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  1. Just got back in to it as well, love it. Would be nice with a T-72 tutorial though, but I'm sure that will come soon enough.
  2. Tiny

    CZ Studios Skins

    Ok can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here... - I downloaded the M2A2 Bradley Woodland skin. - I extracted. - I copied the folder "Woodland Brad" to the Woodland folder in My Documents/etc. I started a mission with the bradley with woodland camo and it was still the original ! Edit: nvrmind, I made the mistake to copy the whole folder :]
  3. This is my first time downloading and installing a skin, and I downloaded the CZ Studios Arab Armor Pack, I extracted the files and ended up with one T72 folder and one T80 folder, I putted these in My Documents/esim/mods/textures, then desert and then in the red folder. Am I suppsed to put the skins in the red or blue folder? I mean I ran 73rd Easting and the T72 skin was still standard...weird? EDIT: there is one "destroyed" folder aswell...should I put the skins in there to or what...because I only looked at the tanks in the "world" view which becomes available when you quit or finnish the mission. And then the tanks are wrecks right?
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