc.) but not the dynamic lead. Even reverting to defaults for all assigned controls and assigning just same button for dynamic lead had same issues. Any ideas? Bug or some systems have changed so i need to go through all tutorials ( but i tried tutorial for Leo2 gunner and it is same behavior there, and it works with pressing P key, but it doesnt work with pressing my joystick key, which is insane since they are assigned to the same function?
  11. So, in short we were fed with crap for the past 2 years? Right now im not even angry any more, im disappointed... im trying to find one reason to keep supporting this simulation. Rest assured eSims that i will never recommend your simulation to any other YT or Twitch channel, something i did many times for the past years since like 2005. In fact im not even sure i will give you any single cent any more... IT is not even about the money, it is about fail to hit every single date you have mentioned since like 2016. and then unloading that to customers.
  12. End of Q1 2019? That is better then what i was hoping for , so lets hope it happens , and if it doesnt materialize, ah well.. we can wait a bit more for something so big.
  13. Can we , aka "meager civilian plebs customers" also see this new tech? Or everything is under cloak of secret for now? I wouldnt mind few videos showing progress as we used to have them a while ago.
  14. .... Insane.. but ok We will call this one 1.0 then to prevent rumors
  15. That is crazy.. who cares is it 4.5 5.0 or 10.0.. It is just new content and it is not so frequent at all so .. Who cares how it is called, as long as something new happens this year at least...
  16. Yeah, as i have said, we can wait as long as they are working on it, and hopefully new 5.x or 4.xx will drop in.. I dont see your point.. sry im slow sometimes.
  17. A simple we are working on it, without any deadlines or promises works very fine. Anything above that an you will make some mistake in judgment when is the deadline and will you be able to pull it or not. We waited this long, we can wait more, and if in the meanwhile you drop some 4.xx or 5.x patch even better.
  18. So, we are in mid 2018, any news about this, or it is a complete drop out? What are the chances to get this in this year( if you are even plan to work on it again) or schedule is full until 2019? I guess finding it on page 4 is not a good sign.
  19. How the hell did i managed to miss this for like a week when i was checking forum every 6 hours is beyond me... I guess i was reading only terrain patch topic, and there is no news there. Merry Christmas ppl, nice news!
  20. We are talking here about delay of 12+ months, not day or two or weeks because patch with terrain was supposed to happen somewhere around summer 2016, i cant even recall the exact month.... And even by saying that i really dont have any grudge against SSnake or his company - they are giving us something we could only dream off before year 2000... AS someone with 10+ years of Xp in gaming community handling, im simply stating dont go public with date or announcements until you are 110% sure you can hit that date. It is bad for company image and it aggravate players without a reason because they expect the patch. Nothing more.. If you thought im pushing your buttons on purpose, then i apologize. I had zero intentions to troll you or any other member of this community.
  21. That is ok, but dont go public with promises about new patch next time tho... I dont see the point in making public announcements about something you cant deliver for like a year... Just publish it once it is ready next time.
  22. Cool, however i was hoping for some official response tho... Not yours wanna be mentioned reply.
  23. So where are we considering this patch now? Is it delayed indefinitely due to military contracts or we civilians still have the chance to see it? Is it in beta test? If yes can we get some sneak peeks like we did for previous patch? Some news would be most welcomed.
  24. Are we talking about Tb or Gb? How big our HDD should be? I dont want to learn on the day of release that i have too little space available. IF i have to , i will get new drive. Some heads up would be nice. ATm i have 1.5 Tb free, is that enough?
  25. Wait, this terrain update will be only for money? Ah man, that sucks.. i wont be getting it in that case, not any time soon for sure.
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