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  1. Hello guys, I want to surprise 2 friends with 2 x 1 month licence. I would like to avoid involving them into whole process of emails and things until i can give them link and tell them download torrent and here is your licence. How can I do this safely without screwing up with licence or even worse with payment? Any advice would be welcomed. To make things worse I did something similar when 3.0 was released but i cant remember how did i achieved that. EDIT: after an hour I couldnt wait more for some1 to reply .. so i continued with purchase.. now i have some issues ( as expected ) I have only 1 email containing 1 license link, what happened to 2nd one? How am i to retrieve 2nd licence and send it to 2nd friend? Should I send this link to both of them? Or neither? As you can see some help would be much appreciated. Fast if possible,please.
  2. I had some 2.x scenarios reporting some error with 4.x ( details reported in support section). But in general they do work "out of the box" more or less successfully
  3. New patch , but still same error No progress in resolving this - i had hope that new patch will fix it....
  4. I dont know about instant action scenario but try Baghdad Thunder Run scenario: if you finish it without any blue on blue fire ill buy you a beer! Nearly every time tanks behind the leading platoon will at least damage vehicles , if not completely knock them down. My solution was - to ply a bit with fire control options along the routes and on check points.
  5. Im playing this series since 2001 and im yet to try my first online or Multiplayer session List of reasons is long ( no internet , then no time, then being on wrong side of planet etc..) But i really enjoy the simulation and im having a blast every time i see some small detail i havent noticed before.
  6. No problemos IF you need any more info poke me and ill be happy to supply you with any data i can.
  7. I was referring to this post As for when it will be fixed, i dont care as well, as long as it has been fixed.
  8. Ok so thread has been moved i presume.... No need to start new one Downloading link is same we used for past few years: Right now i tried so many different height maps for Bastogne area that i think ill have to reinstall whole SB just to get correct one when/if this issue is fixed... And somehow i dont think it is T72M1 - my old scenarios from 2012. work perfectly. EDIT: Sorry but this is what puzzles me: When I reported this i have been told that team knows about the issue and already works on it. Yet now SSnake asks about download link and basic details.. so wth? Is it known issue or not? Will it be fixed in this new patch we expect to happen any day now, or it will be pushed aside as simple backward incompatibility issue until some later patch?
  9. My Russian is a bit rusty but im quite sure that few moments before launch speaker says that tank is filled with explosive equivalent to standard ammo load. I think he didnt mentioned fuel.
  10. About stiffness: I dont know how Sb handles Force Feedback, but maybe using some of models with this feature could be the ideal solution, since they usually dont have any springs or mechanical restrains - they use el. motors to simulate resistance and motion. If that is too pricey for users, i ( again ) recommend models which have multiple spring options - X 55 for example, i have 5 levels of hardness I can choose: from no spring at all to the hardest one which i cant move nearly, like using old jet stick without any hydraulic help... For SB im using the light spring, red one, and it works perfectly - it gives you just enough force to center the stick perfectly, and if you want to track a target there is no resistance... Ofc. it has enough buttons that you can map anything you want on stick as well.
  11. Im happy owner of Saitek X-55 I couldnt hit 30 kph moving tank at 1200m with old Thrustmaster due to low ( 8 bit ) axis response curve..With this new baby - anything that moves and thermal sights can pick up it is dead within 2 secs! Combined with Track IR and Voice Attack ( where you can configure things and literary shout orders to your crew) it is new dimension of same core game.
  12. Other sign of maturity could be that you dont go off topic and troll around randomly eh?
  13. Oh, Im not alienating any`1: Whenever some1 from them asks me what is my favorite tank game i always say it is not a game it is a pure sim and it is SB! And i always invite those mature enough to join us here & to get at least 1 month licence and try it. Tbh Short of buying them licence on my own I dont know what i could do more .
  14. I still have it so I presume "it is fixed" means "Yes we fixed it ,wait for next patch" ?
  15. I must admit I havent read the complete topics, just titles... But you must admit that M60 TC glitch does not sound same as shadow glitch in external view Whatever it is, im glad im not the only one.. Take your time eSims
  16. After setting everything to high ( shadow level to 10, soft shadows.. ) IM getting weird bug with shadow on some vehicles... I dont know how much it is visible but i tried to grab a few screen shots on snow background, since those are easiest to spot. It rotates around tank and it is visible in all exterior views , including TC and even Gunner ( on Soviet tanks ) if they are outside of turret. Im using latest Crimson drivers on Ati R9 390x. I tried moving slider for shadows up and down or turning of soft shadows, but that broke the shadows completely and made just area around tank more darker or brighter, without exact contour of vehicle itself etc.. Really weird to describe. Short of making some video. I cant remember having this issue with 4.000 or 3.xxx
  17. Entertainment factor aside... The less ppl from WoT enters this community the better... Average WoT player is teenager which thinks that each tank he has must be the best vehicle around and if something kills him he demands nerf of that in next patch. ALso if his round bounce off armor - that means that WG hates him and he demands buff of that gun or round penetration etc.. On top of that hey cant afford 120$ ( and thx GOD for that) Difference between way of how players are addressing to other members of community here and there and amount of actual mature discussions are different like fire & ice compared to WOt players. Please no! P.S. Im earning my bread working each day for Wargaming.net in community sector trust me about this. I come to this forum to recharge my batteries after working on WoT one.
  18. Yeah it is different story... With M1 on range i reached 70 % of hits ( not score) and it took me new joystick and lot of practice... with T72B i have routinely 85-95% of hits regardless of rounds i use.
  19. The T 72M1? I never noticed tbh. Maybe because i was too lousy gunner to hit anything with HEAT So i havent used them in any case .. But it really adds to immersion!
  20. Guys, i spent last 30 mins or so in some custom made missions where i made all enemies blind so that i can shoot at them in peace and without any disruption with my brand new T-72B 2012. For pure gunnery practice. While i was shooting just KE rounds everything was just as it was in sb 3.0, however when i switched from SABOT to HEAT at one moment, i noticed that carousel rotating sound was notably longer - like it should be since it takes a time for it to rotate around until correct round is lined up with rammer and gun breech. First I was like WTH, then i remembered that loading time can vary considerably in USSR tanks with rotating autoloader, just like in RL. Did any 1 else noticed this please? I havent measured times, but it was longer for sure ( or i need to quit drinking) . Small details, but very very good one! I just didnt established are changes made just for new vehicles ( B variants ) or it is also done backwards for M models. In any case this got me so happy i had to share with you - GJ SSnake & guys!
  21. T-80 lost its TI if im correct... No idea how things are with T-90 series tho...
  22. While watching some raw footage from Donbass area ( Ukraina ) i noticed few BTRs and BMPs having added on front and along sides ( first 1/3 of vehicle ) a cage extremely similar to what Striker in most variants already have: Just wondering what are the chances to have that as optional equipment on those 2 vehicles. And i also wonders could Sb simulate such armor enhancements realistically enough when it comes to HEAT rounds, obviously any kinetic round wont be affected by this.
  23. I spent yesterday like 10 mins going up & down the list... To no avail. Ah well, ill try again once im home today.
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